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Mike Ryan Quotes:

  • Mike Ryan: I'll take your bag.

    Molly Jones: Oh, but I wouldn't trouble you.

    Mike Ryan: Oh, but never a day goes by without trouble for me.

    Molly Jones: Oh, but I don't know you!

    Mike Ryan: You'll be forgiven for that.

    Molly Jones: And I'm not in the habit of talking to strangers.

    Mike Ryan: And right you are.

  • Billy Daggett: Seems like I ought to place you, but I can't.

    Mike Ryan: Can I be of any help?

    Billy Daggett: Where you from?

    Mike Ryan: Well, almost any place you can get and some you can't.

    Billy Daggett: In what capacity?

    Mike Ryan: Well, that depends on where I go.

    Billy Daggett: Know doubt you've got something quite special off in Bancroft.

    Mike Ryan: That depends on Bancroft.

  • Billy Daggett: I can ask more questions and find out less from you then any man I ever knew.

    Mike Ryan: Kind of a natural gift.

  • Mike Ryan: Well, you've been accused of stealing cattle.

    Gus Withers: Won't they ever get tired of accusing me of that?

    Mike Ryan: They're about set to try something else.

    Gus Withers: Who is?

    Mike Ryan: Mr. Sabercool for one.

    Gus Withers: Sabercool?

    Mike Ryan: Yeah, he's missing about 300 head of cattle; claims they're on your range.

    Gus Withers: Well, he'll have to prove it in court!

    Mike Ryan: He favors a shotgun... says it's more final - there's no appeal.

    Lazy Heart Man: Don't let him bluff ya!

    Mike Ryan: Buckshot is no bluff, Mr. Withers.

  • [before he can see who he's shooting at, Velvet fires a round at Mike]

    Mike Ryan: You're as touchy as a girl.

    Velvet Clark: Always ready for company.

    Mike Ryan: You don't encourage any.

  • Lawman at Railroad: You wouldn't think those cowboys would tree a town like that.

    Mike Ryan: Must have been devil drunk. A high hangin' to them.

  • R.B. Davis, Justice of the Peace: You better stay overnight with us and get rested up.

    Mike Ryan: He'll be over the border if I do. He's already got a head start by shootin' my horse.

    R.B. Davis, Justice of the Peace: Well, he'll make good time over the mesa, but Gunsight Ridge will slow him up.

    Mike Ryan: He'll never let go of that money. I'll put my shadow on him.

  • Farm Girl: You stay right where you are, Mister, and don't move.

    Mike Ryan: All right, but be careful. I wouldn't want you to shoot yourself.

    Farm Girl: I know how to shoot.

    Mike Ryan: Well, I wouldn't want you to shoot me, either.

  • Mike Ryan: Molly, I can't forgive myself. If I'd done what I knew was best for your father, he'd be here right now.

    Molly Jones: You gave Father back his pride. That was all that mattered to him.

  • [last lines]

    Mike Ryan: Molly, they've asked me to stay.

    Molly Jones: What have you told them?

    Mike Ryan: I haven't told them.

    Molly Jones: I want you to stay.

    Mike Ryan: Then I'll tell them.

    Molly Jones: You will?

    Mike Ryan: I will.

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