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  • Lt. Fletcher Christian: When you're back in England with the fleet again, you'll hear the hue and cry against me. From now on they'll spell mutiny with my name.

  • Lt. Fletcher Christian: But the prisoner is dead sir!

    Captain William Bligh: Never mind, continue with the punishment!

  • Lt. Fletcher Christian: He doesn't punish men for discipline. He likes to see men crawl.

  • Captain William Bligh: [before being set adrift] Mr. Christian, I give you your last chance to return to duty.

    Lt. Fletcher Christian: I'll take my chance against the law. You'll take yours against the sea.

    Captain William Bligh: But you're taking my ship. My ship!

    Lt. Fletcher Christian: Your ship? The King's ship, you mean! And you're not fit to command it! Into the boat!

  • Lt. Fletcher Christian: [about Bligh] Murdering butcher! I've had enough of this blood ship! He's no master of life and death on a quarterdeck above the angels!

  • Lt. Fletcher Christian: Bligh, you've given your last command on this ship! We'll be men again if we hang for it!

  • Lt. Fletcher Christian: There's something I want you to do.

    Byam: Gladly. What is it?

    Lt. Fletcher Christian: One never knows what may happen on a voyage like this. If, for any reason, I don't return to England, I want you to see my parents.

    Byam: Well, why shouldn't you return to England.

    Lt. Fletcher Christian: Why? Because I can't stand this devil's work much longer. One day I'll forget this discipline and break his neck.

    Byam: Wait until we're back in England. The Admiralty will save you the trouble.

    Lt. Fletcher Christian: Well, in any case, I'd like you to see my parents.

    Byam: Of course. Where do they live?

    Lt. Fletcher Christian: In Cumberland at Maincordare. I've almost forgotten what the old place looks like. I haven't seen in ten years. But I do remember a tapestry in the hall with ships and islands on it. Perhaps that's what sent me off to sea. I don't know. In any case, I'd like you to see my home. If anything should happen, tell my father and mother that you knew me.

    Byam: You can count on me.

  • Lt. Fletcher Christian: [after looking at the book with the supplies] Mr. Bligh, I can't sign this book. No such amounts have been issued to the men.

    Captain William Bligh: You've signed with extra kegs the ship never carried.

    Lt. Fletcher Christian: I have, sir.

    Captain William Bligh: Then, why not? We all do it. We'd be fools if we didn't do it on a lieutenant's pay. I want to stow away enough to keep me out of the gutter when I'm too old for service.

    Lt. Fletcher Christian: I understand. A captain's prerogative. Ordinarily, I wouldn't mind.

    Captain William Bligh: Why is this case different?

    Lt. Fletcher Christian: Because the captains I've served with before didn't starve their men. They didn't save money by buying up the stinking meat that you put aboard in Tenerife. They didn't buy yams that would sicken a pig

    Captain William Bligh: [shouts] Silence!

    Lt. Fletcher Christian: They didn't call their men thieves and flog them in the bone because they've complained about it.

    Captain William Bligh: You impudent scoundrel! Sign that book!

    Lt. Fletcher Christian: I refuse! And you have no authority that can make me.

    Captain William Bligh: I haven't? I'll show you authority. Lay all hands aft! All hands aft!

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