The Priest Quotes in The Boondock Saints (1999)


The Priest Quotes:

  • The Priest: Would they ever harm an innocent person for any reason?

    [of Rocco, who's holding him at gunpoint]

    Paul Smecker: No, they would never do that. Well, the two Irish guys wouldn't, the Italian guy, he might, he's kind of an idiot.

  • The Priest: Each nation has its purpose. The Jews, to cheat, the Turks, to do harm, us Romanians to love and suffer like Christ. And each has their habits. Hebrews reads a lot, Greeks talks a lot, Turks has many wives, Arabs has many teeth, Germans smokes a lot, Hungarians eats a lot, Russians drinks a lot, English thinks a lot, French likes fashion a lot, Armenians are lazy, Circassians wears much lace, Italians lies a lot, Serbians cheats a lot, Gypsies get beaten! Gypsies must be slaves.

  • Zorro: Well met, father.

    The Priest: God's blessing on the meeting.

  • Don Diego Vega: Father, the day we've prayed and planned for is at hand. Never again will the peĆ³ns be enslaved for taxes.

    The Priest: Our God be praised.

    Don Diego Vega: The commandante's rule is over. We have a most wise, a most lovely, and a most beautifully spoiled governor.

  • [last lines]

    The Priest: Amen.

  • The Priest: There comes a time in man's search for meaning when he realises that there are no answers. And when you come to the horrible and unavoidable realization, you accept it or you kill yourself. Or you simply stop searching.

  • The Priest: There comes a time in man's search for meaning when one realises that there are no answers. And when you come to that horrible, unavoidable realization, you accept it or you kill yourself. Or you simply stop searching... I have lived a blessed life. And yet every night, when I climb into bed, turn off the lights, and stare in to the dark, I wonder... Is this all there is?

    Jackie Kennedy: You wonder?

    The Priest: Every soul on this planet does. But then, when morning comes, we all wake up and make a pot of coffee.

    Jackie Kennedy: Why do we bother?

    The Priest: Because we do. You did this morning, you will again tomorrow. But God, in his infinite wisdom, has made sure it is just enough for us.

  • Jackie Kennedy: I wrote him a letter. That night, before we moved the casket to the Capitol. Do you know what I wrote? That I wanted to die. I wanted to die.

    The Priest: I understand.

    Jackie Kennedy: Do you?

    The Priest: I do. Unless you are asking permission.

    Jackie Kennedy: No, only crass, self-indulgent people kill themselves. No, I was just hoping... if I walked down the street next to Jack's body then someone would be kind enough to do it for me.

    The Priest: In front of the whole world... A famous life, a famous death.

    Jackie Kennedy: I never wanted fame. I just became a Kennedy.

  • Jackie Kennedy: I think God is cruel.

    The Priest: Well, now you're getting into trouble.

  • The Priest: Take comfort in those memories.

    Jackie Kennedy: I can't. They're mixed up with all the others.

  • The Priest: Jesus once passed a blind beggar on the road, and his disciples asked, Who sinned, this man or his parents, that he should be born blind? And Jesus said, Neither this man nor his parents sinned. He was made blind so that the works of God could be revealed in him. And with that, he placed mud on his eyes and told him to wash in the Pool of Siloam. And the man did, and he came back seeing. Right now you are blind. Not because you've sinned, but because you've been chosen. So that the works of God can be revealed in you.

  • The Priest: [all smiles] Katarina...

    [she gives him a look; he draws back]

    The Priest: Katarina, wilt thou take Petruchio to be thy lawful wedded husband?

    Katherina: [she throws back her veil, gives a huge smile that turns into a huge angry look] I... Will...

    [Petruchio kisses her passionately before she can say, "Not!" and the crowd cheers]

  • The Priest: [for the umpteenth time, rapid-fire] Petruchio, wilt thou take Katarina to be thy lawful wedded wife?

    Petruchio: [drunk] Ah, Marry, I will!

  • The Priest: Those who have gone away help those who are left behind. And I, well, I act as the middle-man.

    Karin: Then try to help us, Father. I can't take a life like this. Antonio is still a boy. Yes, I love him, but he doesn't understand how a woman like me feels.

    The Priest: I think he does. I know how hard he tried to get work. The fishing season has started. And the boats have full crews already. You see, there are only four boats from Stromboli. The rest come from other islands. Yet, Antonio has managed to find a place. He sacrificed his pride. He owned a boat of his own, once, you know. He has done it all for you. I know it, because I talked with him.

    Karin: Yes, I suppose he's doing his best, but... can't he realize that I can't live here, and that he should take me away?

    The Priest: You need money to emigrate - and a place to go.

