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  • Caligula: [hallucinating] Do you see her Claudius ? The Goddess Diana. Every night she comes to me. My arms. There there she goes. Now do you see her ?

    Claudius: No, sire.

    Caligula: [angrily] Why not ?

    Claudius: Only you gods are privileged to see each other.

  • Caligula: Christian. Do you renounce your false god ? This king of an invisible kingdom... who expects to come back some day and rule the earth ?

    Demetrius: [after a long pause] There is no other king but Caesar. There is no power greater than his, in this world, or any other.

    Caligula: By the mercy of Caesar, you are a free man.

  • Caligula: I have the power of life and death over every being in the empire! My power is as great as any god's! True?

    Claudius: True, sire.

    Caligula: Why should I have to die? Who should I have to suffer death like any plebeian, any slave? Is that logical? Is it?

    Claudius: No, sire.

  • Caligula: Philosophers! Their brains are full of mildew!

  • [first lines]

    Caligula: I have existed from the morning of the world and I shall exist until the last star falls from the night. Although I have taken the form of Gaius Caligula, I am all men as I am no man and therefore I am a God.

  • [after a man is decapitated]

    Caligula: If only all of Rome had just one neck.

  • Caligula: Let them hate me, so long as they fear me.

  • Caligula: I hear you have a taste for little boys. Is that not so?

    Chaerea: No Caesar, big boys.

  • Tiberius: Do you think this boy has been drinking?

    Caligula: I think he has, Caesar.

    Tiberius: So do I. Macro? Bring him more wine!

  • Tiberius: Serve the state, Caligula, though the people in it are wicked beasts.

    Caligula: But they love you, lord.

    Tiberius: Oh, no... they FEAR me... and that is much better.

  • [Caligula stands in front of a large pile of documents he's about to put his stamp on]

    Caligula: I, Caligula Caesar, command in the name of the senate and the people of Rome.

    [stamps document, servant removes it from the pile]

    Caligula: I, Caligula Caesar, command in the name of the... senate... and...

    [browses through the large pile of documents]

    Caligula: the people of Rome.

    [Stamps document, servant removes it from pile]

    Caligula: . I, Caligula Caesar,

    [starts speaking faster]

    Caligula: command in the name of the senate and the people of Rome.


    Caligula: I, Caligula Caesar, command in the name of the senate and the people of Rome.


    Caligula: [speaking much faster] I, Caligula Caesar, command in the name of the senate and the people of Rome.

    [speaking almost unintelligible, stamps between each repeat]

    Caligula: I, Caligula Caesar, command in the name of the senate and the people of Rome. I, Caligula Caesar, command in the name of the senate and the people of Rome. I, Caligula Caesar, command in the name of the senate and the people of Rome. Rome! Rome! Rome! Caesar! Caesar! Rome! Rome! Rubbish! Rubbish!

    [calms down]

    Caligula: I, Caligula Caesar, command in the name of the senate and the people of Rome.

    [stamps, looks at servant]

    Caligula: No wonder life's so dull!

  • [at an orgy]

    Caligula: Longinus, you're not having any fun! Enjoy yourself! What is your preference?

    Longinus: Everything and nothing Caesar.

  • Tiberius: Do you prefer nymphs to satyrs?

    Caligula: I like both, Lord.

    Tiberius: One needs both, yes, to keep healthy.

  • Caligula: Caesar begged you.

  • Tiberius: It is fate that rules us, Little Boots, not any god.

    Caligula: You are a god.

    Tiberius: No, I'm NOT! Not even when I'm dead.

    Caligula: Julius Caesar and Augustus Caesar, they are gods.

    Tiberius: So says the senate, and so the people prefer to believe. Such myths are useless.

  • Julia Drusilla: You are a fool.

    Caligula: Caesar cannot be a fool!

    Julia Drusilla: But he's trying very hard...

    Caligula: Caesar cannot be a fool!

  • Nerva: Tiberius, you were wise once.

    Tiberius: Don't taunt me! I am old.

    Nerva: I've watched you grow into a monster! One by one, I've seen you murder your whole family, your friends, the noblest men in Rome.

    Caligula: That is treason!

    Nerva: No, it's the truth.

    Tiberius: I am and always have been surrounded by enemies. In my own family, in the senate... You are cruel!

    Nerva: Honest old men can sometimes see the future. So, from the evils past, and the evils yet to come, I now choose to escape.

  • Macro: Forgive me, Prince. The emperor commands you to wait upon him.

    Caligula: What does he want?

    Macro: A last look at you, perhaps. He is 77.

    Caligula: May he live forever!

  • Caligula: Jupiter loves ME!

  • [Nerva is dying]

    Caligula: Nerva, what's it like?

    Nerva: Warm, no pain... just drifting away.

    Caligula: Can you see her?

    Nerva: Who?

    Caligula: The goddess, Isis?

    Nerva: So you're one of those who believe...

    Caligula: Do you see her?

    Nerva: No.

