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  • Doctor Van Helsing: I shot him right in the heart. My only guess is that his heart must be loose inside him, floating around in there.

  • Doctor Van Helsing: I declare war... on you Dracula... and all other vampires!

  • Arthur: [Chasing Dracula] even if he gets away.

    Doctor Van Helsing: [shouts loudly] He would hide in the castle vaults for years! We would lose him there!

    Arthur: And Mina.

  • Doctor Van Helsing: Since the death of Jonathan Harker Count Dracula the propagator of this unspeakable evil has disappeared. He must be found and destroyed!

  • Arthur: [Van Helsing prepares to stake Lucy] Is there no other way? It's horrible.

    Doctor Van Helsing: Please try and understand this is not Lucy the sister you loved. It's only a shell possessed and corrupted by the evil of Dracula. To liberate her soul and give her peace we must destroy that shell for all time. Believe me there is no other way.

  • Doctor Van Helsing: [puts his coat on Tania] There, you look like a teddy bear. You won't run away will you?

    Tania: No, I promise.

    Doctor Van Helsing: [points east] If you look over there you can see the sun coming up.

  • Arthur: [talking to to Van Helsing] Rest, have yourself some wine, I'm sure you could use both. Gerda, would you fetch another bottle.

    Gerda: I don't like to. You know what happened last time I disobeyed Mrs. Holmwood's orders.

    Arthur: What do you mean?

    Gerda: Madam told the other day that on no account I was to go into the cellar.

    Doctor Van Helsing: [Van Helsing realizes that's where Dracula was hiding he goes to the cellar finds his coffin and Dracula who locks him in] Holmwood! Holmwood!

  • Doctor Van Helsing: What are you afraid of?

    Landlord: I don't understand you.

    Doctor Van Helsing: Why all these garlic flowers? And over the window? And up here? They're not for decoration, are they?

  • Doctor Van Helsing: If the investigation that Mr. Harker and I are engaged upon is successful, not only you, but the only whole will benefit. Castle Dracula is somewhere here in Klausenberg. Will you tell me how I get there?

    Landlord: You ordered a meal, sir. As an innkeeper, it is my duty to serve you. When you've eaten, I ask you to go and leave us in peace.

  • Doctor Van Helsing: I'm sorry, Mr. Holmwood, but I really cannot tell you anything more about how he died.

    Arthur: Cannot or will not?

    Doctor Van Helsing: Whichever you wish.

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