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  • Rowdy Abilene: [as Colleen jogs away] Hey Colleen! You've got a great ass.

    Colleen: [stops and looks back] So do you pilgrim.

  • Colleen: We got ourselves an epidemic going on out there. You know, people eating too much, drinking too much, killing themselves, basically. Making up excuses all along the way. Because facing up to the truth ain't always easy. Man, people like things easy. That's what they're used to. No one likes to get hurt. No. Nobody likes to get hurt.

  • Colleen: I made a picture of me and Marley, Mommy wrote what I said Dear Marley I'll never forget you forever and there's kisses and hugs

    John Grogan: That's pretty, why don't you put it there

    [on the blanket covering Marley]

    Conor: Dear Marley I love you more than anything in the whole world, I hope you like heaven and have lots of things to chew on, your brother Connor Richard Grogan

    John Grogan: That's a good one.

    Jennifer Grogan: Patrick do you want to say something?

    Patrick: No.

    Jennifer Grogan: I want to give him something

    [takes off her necklace, to John]

    Jennifer Grogan: your Dad gave me this to celebrate the beginning of our family but our family had already begun

    [to Marley]

    Jennifer Grogan: goodbye clearance dog.

  • Dwight Ingalls: Ladies first.

    Colleen: Why thank you.

    [Colleen walks in front of Paula]

    Dwight Ingalls: No, I said LADIES first.

    Paula Carson: Why thank you!

    Colleen: ...such an ass!

  • Colleen: [to Paula when they are walking into the girls' locker room during the basketball game, about Mr. Dante] I bet he kisses like a lizard.

  • Colleen: [Stopping Paula before they walk out of the locker room] Our team isn't that great, right?

    Paula Carson: [Uncertain why Paula is asking] Right.

    Colleen: [Pulls down her panties and waves them around, finally throwing them to the floor] This should give them something better to cheer about.

    Colleen: [laughs]

    Paula Carson: [laughing] You're unbelievable.

    [Both laugh as they leave the locker room]

  • Colleen: Emotions are ephemeral, like flowers and beauty. When they appear, it's your duty to appreciate them.

  • Colleen: Did you like it?

    Peter: I did. Turbulence at the end was a little frightening.

    Colleen: Movie-going should always be a life or death experience.

  • Colleen: Has anyone else seen these or are they just from me?

    Sheriff Porter: Nobody, no crime.

  • Colleen: Somebody *followed* me here... so he could put that picture at a place where I would find it.

    Sheriff Porter: And we're gonna look into that.

  • Colleen: Tell Morgan to play games, it's okay to be silly.

    Graham Hess: I will.

    Colleen: Tell Bo to listen to her brother. He'll always take care of her.

    Graham Hess: I will.

    Colleen: And tell Graham...

    Graham Hess: I'm here.

    Colleen: Tell Graham... see. Tell him to see. And tell Merrill to swing away.

  • Colleen: Does it give you some sort of perverse pleasure to expose your... penis in front of my 16-year-old daughter?

    George: My... exposure does not face your windows.

    Colleen: George, this is the third time.

    George: The plumber's due out tomorrow.

    Colleen: You will just have to explain that to the police.

    George: You were the one neighbor I could tolerate.

    [George goes to walk away, then turns back]

    George: Colleen! Just how far out that window did you have to stick your head to be able to see my dick?

  • Alyssa: I'm gonna go to bed.

    Colleen: Has he eaten anything at all?

    Alyssa: No.

    Colleen: I'd be more comfortable if he slept in the guest room.

    Alyssa: Well, I'd be more comfortable if you hadn't slept with Josh. George would be more comfortable if he wasn't dying.

  • Sam: Hi. Is Alyssa home?

    Colleen: It's really late. What's the matter, Sam?

    Sam: Nothing. My dad's dying. I really need to talk to Alyssa.

    [Colleen lets Sam into the house]

    Alyssa: Sam, are you ok?

  • Sheriff: You're really looking for a knuckle sandwich aren't you?

    Mayor: No, but a piece of pie & a cup of coffee wouldn't break my heart, Colleen?

    Colleen: I heard that Mr. Mayor.

    Mayor: Oh good. Then you know what I want.

    Colleen: I've got Blueberry.

    Mayor: That's perfect. Are you registered?

    Colleen: Of course.

    Mayor: To vote that is!

  • [first lines]

    Colleen: Looks like it's closed.

    Samantha: Don't be such a wimp. The guy's right there.

  • Colleen: [attempting to comfort Keith's annoyance at having to work with the obnoxious Brad on investigating a story] Maybe God put you two together for a reason.

    Keith: Yeah, to try my patience.

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