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  • Luke Cooper: They're good guys, but no one cares. Your friends, they don't care, they're good guys but they really don't care if you're a pilot. Your school they don't care, your family, it sounds like they want you to fail, so why care about them, why care what they think?

    Kyle: I don't know.

    Luke Cooper: No one cared about me when I grew up; I can tell you that. You know what I learned about the world? You do unto others, you eat what you kill and that's what life is.

    Kyle: You're not a cop are you?

    Luke Cooper: Your friends say that?

    Kyle: No, no one just... just me kinda.

  • Kyle: [while pointing the gun at Luke] Look who's in charge now! See how this works, you motherfucker?

    Eric: Guys!

    Kyle: Not so fucking tough anymore are ya!

    Eric: Kyle! Kyle! Kyle! C'mon! Kyle!

    Kyle: [to Luke] Look at me! This gun's what it's all about, you filthy fuck!

    Eric: [Softly] C'mon Kyle.

    Luke Cooper: So what? Use it.

    Eric: [to Kyle] Don't do it, man. Kyle!

    Luke Cooper: Use it.

    Eric: C'mon, Brad.

    Brad: Kyle, Don't do this, man. Kyle.

  • Luke Cooper: How at this point, am I gonna shoot anybody?

    Brad: No.

    Luke Cooper: No. We're just sitting around and talking. So why have a loaded and cocked gun? You push this and out pops the cylinder.

    Kyle: Then you use the ejector rod, right?

    Luke Cooper: Very good. You use the ejector rod. But the most important thing I wanna teach you boys, is that you never *ever* point a gun at *anyone* or yourself even if you think it's unloaded, you don't look don't the barrel when your cleaning it you just don't do it. But for me it's a little different.

    [Luke cocks the gun and points it to his head]

    Luke Cooper: I'll do it. Cause I *know* that there is no bullets in this gun. I just know it. What are they gonna do? Pop into the gun out of nowhere? Just by fuckin' magic? No. So I'm not scared. Cause it's bullshit.

    [Luke pulls the trigger, the gun doesn't go off, and Luke smiles]

    Luke Cooper: Cause it's an empty gun. Huh. that's an example of what not to do. I did it this once to prove a point.

  • Luke Cooper: [Luke is talking on Kyle's Dad's phone] I know where I am. What are you telling me? Kyle! Come out here for a second! What? That was along time ago! Oh, gimme a break! Wait a second.

    Luke Cooper: [to Kyle who is now outside] I'm thinking tonight. Can you help me?

    Kyle: Yeah, sure.

    Eric: [Inside the clubhouse] It had to look like a break in, Brad. I mean what was he supposed to do?

    Brad: Yeah, but your own dad's car?

    Eric: Oh, fuss...

    Kyle: So- whats your point?

    Brad: I don't know its just- it's weird. It's something Jake would do.

    Kyle: Jake didn't do it, I did it. He pissed me off. Fuck off, Brad. I don't care.

    Eric: Hey, hey, relax okay, guys? Alright?

    Luke Cooper: [Luke is outside talking on the phone distantly] I've had a radio all day, I haven't done it. Fuck you. Wait, it's the battery. Can you hear me? okay, fuck you. Now you hear me clear that time? Listen, now your cutting off, Betty? Betty, hello?

    [Luke starts banging the phone on a old tire wheel]

    Luke Cooper: Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

    Brad: [to Kyle] He just trashed your dad's phone. Not kidding, about ten times.

    Luke Cooper: [Luke comes inside the clubhouse] Uh, sorry this things uh, busted. You boys stay out late tonight? Just get me to the road. Can't stay here.

    Kyle: No problem.

    Luke Cooper: Need a road map. Gotta swipe a car. This is it, boys.

  • Luke Cooper: What are you doing?

    Megan: What?

    Luke Cooper: Go ahead.

    Megan: Oh you mean ta- yeah. Yeah, right.

    Luke Cooper: We've outlined the rules. Very specifically. Women have to take off their tops. Right boys?

    Megan: That's uh, pretty funny.

    Eric: Go ahead.

    Brad: Why?

    Luke Cooper: Brad.

    Megan: Okay, Hold on, are you some kind of pervert or something?

