Barman Quotes in Highlander (1986)


Barman Quotes:

  • Barman: [Brenda sitting alone in a pub] Hey, Brenda. The usual?

    Brenda: Lots of it.

    Barman: [Barman pours Brenda's drink into her glass] Say when.

    Brenda: When.

    Barman: [Connor arrives and sits at the bar] Excuse me a minute, Brenda.

    Connor MacLeod: A double Glenmorangie on the rocks.

    Barman: Glenmorangie? - Right.

    Connor MacLeod: Go to the Garden often?

    Brenda: What did you say?

    Connor MacLeod: [Connor points at himself] Hmm?

    Brenda: [Brenda walks over to Connor] What did you say?

    Connor MacLeod: Madison Square Garden. Do you go there often?

    Brenda: Why?

    Connor MacLeod: Basketball, the circus, wrestling...

    Brenda: Why are you asking me about it? Have you been following me?

    Connor MacLeod: I'd like to walk you home, Brenda.

    Brenda: I can take care of myself.

    [Brenda throws money on the bar and leaves]

  • Barman: Yes, sir?

    James Bond: The lady will have a - Bacardi on the rocks.

    Major Anya Amasova: For the gentleman, vodka martini - shaken, not stirred.

    James Bond: Touché.

  • [Pompey has gone into the saloon after Tom]

    Barman: [indicating that he can't serve Pompey due to his being black] Now look, Pompey. You know I...

    Tom Doniphon: [drunk] Who says he can't? Pour yourself a drink, Pompey.

    Pompey: You know I don't drink no drams, Mr. Tom.

    Tom Doniphon: I said take a drink.

    Pompey: No, sir. We got a mare in foal, and horses to feed and water. You come on home.

  • Barman: No music in this bar, no dancing please!

  • Barman: Did you say the world is coming to an end? Shouldn't we all lie on the floor or put paper bags over our heads?

    Ford: If you like.

    Barman: Will it help?

    Ford: Not at all.

    [Ford runs out of the pub]

    Barman: Last orders, please!

  • Terry Fields: Let me have a Three Musketeers, and a ball point pen, and one of those combs there, a pint of Old Harper, a couple of flash light batteries and some beef jerky.

    Barman: Okay, you got an I.D. for the liquor?

    Terry Fields: Oh, umm, yeah. Oh, nuts, I left it in the car.

    Barman: Sorry. You'll have to get it before...

    Terry Fields: Well, I... I also... I forgot the car.

    Debbie Dunham: Hey, did you get it? Did you get it? Did you get it? Did you get it? You got it! You got it!

  • Barman: Time, gents, please.

    Withnail: Alright, we're going to have to work quickly.

    [to barman]

    Withnail: A pair of quadruple whiskies and another pair of pints, please.

  • [subtitled version]

    [first lines]

    Torrente: Luisito!

    Barman: Torrente! What's it gonna be?

    Torrente: The usual.

  • [subtitled version]

    Torrente: [after drinking more than 8 glasses of whisky] Got the time?

    Barman: Midnight. One more?

    Torrente: No. I've just started my shift.

  • David: [has taken the mask off and is ordering drinks from a large barman at the club] Give me a Budweiser and a shot of tequila

    Barman: [avoiding eye contact with David] What kind of tequila?

    David: [trying to make eye contact] What did you say to me?

    Barman: [Still avoiding looking at David] I said, what kind of tequila?

    David: Why don't you ask me to my face, bitch?

    Barman: [finally makes eye contact]

    David: Patron, if you have it

    David: [later] Another shot, another Bud

    Barman: [pouring shot] This one's on the house

    David: Why?

    Barman: It just is

    [locks eyes with Daivd]

    Barman: bitch.

  • Hugh Drummond: What time is it?

    Barman: Half past eleven.

    Hugh Drummond: Bring me beer!

  • Barman: [at piano] The next song is called, In Prison You Pay With Your Asshole.


    Barman: You don't remember me, do you?

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