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  • George Sand: Chopin, do you love me?

    Frederic Chopin: God help me, I do. You are superb.

    [They kiss passionately, but Chopin stops]

    Frederic Chopin: No!

    George Sand: [desperately] What is wrong now?

    Frederic Chopin: I'm frightened.

    George Sand: Of me?

    Frederic Chopin: Certain acts are... uh, unseemly. They are unsuitable.

    George Sand: Chopin... it's an act of love! It's the divine mystery itself!

    Frederic Chopin: You must think I'm inexperienced, but I assure you, I was baptized... in the brothels of Paris, when I first arrived. But, um... I'm so ill... and I have been for such a long time, and my body is such a great disappointment to me, that I've already said goodbye to it, I'm... not really *in it* any more, I'm just... happier floating about in music. And if I should come back... inside this miserable collection of bones, then I... am afraid that it would probably collapse altogether. Forgive me. I'm ashamed.

    George Sand: No, no. Forgive me. I'm a fraud, you know. "Divine mystery"? I never experienced that with anyone! Always had disastrous relationships. And I never manage to stay in love.

    Frederic Chopin: What?

    George Sand: I don't know. I want too much... I think. Except when I hear you play... and when I'm around you. Look... I simply want to be with you. The rest doesn't matter. Really. Do you think we could just be together, like this?

    Frederic Chopin: Yes. Yes.

  • [Their first meeting, after she sneaks in while he's playing the piano]

    George Sand: Oh, don't stop! Monsieur Chopin, you are in the middle of a miracle! - I'm not quite yet cured.

    Frederic Chopin: How did you get in here? Who are you?

    George Sand: I am your slave, and you have summoned me with your music.

    Frederic Chopin: Oh, yes. I think I know who you are: I have heard you described. Madame Sand, rumor has it you are a woman, and so I must ask you to leave my private chambers.

    George Sand: Have I offended your modesty? I apologize. Only play me one more piece and I'll go.

    Frederic Chopin: No! This is ridiculously improper. And frightening, as well.

  • George Sand: [picking up a picture] This your family?

    Frederic Chopin: No, that's my fiancée. Well, we're no longer engaged. Um, her family didn't feel that I was a very good risk for a husband. You know, no one really expects me to live very long.

    George Sand: Balls!

    Frederic Chopin: I beg your pardon?

    George Sand: I don't believe you're, you're ill at all. You just need more strength. Take mine. Really - I have too much of it.

  • Franz Liszt: I should like to shake your hand, but i don't want to stop

    Frédéric Chopin: If I play the melody and you play the bass, we should each have a free hand

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