    Kyle: Okay, Lets say we talk about something else, hey guys?

  • Kyle: So what do you think?

    Megan: What do I *think*? Um, do you really wanna know?

    [Brad laughs]

    Kyle: Just being a smart ass.

    Luke Cooper: Just being a smart ass. Yeah, well everybody's a smart ass every now and then. We won't hold it against ya Megan. Hey, guys, I mean to not cause any trouble but, since when do we let women in here?

    Eric: [Eric laughs] Good point!

    Megan: I don't know, those girls on the wall there, they seem welcome enough.

    Luke Cooper: They're different. Look what they're wearing.

    Eric: Yep! No women. Unless those women are wearing no tops.

    Megan: Eric, That's *so* mature.

    Eric: Actually, Megan that's the rules. Right, guys?

    Luke Cooper: Those are the rules.

    Megan: Well, If those are the rules, guess I better follow the rules eh?

    Eric: Now we're talking! Take it off!

    Megan: [Megan teases them by lifting her shirt then quickly putting it back down] Woah!

    Brad: I actually thought she was gonna do that.

    Megan: Yeah, you know what? That's because you're drunk. and whoa, whoa, so am I... just shouldn't have gotten up like that.

  • Megan: No, you know what Kyle? I think I'd better go, okay? I'm just gonna go.

    Kyle: Luke, c'mon she's my friend!

    Luke Cooper: [to Megan] Sit down. Look at me, Megan. Look at me. Do you see how I'm not laughing?

    Megan: Okay, um, what- what the hell's going on here?

    Luke Cooper: Well, what's going on is we're gonna have a little show and you're the entertainment. Take off you're uh, top. Follow the rules.

    Megan: Okay, um, are you guys just gonna sit there?

    Luke Cooper: Yeah, they're just gonna sit there. They're waiting. Megan!

    Kyle: C'mon, man!

    Luke Cooper: You're gonna learn to like this.

    [Megan slowly unbuttons her top]

    Luke Cooper: Have you seen this before, Kyle? Huh? Now's you're chance. C'mon! Take it off! Take off that last button!

    Kyle: C'mon, man!

    Luke Cooper: That's a good girl, Megan. Isn't she a good girl, boys?

    [Luke laughs and Megan runs out of the clubhouse]

    Kyle: What the hell are you, man? Big secret fucking hiding place here!

    [Kyle throws the news article about Luke]

    Kyle: It's a fucking nightmare!

    [Kyle goes out of the clubhouse to chase after Megan]

  • Eric: Yeah but after, I mean the getting shot part. Oh here.

    [Eric lights Chris's cigarette]

    Luke Cooper: That I don't know. It happened so fast. I'm with this dealer guy, right? I'm shaking him upside-down, shaking the change out of his pockets. You see my friend, Bruce, ya know he's a Sargent, he's my boss. Well, he looks at me so I smile. Then he pulls his .38 out of his pocket. Ping! That's I guess the mechanics of it.

    Kyle: So, how'd you get away?

    Luke Cooper: Through the window. I fell out. Funny, isn't it? I start shooting back, missing everything, Bruce's coming out he's gonna do the same thing again. Then I see this cab on the curb just sitting there so I jump in.

    Eric: No way!

    Luke Cooper: I got a few days on him anyway. But this pain is real. I tell ya.

    Eric: Um, do you need painkillers?

    Luke Cooper: And booze. Can you guys get rid of a car?

    Kyle: Sorry.

    Luke Cooper: How old are you anyway?

    Kyle: I'm fourteen.

    Eric: So?

    Luke Cooper: It's just off the road, it's in a ditch. It's broken. It's just sitting there. Push it down a hill so nobody sees it.

    Kyle: Sure, I guess.

    Luke Cooper: Well, then do that. Don't make a mistake, this is scary. You guys might not want to come back and that's fine. But just tell me no one knows about this place.

    Eric: Just us.

    Luke Cooper: Okay, okay. I don't know if you've ever been in a real situation, but this is one of them. All I got right now is you guys. I need you to keep your mouth shut. You're fourteen, that's young. Have you learned to do that yet? Bunch of bored kids, huh?

