Brenda Meeks Quotes in Scary Movie 2 (2001)


Brenda Meeks Quotes:

  • Ray Wilkins: Let's do something freaky...

    Brenda Meeks: Like what, Ray?

    Ray Wilkins: I don't know... why don't you talk dirty to me?

    Brenda Meeks: I don't know what to say, Ray.

    Ray Wilkins: C'mon, just make something up.

    Brenda Meeks: Oh Ray, why do you make me so bad?

    Ray Wilkins: C'mon, 'cause you a bad girl.

    Brenda Meeks: Okay... I'ma work this. I'ma make this mine!

    Ray Wilkins: Yeah, work it. Ooh, it's all yours.

    Brenda Meeks: I'ma piss on your face... and I'ma fart in your mouth,


    Brenda Meeks: I'ma shit on these walls, Ray!

    [Ray looks disgusted]

    Brenda Meeks: ...too dirty?

  • Dwight Hartman: Let's split up.

    Brenda Meeks: Uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh UH! Now wait a minute, hold up! How come when anytime this scary shit happens, and we should stick together, you white people always say "let's split up"?

    Theo: She's right, we should stick together.

    Dwight Hartman: She's right. Okay.

    [pointing to the white people in the group]

    Dwight Hartman: You three, follow me!

    [the three black people are left alone]

    Shorty Meeks: Ain't that a bitch.

    [the three of them begin to cry]

    Brenda Meeks: We gonna die, y'all.

  • Cindy Campbell: Brenda! The monster is gonna kill us!


  • Brenda Meeks: Cindy, this is a skeleton, this is bones! Would you run from Callista Flockheart?

  • Cindy Campbell: You know, you really are my best friend, Cindy.

    Cindy Campbell: Thanks, Brenda.

    Buddy: Hey are you guys okay?

    Brenda Meeks: Hell, yeah. It's gonna take more than a bag of bones to scare me.

    Hell House Ghost: Wedgie!

    Cindy Campbell: Oh my God! Brenda, do something!

    Brenda Meeks: Okay!

    Hell House Ghost: [Brenda runs away]

    Cindy Campbell: I thought I was your best friend?

    Brenda Meeks: Was. I'ma miss you, girl!

  • Brenda Meeks: [the TV is acting weird and turns on after Brenda turns it off. Finally she unplugs and when it turns on again, it shows a creepy black and white image of Tabitha getting out of a well] Oh, come on. Cindy, the news is on! Another little white girl done fell down a well. Fifty black people got they ass beat by police today, but the whole world gotta stop for one little whitey down the hole.

    [the TV starts leaking]

    Brenda Meeks: Cindy, the TV's leaking. Cindy... Cindy something's wrong here.

    [Tabitha comes out slowly as Brenda backs away. Tabitha empties her ears with water]

    Brenda Meeks: Cindy, this bitch is messin' up my floor!

    [Tabitha creeps slowly for Brenda]

    Brenda Meeks: Cindy, Help me!

    Cindy: [Cindy is busy in the kitchen and is refusing to believe Brenda after she tricked her so many times] I'm not listening.

    Brenda Meeks: [Tabitha gets closer to Brenda when Brenda punches her down] Get up you little ugly bitch. C'mon, let me see what you got. What you gonna do?

    [Tabitha gets up and starts swinging at Brenda while Brenda holds her back by her hair]

    Brenda Meeks: That's all?

    [Grabs Tabitha and punches her down]

    Brenda Meeks: Oooh, I'm whippin' her ass, Cindy! Yeah, wassup?

  • Brenda Meeks: [a box of pencils hits the door just after George and Sue exit the classroom] Now who the fuck did that!

  • Brenda Meeks: I saw this tape, and I think you should know about it. It had these really shocking images on it.

    Cindy: Brenda, it was Mardi Gras, I never drank Vodka before, and I was outta beads!

