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Bosse Quotes:

  • The King: Mio... My Mio...

    Bosse: Mio? But my name is Bosse!

    The King: Mio. I have been searching for you for nine long years. Missing my son. I've been lying awake at night, crying "Mio... My Mio..." So you see, I do know what your true name is.

  • Bosse: Who is that man? Wait, don't tell me. I already know. He's my father, right?

    The Spirit: Yes. The king of the Land of Faraway.

  • Mona: I'll go to bed now.

    Bosse: [keeps looking at the television]

    Mona: I'll go to bed now.

    Bosse: [still looking at TV]

    Mona: What if I go and cut my throat?

    Bosse: [laughs silently at the TV]

    Mona: Well, good night anyway!

  • Mona: [before going to sleep] Was it really, really bad?

    Bosse: What?

    Mona: You know! That thing I sang!

    Bosse: No, it wasn't bad idea, not at all.

    Bosse: I think, that you are OK, as you are.

    Mona: What do you mean? What do you mean with that?

    Bosse: That you... you... you are you, this matters the most. The people have to be what they are. So, forget it. It's worthless dreaming about things you know, that will never come true

    Mona: Yeah... you're right.

  • Mona: [after Mona feels something strange on her chair and sees that it's a CD] What is that?

    Bosse: You said you wanted to send it.

    Mona: You're nuts! You said, that I'm bad.

    Bosse: The disc is in the envelope, now you just put a stamp and throw it to the mailbox

    Mona: [laughs] You're damn nuts!

  • Mona: [sings the song, Candy Darling has tears in his eyes]

    Carola: Did you write it?

    Mona: Well what do you think?

    Candy Darling: It's just made to be a hit! It's fantastic! Send it somewhere, send it to Melodifestivalen, they're just looking for songs!

    Bosse: But to Melodifestivalen, come on! You're not serious!

    Mona: Exactly! And what a lyrics, I had an F in Swedish in school by the way.

    Candy Darling: Send it I said! But only if I make a dress.

    Mona: Of course you make it.

    Candy Darling: Oooohhhh, awesome! A lot of glitter, a lot of legs a lot of everything!

    Bosse: Well you can't be serious!

    Mona: Oh yeah, and why not?

    Bosse: Are you gonna make a fool out of yourself in front of the entire Swedish nation? You don't have a chance!

    Mona: Well I'm sorry to bother all of you. It was just some stupid idea, exactly what David said, it's OK...

    Bosse: Oh come on, I didn't mean to....

    Mona: [slaps his hand] It was exatcly what you meant! It's OK! Cofee anyone?

  • Mona: [after a bad rehersal] Oh my god, that was just horrible!

    Bosse: Oh come on, it wasn't that bad!

    Mona: No it was horrible!

    Bosse: Come on honey! I think it was quite OK

    Mona: Well who the hell cares what do YOU think?!

    [goes off]

  • Kikki: When is mum coming home?

    Bosse: I don't know right now.

    Lena Ph: I miss mum!

    Anna Book: Me too.

    Kikki: When is she coming home?

    Bosse: I told you I don't know...

    Anna Book: [shouts] I wanna see mum....

    [all others join]

    Bosse: [shouts back] Oh stop it! Do you wanna se mum, huh?

    Anna Book: [together with other girls] Mhm

    Bosse: [throws a gossip magazine] Here you go, enjoy!

    [goes off]

  • Producer: [anxiously] When is she coming back?

    Bosse: You think I know?

    Producer: [later on, furiously] This is gonna cost her a contract and she's gonna pay me big money for it!

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