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  • Noel: Attack the "Wack".

  • [Shaun nervously addresses the rest of the electronics store staff]

    Shaun: Now, as well as, er, Mr. Sloane being off today, I'm afraid Ash is, er, feeling a little bit, erm, under the weather. So I will be taking charge as the, erm...

    Noel: ...oldest...

    Shaun: ...senior staff member.

  • Angie: Are you lonely or horny?

    Noel: I'm Irish. Which is the equivalent of saying that I'm lonely and horny.

  • Noel: [introducing himself] Pork chop! Extra *gravy*!

  • [first lines]

    Paul: What are you doin'?

    Noel: I'm looking at that bucket... thinking... why haven't you kissed me?

    Paul: 'Cause... I'm afraid... I'm afraid that... when Tip asks me if I have kissed you I have to say "yes".

  • Noel: Last night I had a dream that you grew a garden on the trampoline and I was so happy that I invented peanut butter!

  • Noel: You're the first person that I've wanted to tell that to, 'cause your the first person that I've wanted to talk to for more than five minutes... ever.

  • Noel: I'll miss your face.

  • Paul: Does it hurt... still?

    Noel: It hurts, because I know what was going through my head when I did it. That it was like a release you know? I was glad... I was glad that I had a pain.

  • Noel: Sometimes I'm scared of myself...


    Noel: but I'm not scared with you.

  • Noel: [after pillow fight] I still have my pillow.

    Paul: [laughs] I realize this.

  • Bust-Ass: Usually I don't go for pancakes.

    Noel: Oh, yeah? What do you go for?

    Bust-Ass: Eggs.

    Noel: Really?

    Noel: You don't - what about, like, waffles and French toast, and stuff like that?

    Bust-Ass: No, the places I go usually are not that fancy.

  • Noel: Get undressed. Get in the water.

    Paul: [inbuttons his jeans] I thought I was wearing my boxers... It's cool.

    [laughs nervously]

  • Noel: [to Renault] You chain me, hurt me. Make me like man.

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