  • Eric: Look, the cops didn't even mention you.

    Brad: Okay, it's just if they do- it-my parent's will kill me.

    Eric: You know what? The store doesn't even know anything's missing. All right? Okay?

    Brad: Fine.

    Eric: Good! Now, shut up. Hey, Luke. I uh, brought you a little present.

    [Eric lays the box of bullets down]

    Luke Cooper: Well, well, well. That's what I call good timing little brother. What can I say? Thank you.

    Eric: No problem. So, what's with these handcuffs anyways?

    Luke Cooper: What?

    Eric: Oh, yeah; right.

    Luke Cooper: Kind of a strange question. I'm a cop.

    Eric: Yeah, of course. I know that.

    Brad: I don't understand how it's a question.

    Luke Cooper: It's all right. Sometimes the brain misfires, Eric.

  • Eric: [about the handcuffs] Ow, I closed them too tight.

    Luke Cooper: How's it feel?

    Eric: No, Luke, c'mon. They're digging in.

    Luke Cooper: We'll, you're a criminal now. Right, Brad?

    Eric: C'mon, Luke, take them off.

    Luke Cooper: Nope.

    Eric: Ha ha. Very funny. You know what? Whenever you feel it all right?

    Luke Cooper: I know. Maye I'll take this key, and chuck it into the woods.

    [Luke pretendst o throw the key into the woods]

    Eric: Shi- Brad, did you see where it went? Brad?

    Brad: No.

    Luke Cooper: I'm sorry, bad joke. I wouldn't have thrown it, give me some credit.

    Luke Cooper: C'mon, Luke take them off.

    [Luke tosses the key to Eric]

  • Eric: I brought the bullets.

    Luke Cooper: You're a good man, Eric!

    [he takes a sip of whisky and he chuckles]

    Luke Cooper: Now here's to the wind at my back, It's gonna by hairy but, I'm sick of this hiding shit.

    [Megan is outside knocks at the door to the clubhouse]

    Megan: Kyle? Hello? Kyle?

    Eric: Aw, Kyle!

    Kyle: Megan!

    Luke Cooper: [to Kyle] Get the fuck up.

    Kyle: Hang on, I'll come out.

    [he gets up but Luke grabs Kyle's arm]

    Luke Cooper: Hold on, let her in. She's already here right?

  • Kyle: [after splashing Luke with water] It just pisses me off, that's all.

    Luke Cooper: Why, do you respect the guy?

    Kyle: Who?

    Luke Cooper: The dick headed guy, Simon. Do you respect him? For stiffing ya?

    Eric: No.

    Luke Cooper: Then what do you care? That's what he wanted and that's what he didn't get. Forget all that. I got problems of my own. I miss my girlfriend. Right? Right, Brad?

    Brad: Yeah.

    Luke Cooper: Well, there I am, alone in the shack, middle of the night, missing my girlfriend, with all those naked girls you guys got pinned up all over the walls. So off I go, maybe it'll help me sleep, problem. Something must connect your dick to your thigh, does anybody else know about this?

    Eric: Brad!

    Luke Cooper: Well, it hurts my leg so bad, I gotta stop. Talking about my health, boys. Sorry.

    Eric: No, it's okay.

    Brad: Yeah, it's cool.

    Luke Cooper: Everybody does it, it's good for the country. Especially your age when girls are illegal. It's like they're fucking paid not to like it. You see them in the hallways with their new cosmetics. Where do you think they get the money?

  • Eric: Kyle, what are you thinking about, man?

    Kyle: What? I'm just listening.

    Eric: C'mon, c'mon, what are you thinking about?

    Brad: C'mon, Kyle.

    Eric: Yeah! There you go!

    Luke Cooper: A girl? She's cute. I got ESP. I see her face in the river. Did you tell her you're a pilot? Might help.

    Eric: Hey, we shouldn't stay out in the open should we? I mean cause...

    Luke Cooper: If I can't fix things, I'll be living in the open.

    Kyle: When you leave.

    Luke Cooper: When I leave, I got an empty gun. I'm the type of guy I like to have a solution to the problems when they come up. You understand what I mean? Hit me.

    [Eric pours water on Luke]

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