    Caligula: Are you sure? You're almost dead! What's it like, what's happening to you now?

    Nerva: Slowly... drifting... like sleep...

    Caligula: Liar... you can see her, I know you can! What is she like?

    Nerva: No... Slowly...

    Caligula: LIAR!

  • Tiberius: Do you think this boy has drunk enough wine?

    Caligula: I think he's drunk enough, Lord.

    Tiberius: So do I!

    [stabs the drunk man with a sword]

    Tiberius: Now he is happy.

  • Tiberius: If someone else had become emperor, I would've been killed... As you will be!

    [Tiberius quickly walks away as Caligula realizes]

    Caligula: Will be?

    [Caligula runs after Tiberius]

    Caligula: Will be, Grandfather?

    Tiberius: Would be, if you were not my heir.

  • Proculus: Divine Ceasar, PLEASE! What have I done? Why am I here?

    Caligula: Treason!

    Proculus: Treason? I have always been loyal to you!

    Caligula: [laughs insanely] That IS your treason! You're an honest man, Proculus, which means a bad Roman! Therefore, you are a traitor! Logical, hmm? Ha, ha, ha!

  • [Caligula is raping Livia]

    Caligula: Open your EYES, Livia! Lucky girl... to lose one's virginity to a direct descendent of the goddess... I, Caligula Caesar, command in the name of the... Open your eyes, Proculus! Command in the name of the senate-OPEN THEM!-the senate, and the people of... Rome!

  • [Caligula's child - who he has just announced as his son - has been born]

    Julia Drusilla: It's a girl.

    Caligula: It is not a girl! Did you not hear Caesar say?

    Julia Drusilla: I heard the voice of Caesar. But your daughter did not.

  • [Caligula is sick with the fever]

    Attendent: I offer my life if Jupiter will only spare our beloved Emperor!

    Caligula: Jupiter accepts your offer.

    [Caligula turns to his guards]

    Caligula: Execute him.

  • Chaerea: Where is Britain?

    Caligula: Where? There!

    Chaerea: Ah, yes, Lord, there.

  • Chaerea: [at an empty battlefield] There is no enemy.

    Caligula: There is papyrus cane!

    Chaerea: Papyrus cane, divine Caesar?

    Caligula: Yes, papyrus! Don't be so stupid, Chaerea! Order my army to attack and destroy that papyrus!

    Chaerea: Yes, lord.

    Caligula: After all, we must have some proof that I conquered Britain!

    [breaks out laughing]

  • Chaerea: [Caligula is blocked from entering the palace] Password!

    Caligula: Scrotum.

    Chaerea: So be it!

    [Chaerea strikes Caligula down with his sword]

  • [last lines]

    [the bloodied Caligula is dying after Chaerea strikes him on his head with a sword]

    Caligula: [insanely whimpering] I... live!

  • Caligula: Speaking statues.

  • Caesonia: They are senators and consuls. They are important men.

    Caligula: So important that they prove all I do?

    Caesonia: They must be mad.

    Caligula: I don't know what else to do to revolt them.

  • Diana: [Marcellus has just been sentenced to execution; Diana leaves the podium to stand at his side] Sire, Marcellus is my chosen husband. I wish to go with him.

    Caligula: Stand back! You're not on trial! There's no evidence against you!

    Diana: Then if it please you, sire, I'll provide evidence. I have no wish to live another hour in an empire ruled by *you*! You dare to call yourself a Caesar. Once the Caesars of Rome were noble, but in you, noble blood has turned to poison. You corrupt Rome with your spite and malice.

    Caligula: Stop! Stop it!

    Diana: That *you* should be Caesar, vicious, treacherous, drunk with power, an evil, insane monster posing as emperor.

    Caligula: STOP IT!

    Diana: As for me, I have found another king. I want to go with my husband into his kingdom.

    Caligula: Then, by the gods, you shall! Go, both of you, into your kingdom!

  • Caligula: You put him to death? Then why are you risking your life for him?

    Marcellus Gallio: I owe Him more than my life.

  • Caligula: They're going into a better kingdom! They're going into a better kingdom! They're going to meet their king! They're going to meet their king!

  • Caligula: Enough for now. He's no use to us dead.

  • Caligula: This is cheating, sir! Cheating!

  • Caligula: Mr.Widgren is lazy, he ignores me and my homeworks.

  • Caligula: Which verbs take the ablative absolute?

  • Caligula: Examples of the genitive with impersonal verbs. Kreutz?

    Kreutz - Student: Miseret, paenitet, piget, pudet, taedet.

  • Caligula: Caesar hostem aggressus devicit. Widgren?

    Jan-Erik Widgren: Caesar defeated the enemy.

    Caligula: Example of what?

    Jan-Erik Widgren: Participial construction.

    Caligula: Which one?

    Jan-Erik Widgren: Participium coniunctum. Predicative attribute.

    Caligula: Of what?

    [Widgren fails to answer]

    Caligula: Didn't you prepare for the lesson?

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