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Interpol Agent Jiro Murakoshi Quotes:

  • Interpol Chief Tagawa: This is Yamashita. He's just come from Shizuoka.

    Yamashita: [bows] Good day.

    Interpol Chief Tagawa: Somebody handed him this in the Amagi Mountains.

    [hands a small fragment of metal to Muraokshi, who examines it]

    Interpol Agent Jiro Murakoshi: It's metal. it's Space Titanium!

    Interpol Chief Tagawa: Analyze it straight away. I think you might be right.

    Interpol Agent Jiro Murakoshi: Right. How did he get it?

    Yamashita: I was fixing an underground water pipe when suddenly a man rushed out of the bushes and gave it to me. He had... a jagged scar on his throat. He couldn't speak at all, so he wrote something - the word "Interpol" - on the palm of his hand, then he pushed me back down and ran away. I could hear the other man was chasing him.

    Interpol Chief Tagawa: Well, judging from the report, it was Kusakari.

    Interpol Agent Jiro Murakoshi: Is he up there?

    Interpol Chief Tagawa: Order a full search.

    Interpol Agent Jiro Murakoshi: Right. Is there a chance he's alive?

    Interpol Chief Tagawa: We know he WAS alive when he gave the metal to Mr. Yamashita.

    [Tagawa is in grim silence]

  • Akira Ichinose: [over who sabotaged the Supersonic Wave Oscillator] It couldn't be Katsura! She just went and found her father's notebooks!

    Yuri Yamamoto: Why not? She's the only outsider who knows anything about it. She could've sabotaged it!

    Akira Ichinose: [outraged] Now, listen, if that's your reason, then why the hell don't you suspect me? I tell you, she's not like that!

    Interpol Agent Jiro Murakoshi: Ichinose!


    Interpol Agent Jiro Murakoshi: Forget her. She's no good now.

    Akira Ichinose: I'm sorry, I still trust in her! No matter what you say!

    [Ichinose angrily walks out of the laboratory as Yamamoto tries to reason with him]

    Yuri Yamamoto: Ichinose!

    Interpol Agent Jiro Murakoshi: Yamamoto!

    [Murakoshi stops Yamamoto as Ichinose slams the door offscreen]

    Interpol Agent Jiro Murakoshi: Yamamoto... it'll be all right. Better take care. Leave him alone for now.

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