Taz Quotes in Space Jam (1996)


Taz Quotes:

  • Taz: Lemony fresh!

  • Larry: I dreamed about monkeys last night. They have monkeys in Costa Rica. I dreamed that, you know, I made friends with one on the senior trip.

    Taz: Okay. Larry, you've go to stop with these gay-ass dreams. Seriously. Look, have you been reading those Hustlers I gave you?

    Larry: A lot of the pages are stuck together.

    Taz: Yeah, they do that. Uh, humidity.

  • Larry: I dreamed about that Costa Rican monkey again.

    Taz: Larry, you need to be spanking the monkey, not dreaming about it.

  • Larry: Wow. I just saw my first real monkey. Look.

    Taz: Larry, forget about the real monkeys. You're here to get that monkey off your back, all right? The only word I want to hear out of your mouth is "beaver," got it?

  • Rip: Look, Larry, if you're gonna rip with the big boys, you got to learn to understand women.

    Taz: Uh, not the best advice, Ripster. Dude's a total virgin.

    Mo: Yeah, man. The only booty call he's ever seen starred Jamie Foxx.

    Rip: Is that true, Larry?

    Larry: No. Actually I didn't catch Booty Call. I had an S.A.T. review course. And mother thinks Jamie Foxx is a potty-mouth.

    Rip: Larry, are you a virgin, man?

    Larry: Yes.

    Rip: Wow, man. I haven't seen one of you around here since "Grinder Teeth" took out little Jimmy McGee behind the dumpster at the pomegranate hut.

  • Tillie: Well, as you know, every revolution requires a secret mission or two to level the battlefield, so Boris and I whipped up a little something that might even the odds tomorrow.

    Taz: What is this?

    Tillie: Microscopic crabs. Kind of tough to focus on your surfing when you got those cute little critters dancing in your shorts.

    Boris: In 1971, I put the crabs like that into the jockstrap of President Nixon. I was towel boy in racquet club, and there is famous film of Nixon shaking the hand of Chinese premier, and then immediately he scratches his balls.

  • Taz: Up is the toughest son of a bitch I ever met in my life! He eats eagles for breakfast! He sleep on a bed a fire! And when Up cuts an onion - the ONION is the one who cry!

  • Taz: Calculus was tough!

  • Taz: Get your zappers. Set them to pew.

  • Taz: You listen to me now, you little fart! Up is the toughest son of a bitch I ever met in my life!

    Krayonder: You stabbed me!

  • Taz: And now we dance.

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