    Brenda Meeks: No, not that tape Cindy. Anyway, you watch the tape, and when it's over, your phone rings. And this creepy voice says, "You're Gonna Die In Seven Days", and seven days later...

    Cindy: When did you watch it?

    Brenda Meeks: A week ago. A week ago, tonight.

    Cindy: [Brenda's nose is bleeding] Brenda!

    [Cindy hands her tampon,and Brenda starts choking, but then starts laughing]

    Cindy: .

    Cindy: Oh my God, you bitch!

    Brenda Meeks: [about the fake blood] Ketchup!

    Cindy: Oh, you got me!

    [Brenda laughs, but starts having a seizure, and falls over the couch. She stands up, still shaking and foaming at the mouth. She laughs]

    Brenda Meeks: I can't believe you fell for that fake seizure!

    Cindy: But it seemed so real!

    Brenda Meeks: It did didn't it?

    Cindy: And you peed!

    [We see a puddle on the rug]

    Brenda Meeks: Yeah! I really sold that shit, didn't I? I just love the look on your face when you are scared, girl! You are too easy!

    [Her hand catches on fire, and she throws water on it. She removes a fake hand from her sleeve, laughing]

    Brenda Meeks: . I got you with the old fake hand! I'm gonna get the rest of the popcorn...

  • Brenda Meeks: I just got a weird feeling something bad is heading my way. Like when you see an Asian person behind the wheel of a car.

  • Cindy: I'm looking for something more than just good sex.

    Brenda Meeks: I know. You want commitment.

    Cindy: No, I want great sex.

  • George: So, I'll be doing the rap battle at the 23 Club tomorrow night.

    Brenda Meeks: Oh, I don't believe this shit.

    George: Word! You two should come down! I'll be rappin', I'll be cappin', I'll be tappin', I'll be flappin', I'll be happen... ing. Ding, bing, wing. Yo!

    Cindy: Sounds good!

    George: Would, could, should, 'hood.

    Brenda Meeks: Ugh!

    George: Gug, mug, dug, bug.

  • Mahalik: [George is wearing a white hoodie that makes him resemble a KKK member] George, the hood! Lose the hood!

    George: I know, we're in the hood now!

    Brenda Meeks: He's a dead man.

    George: [as crowd boos] You guys feelin' me? In the hood?

    [does what looks like a Heil Hitler salute]

  • Brenda Meeks: Here's Detroit.

    [Points to a TV showing a destroyed city]

    Brenda Meeks: Here's Detroit after the invasion.

    [City is still destroyed, but now tripods are roaming around]

  • Brenda Meeks: [Mouthing] You and me should get it on!

    Jeremiah: Elder Hale. We should welcome the outsiders among us.

    Henry Hale: Jeremiah, ought not your tongue be held?

    Jeremiah: I am sorry, Elder Hale... but sometimes my tongue wiggles beyond my ability to control it.

    Brenda Meeks: This is a problem with which I have had much experience. Maybe I could help him in a room in which there are no others. Or you can all watch. I don't give a shit.

  • Brenda Meeks: [after greeting Cindy] Cindy! Oh, it's been so long.

    Cindy Campbell: Brenda, I thought you were dead.

    Brenda Meeks: Oh, I thought you were dead, too!

  • Cindy Campbell: Oh, Brenda, I know you'd love him.

    Brenda Meeks: What's his name, I may have already loved him.

    Cindy Campbell: Tom Ryan.

    Brenda Meeks: Yep, did him. Big Chinese dude, right?

  • Brenda Meeks: [after sleeping with Zoltar] What? We at peace now, I was just sealing the deal.

  • Brenda Meeks: [Holding up Shaquille O'Neal's femur] I don't believe it! The aliens killed a dinosaur!

  • Brenda Meeks: Pussy.

    Cindy Campbell: Brenda!

    Brenda Meeks: What? 50 Cent got shot nine times and he's still walking around!

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