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Johanna Quotes:

  • Johanna: Great leaders don't seek power. They're called by necessity. The people need you.

  • Mortdecai: ...kissing a man without a mustache is like eating an egg without salt.

    Johanna: Uhh, don't point that thing at me.

    Jock: Told ya!

  • Mortdecai: [calling through the door] Johanna. Are you all right in there, darling? It is I, Charlie... Your husband.

    Johanna: What is it?

    Mortdecai: Oh, moon of my delight. This is your own personalized Sheik of Araby who seeks admission into your tent. I have come to carry you off to the burning desert, and work my greasy will upon you under the tropical stars. Send your camel to bed, damn it!

    Johanna: [sighs] My Sheik, does this mean you have excommunicated that mustache of the Prophet?

    Mortdecai: ...I'll trim it... Darling. I am embarking on a very dangerous escapade, from which I may not well return. And it is customary in these situations for, you know, a proper send-off. Quick session of congress. Sink the Bismarck, if you will. And by the way, did I mention it is a matter of national security.

    Mortdecai: Mmm.

    [forces his way in]

  • Mortdecai: Oh, my darling, I tried desperately to be unfaithful to you, I really did. But I just couldn't do it.

    Johanna: It's a terrible moment when you finding yourself falling in love with your own spouse, isn't it?

    Mortdecai: Now that is the look that softens every bone in my body, except one.

  • Mortdecai: Quite a conundrum, this. I shall need a moment to thing this through, I'm afraid.

    Johanna: Yes, do. Do think. Just bear in mind, I'm standing on a loo, holding a dead man's Goya.

  • Johanna: See, to be Amity is to forgive. Others. And yourself.

  • Johanna: [to Tris] I know you're angry. But you're letting it consume you.

  • Johanna: What's it feel like when you dive?

    Jacques: It's a feeling of slipping without falling. The hardest thing is when you're at the bottom.

    Johanna: Why?

    Jacques: 'Cause you have to find a good reason to come back up... and I have a hard time finding one.

  • Johanna: Talk to me some more

    Jacques: It's hard, you know. I don't know what else to say. You're so far away.

    Johanna: Tell me a story.

    Jacques: A story? Do you now how it is- do you know what you're supposed to do, to meet a mermaid?

    Johanna: No.

    Jacques: You go down to the bottom of the sea, where the water isn't even blue anymore, where the sky is only a memory, and you float there, in the silence. And you stay there, and you decide, that you'll die for them. Only then do they start coming out. They come, and they greet you, and they judge the love you have for them. If it's sincere, if it's pure, they'll be with you, and take you away forever.

    Johanna: I like that story

  • Jacques: I know you.

    Johanna: We just met, a few minutes ago.

    Jacques: In the lake.

    Johanna: No in the hut.

    Jacques: Then it must have been someone who looked like a lot like you.

  • [after a drunken breath holding contest]

    Jacques: Who won?

    Johanna: Who won what? The asshole award? Let me tell you, it was a tie!

  • Johanna: You really send him under the ice? He isn't a slave or convict or anything, is he?

    Dr. Laurence: My dear, science is a cruel mistress.

    Johanna: How is he going to breathe?

    Dr. Laurence: He isn't.

  • Enzo: Dont think of Jacques as a human being, he's from another world.

    Johanna: Oh yeah? And what world are you from Enzo?

    Enzo: Italia!

  • Uncle Louis: [to Johana] So, where are you from, Henrietta?

    Jacques: Johana! New York!

    Uncle Louis: New YORK? What KIND of a name is that?

    Johanna: No, I'm *from* new York

    Uncle Louis: Oh Yes! The best lays are from New York!

  • Johanna: 6'3", 6'1", maybe 5'9" - You can't be sure, you know the flippers, they add height or they take it away, or something. Anyway short dark hair... Not punk or anything, just short. And the cutest smile. He wasn't smiling at me, I don't think - just smiling. And he thought he saw me in the lake. I mean that was a figure of speech... They're so romantic, the French.

    Sally: [bored] I thought you said he was Peruvian?

    Johanna: Haven't you been listening?

    Sally: ...Since eight o'clock last night...! You're in love.

    Johanna: Don't be a jerk. There's no such thing as love at first sight.

  • Johanna: If I cannot fly, let me sing...

  • Anthony Hope: You wait for him here. I'll return with a coach in less than half an hour. Don't worry no one'll recognize you. You're safe now.

    Johanna: Safe? So we run away and then all our dreams come true?

    Anthony Hope: I hope so.

    Johanna: I've never had dreams. Only nightmares.

    Anthony Hope: Johanna... when we're free of this place, all the ghosts will go away.

    Johanna: No, Anthony. They never go away.

  • Johanna: [after Turpin discovers her packing] Sir, a gentleman knocks before entering a lady's room.

    Judge Turpin: Indeed, he does, but I see no lady. I told myself the sailor was lying, that my Johanna would never betray me, never hurt me so.

    Johanna: Sir, I will leave this place.

    Judge Turpin: I think that's only appropriate since you no longer find my company to your liking.

    [the Beadle appears at the door]

    Judge Turpin: We shall provide you with new lodgings. Until this moment I have spared the rod. But the ungrateful child has broken my heart. When you've learned to appreciate what you have done, perhaps we shall meet again. Until then, think on your sins.

    [the Beadle takes Johanna away by force]

  • Johanna: Question. Why doesn't anybody know about this?

    Hans, trolljegeren: Because someone doesn't want people to know.

    Thomas: The government? Is the government behind this? Do you work for them?

    Johanna: Why show it to us now?

    Hans, trolljegeren: Because I'm tired of this shitty job. I have no rights whatsoever. I get no night bonus. No overtime. No nuisance compensation. Maybe it's time for a change in troll management. So if you could get this on TV...

    Thomas: That shouldn't be a problem.

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