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Det. Sgt. George Carter Quotes:

  • [Carter pulls out a packet of cigarettes and puts one in his mouth]

    Det. Sgt. George Carter: Sorry, Guv, I've only got one left.

    [Regan takes the cigarette out of Carter's mouth and puts it in his own]

    Det. Insp. Jack Regan: I only *want* one.

    [Regan fumbles for his lighter]

    Det. Insp. Jack Regan: You got a light?

    Det. Sgt. George Carter: Nope.

    Det. Insp. Jack Regan: Bastard.

  • Det. Sgt. George Carter: Do you know what, Jack? You're full of shit.

    Det. Insp. Jack Regan: I thought it was about time you made an intellectual contribution to this debate.

    Det. Sgt. George Carter: Bollocks.

  • Det. Sgt. George Carter: Guvnor? I think you've gone diddle-o.

  • Det. Sgt. George Carter: Jack you're full of shit. Bollocks, you're pissed off because they didn't go down on their hands and knees to you at Fulham - "Ah it's Jack Regan, mastermind of the Sweeney police come to help us out" - and you've bored me all night tryin' to prove otherwise!

    Det. Insp. Jack Regan: Well you don't have to stay, you know!

    Det. Sgt. George Carter: Too bleedin' right I don't. See ya!

  • [Carter is asking a teacher to help identify people in a group photograph showing boys holding a trophy]

    Det. Sgt. George Carter: D'you think we could trace that cup?

    School Teacher: [sarcastically] Why not? The whole area's been demolished. The church school was pulled down ten years ago. I think you've as much chance of finding it as marrying a virgin.

    [long pause]

    Det. Sgt. George Carter: What's a virgin, miss?

  • Det. Sgt. George Carter: Bring in Gorran. I'm gonna beat the shit out of him and that scrubber of his!

  • Detective: Hello George

    Det. Sgt. George Carter: Hello

    Detective: Looking for your guvnor?

    Det. Sgt. George Carter: Yeah. What's going on?

    Detective: Well son, you could call it a briefing. On the other hand you could say it was a piss-up for ten public servants as they wait for a bomb to go off in the penthouse suite

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