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Gennady Quotes:

  • Lyolik: Come on, get up, let's go to Boss!

    Gennady: Oh, no, I can't. I need to have a bath, drink a cup of cofee...

    Lyolik: You'll have a bath, you'll have some cofee, you'll have cacao with tea! Let's go!

  • Gennady: Lyolik, he doesn't drink. How am I supposed to get him drunk?

    Lyolik: As our beloved Boss says, when someone else is paying, even the nondrinkers and those with ulcer will drink.

  • Lyolik: Watch for the signal. As soon as he fells asleep, she'll turn the lights off.

    Gennady: What if he leaves now?

    Lyolik: Gesha, would you leave such a woman?

    Gennady: Not me, but he is a faithful husband.

    Lyolik: As our Boss says, there is no such a husband out there who wouldn't dream of being a bachelor again for at least an hour.

    [Laughs hysterically]

    Lyolik: Watch for the signal!

  • [Gennady is shoving Eddie Mora around in his apartment hallway when the NZT pill falls out of his pocket]

    Gennady: What is that?

    Eddie Morra: [panicking] Nothing. Just aspirin.

    [desperately tries to get it]

    Gennady: [steps down hard on Eddie's arm preventing him from getting it. He then picks it up for himself and examines it] Don't look like no aspirin I've ever seen.

    [takes pill out of little bag and holds it up to light]

    Gennady: It's something good, ain't it?

    [pops pill in mouth and swallows it]

    Gennady: [Scene sort of wobbly shifts a bit as Gennady massages his throat and then lightly slaps cheeks]

    [cut to bank where Eddie is getting Gennady his money. He exits the bank and gives it to him]

    Gennady: [glowing] I feel good man. What's in this stuff?

    Eddie Morra: [lying] Just vitamins and stuff.

    Gennady: [knowing Eddie's lying] You're so full of shit.

  • Gennady: In the old days I would fillet you. Fillet. It's such a nice word.

  • Gennady: [effects of NZT-48 take their toll on Gennady] I feel good, man!

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