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Nicky Rogan Quotes:

  • Anatoli Kaganovich: I opened thousands of brains.

    Nicky Rogan: What'd you find?

    Anatoli Kaganovich: Big mess every time.

  • Nicky Rogan: The Red Soxs are always winning, until they lose.

  • [Nicky Rogan, in a taxi cab, sees his daughter in an adjacent taxi, exits his, and joins her in hers]

    Nicky Rogan: How come I don't see you any more? Where are you, all day?

    Laurel Rogan: [laughs sardonically] I'm at college. Thought you knew.

    Nicky Rogan: You wanna get a coffee?

    Laurel Rogan: I don't drink coffee, Daddy. This is not what we should be talking about.

    Nicky Rogan: What do you want to talk about? I'll talk about anything you want to talk about. What's this?

    [He picks up her radio]

    Laurel Rogan: Senior Play tonight, remember?

    Nicky Rogan: Why do you need a radio?

    Laurel Rogan: So I can listen to the ball game at intermissions! Do you know that Mother is seeing a prominent divorce lawyer?

    Nicky Rogan: Don't talk like that! Man! How prominent? What are you implying?

    Laurel Rogan: She's doing like those Iranians. I divorce thee. I divorce thee. I divorce thee.

  • Nicky Rogan: I don't get it. What's the fuss?

    Elliott Litvak: He reviewed that one-act I did at the Fulton Fish Market. We did this play at four in the morning. Outdoors. In the rain. One performance. For fish handlers.

    Nicky Rogan: And he was there?

    Elliott Litvak: Steven Schwimmer. I memorized every line of this review.

    Nicky Rogan: That's awful.

    Elliott Litvak: I recite it to myself with masochistic relish.

  • Elliott Litvak: I can't write one word without imagining what his response is going to be. I am paralyzed as an artist.

    Nicky Rogan: See, I don't have the problems you artists have.

    Elliott Litvak: You've been saying that for years.

    Nicky Rogan: What?

    Elliott Litvak: "No, I'm just a professional. I'm a dues-paying member of the Guild." You are afraid, Nicky. That's the darkest part of you.

  • Nicky Rogan: When the Mets lose, they just lose. It's a flat feeling; there's nothing there. Now the Red Sox, now, here, we have a rich history of really fascinating ways to lose a crucial game. You know what I mean? Defeats that just keep you awake at night. They pound in your head like the hammer of fate. Yeah, you can analyze a Red Sox game day and night for a month and still uncover really complex layers of feelings. Feelings you didn't even know you were capable of having. Yeah. That kind of pain has a memory all of its own.

  • Nicky Rogan: I coulda been happy. I coulda been a Yankees fan.

  • Lillian Rogan: I want to be fair-minded, Nicky.

    Nicky Rogan: [taking his attention away from the ball game on the pub's television] All right. All right. Okay. What's going on?

    Lillian Rogan: I've been talking to a prominent divorce lawyer.

    Nicky Rogan: [very seriously] How prominent?

    Lillian Rogan: He has his own submarine.

  • [Toyota has mistaken Nicky for a murderous gangster, but because he speaks quietly, she speaks fearlessly]

    Toyota Moseby: Your problem is, you want to take the easy way out. Losing is easy.

    Nicky Rogan: No. Winning is easy. Losing is complicated. Losing's a lifetime's work.

  • [They are watching the baseball game in a pub]

    Toyota Moseby: Life is good!

    Nicky Rogan: Baseball is life!

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