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District Attorney Quotes:

  • Detective Richie Roberts: My investigation indicates that Frank Lucas is above the Mafia.

    District Attorney: Who does he work for? Which family?

    Detective Richie Roberts: He's not Italian, he's black.

    District Attorney: No nigger has accomplished what the American Mafia hasn't in a hundred years!

  • District Attorney: I'm the County District Attorney. Have you ever seen this before, Mrs. Montgomery?

    [he shows Fiona Hal's will]

    Fiona: I've NEVER seen that before!

    District Attorney: Isn't this your signature on the witness line?

    Fiona: I've NEVER seen my husband's hidden will before.

    District Attorney: I'm afraid you're gonna have to come downtown with me, ma'am.

  • District Attorney: What is your name?

    Kris Kringle: Kris Kringle.

    District Attorney: Where do you live?

    Kris Kringle: That's what this hearing will decide.

    Judge Henry X. Harper: A very sound answer, Mister Kringle.

    District Attorney: Do you really believe that you're Santa Claus?

    Kris Kringle: Of course.

    District Attorney: [long pause] The state rests, your honor.

  • Mrs. Mara: Sometimes I wish I married a butcher or a plumber.

    District Attorney: My dear, if I lose this hearing, you may very well get your wish.

  • District Attorney: Your Honor, in effort to expedite matters in this somewhat unusual hearing, we pray decisions on a number of legal actions filed concurrently, all of which are components of one basic familial disturbance.

    Judge Bryson: [bemoaning] Sounds like something The Court of Appeals is gonna reverse me on already.

  • Joe Lilac: Having some trouble, Mr. D.A.?

    District Attorney: Oh, don't worry, Joe. And don't underestimate this office or the State of New York. I've got some boys that can find a needle in a haystack.

    Joe Lilac: Oh, that's a cinch. All you have to do is get a horse to eat the hey and then x-ray the horse.

  • District Attorney: Calm down, Mr. Bellew. You're as safe as a church.

  • District Attorney: Your story is satisfactory except for a few minor details.

    Edwin Dingle: Well, it was quite dark and I may have slipped up on one or two points.

    District Attorney: Yes, in the first place, the tall, thin man with the red beard was a short, fat, fan dancer named Chu-Chu LaVerne!

  • District Attorney: Holy jumping Republicans, throw this maniac outta here!

  • District Attorney: And that also is very convenient, isn't it, Mr. Dufresne?

    Andy Dufresne: Since I am innocent of this crime, sir, I find it decidedly inconvenient that the gun was never found.

  • [first lines]

    District Attorney: Mr. Dufresne, describe the confrontation you had with your wife the night that she was murdered.

    Andy Dufresne: It was very bitter. She said she was glad I knew, that she hated all the sneaking around. And she said that she wanted a divorce in Reno.

  • District Attorney: [when the Judge announces the switch of jury] What did you tell him?

    Ness: I told him his name is in the ledger too.

    [Close-up of the Judge, staring daggers at Ness from the bench]

    District Attorney: His name wasn't in the ledger...

  • Norman: She said Communism was - better for human beings.

    District Attorney: She had nothing but contempt for our great country and it's principals.

    Norman: Apart from it's musicals! She said the American one - the American ones were better.

    District Attorney: So, the defendant preferred Hollywood to Vladivostok.

  • District Attorney: If this relationship was made up by the defendant, then, can you think of any way she might have come to know your name?

    Oldrich Novy: I was once well known in Czechoslovakia, because of my profession.

    District Attorney: Yes, Mr. Oldrich Novy, what is your profession? Maybe that can give us a clue to why, why this somewhat romantic, certainly Communistic, woman who worships Fred Astaire, but not his country, why she might have lied and misused your name - make everybody think that all the money was spent on a poor father and not on her own vanity. What is it that you do?

    Oldrich Novy: I was an actor. I made films - they were musicals.

  • District Attorney: [after several witnesses had lied on the stand] I wonder if I haven't been calling the defense witnesses by mistake.

  • District Attorney: This tribunal, known only as the Secret Six, represent the greatest force of law and order in the United States. These men have gathered together - to fight and destroy the vicious power of the gangster.

  • District Attorney: [while he's shaving] So now, you believe both murders were committed by the same man, ay?

    Michael Ward: Yes, I do.

    District Attorney: Well, maybe you're right. As you pointed out, there are certain similarities between the two crimes, but you missed perhaps the most important: both murders were discovered by the same man - you!

    Michael Ward: What are you driving at?

    District Attorney: Tell me, has there ever been any insanity in your family?

  • [Nan calculatingly exposes her legs]

    District Attorney: You're wasting that panorama on me, Nan. Save it for Dave Slade.

  • District Attorney: I've known David Slade, around this town, for the last ten years and you're the first skirt I ever saw him go for.

  • [first lines]

    [Title card]: Miami, Florida, Three-Twenty P.M., April the Twenty-Fourth, Nineteen Hundred and Forty-Six...

    [reporters and photographers converse amongst themselves outside the courtroom]

    Judge: Is there any legal reason why sentence should not be pronounced?

    District Attorney: No, your honor.

    John Huberman: Yes, I have something to say. You can put me away, but you can't put away what's going to happen to you, and to this whole country next time. Next time we are going...

    Defense Counsel: [whispering] I wouldn't say any more. We'll need that for the appeal.

  • [last lines]

    District Attorney: My apologies, Dr. Fletcher.

    Dr. Fletcher: Thank you. Thank you, sir.

  • District Attorney: So you're telling me they're taking this scumbag to a hearing the night before his execution? NOW HOW THE FUCK DID YOU LET THAT HAPPEN?

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