    Karin: Those who are born here, all they wanted was to leave. You can imagine how I feel here, Father, a stranger. These black rocks, this desolation, that... that 'terror.' This island drives me mad, Father. Won't you help us, please?

    The Priest: You are both young. Make Antonio save his money instead of spending it. Help him. And perhaps you will be able to leave too, someday. But while you are to stay here, make a good home for yourself and for him. It will make it easier for both of you to wait. If you do this, merciful God will help you.

    Karin: With me, God has *never* been merciful!

  • The Priest: San Bartolo, our patron saint, will bless you. It was San Bartolo who stopped the lava and the fire up there with his hands and saved our homes. You will be happy here, won't you? This is your home now.

    Antonio: Grazie a Padre.

    Karin: Good-bye, Father.

  • Karin: Oh, I am so ashamed, Father. I may have done wrong. But, all I want now is a little happiness. Where I was born we had a nice home. We lost everything in the war. I met a man, an officer, in the invading army. He seemed more human than the rest. He was young and always gay. I was trapped, like all the rest. I-I have sinned, but, I've paid. You're a sensitive, experienced man.

    The Priest: I am only a poor priest.

    Karin: But, I can be frank with you. I couldn't with Antonio. You are the one man who can give me comfort.

    The Priest: I'm no more than the parish priest of a little community of fishermen.

    Karin: But, your human qualities, I can see.

    The Priest: I am a priest! And I can only assist you during confession or to prayer.

  • The Priest: May the Lord guide you. Compose yourself! Meditate! Think.

  • King Gregory: I would give up my crown if you agree to be my bride on this day.

    The Priest: Do you take her and do you take him?

    Queen CinderellaKing Gregory: We do.

    The Priest: Then by the power veseted in me I pronouce you man and wife. Excelsior!

  • The Priest: There were no wolves in the Garden of Eden, Fanny.

  • The Priest: Well, I just hope they don't try to settle. They only bring disease and spread trouble wherever they go. They're unpleasant creatures. We should all keep an eye out.

  • The Priest: She's a remarkable woman. The Lord has given her great inner strength. She's sitting up in bed.

    Doreen: Sitting up and dead?

    The Priest: Dear me. no! She's alive.

  • The Priest: There are many wolves out there. Secret wolves. And their silence serves only to fuel my act.

    Kester: Well, you;re not acting for me. Let them get on with it.

    The Priest: Kester, I'm not hearing you.

    Kester: Yes, you are father, and you're being really uncool about this. I mean, where in the Bible does it say, Thou shalt not be a wolf?

    The Priest: They are sent to us by the Prince of Darkness, Kester.

    Kester: Yeah, but...

    The Priest: No, Kester! They seek to destroy that union which is sacred to the church - marriage. Marriage is the reflection of our relationship to God, and Satan has sent them to try to undermine that mystical union.

    Kester: Look, I'm frozen. I'm going home.

    The Priest: Well... well, I'll have to accompany you.

    Kester: I'll be fine. I know the way.

    The Priest: Don't be so ridiculous. I couldn't possibly...

    Kester: I'll be fine. I'll see you in church for the service tomorrow. If I see the wolves, I'll send them in your direction. That's, if they don't eat me first.

    The Priest: Kester! Damn. Why did you do this, God? You humiliated me in front of him. If he'd seen me kill just... just one, he'd respect me! Not some old fuddy-duddy. A real man, who can control the lives of others. I am that sort of man, God. I can kill wolves. I hate them! I'm not afraid of blood. I'll tear them apart with my bare hands, just you see!

  • The Priest: Demons aren't real. Theyre parables, metaphors.

    Joey: [as the doors open and Pinhead enters] Then what the fuck is that?

  • The Priest: You'll burn in hell for this!

    Pinhead: Burn? Oh, such a limited imagination!

  • The Priest: [to Simon and Sarah] What we shall be facing in a few hours' time is not a man. He is evil. He is the embodiment of all that is evil. He is the very Devil himself.

  • The Priest: I'll explain. You must give me time to prepare you for what we both have to do.

    Simon Carlson: Both?

    The Priest: Yes, both of us. Without my guidance you'd never survive the ordeal. Without your courage I could not even attempt it. But now there's nothing either of us can do until daybreak.

  • The Priest: The devil has won.

  • The Priest: [pointing skyward] The bat! The bat!

  • The Priest: There's a body right outside your front door.

    Jackson: I know, I put it there.

    The Priest: I don't suppose you'd be interested in helping us with the burial?

    Jackson: What do you think? I came to dig gold, not graves.

    The Priest: Every time I meet a man like you who's alive and well, I marvel at the patience of God.

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