Barbossa Quotes in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003)


Barbossa Quotes:

  • Barbossa: How the blazes did you get off that island?

    Jack Sparrow: When you marooned me on that god forsaken spit of land, you forgot one very important thing, mate: I'm Captain Jack Sparrow.

  • Barbossa: For too long I've been parched of thirst and unable to quench it. Too long I've been starving to death and haven't died. I feel nothing. Not the wind on my face nor the spray of the sea. Nor the warmth of a woman's flesh.

    [steps into moonlight becoming a skeleton]

    Barbossa: You best start believing in ghost stories, Miss Turner... you're in one!

  • Elizabeth: Captain Barbossa , I am here to negotiate the cessation of hostilities against Port Royal .

    Barbossa: There are a lot of long words in there, Miss; we're naught but humble pirates. What is it that you want?

    Elizabeth: I want you to leave and never come back.

    Barbossa: I'm disinclined to acquiesce to your request. Means "no".

    Elizabeth: Very well. I'll drop it.

    [dangles medallion over the sea]

    Barbossa: Me holds are burstin' with swag. That bit of shine matters to us? Why?

    Elizabeth: It's what you've been searching for. I recognized the ship. I saw it eight years ago on the crossing from England .

    Barbossa: Did ya, now?

    Elizabeth: Fine. Well, I suppose if it is worthless then there's no point in me keeping it.

    [it drops a bit, the pirates lunge forward]

    Barbossa: No! Ah.


    Barbossa: You have a name, Missy?

    Elizabeth: Elizabeth... Turner. I'm a maid in the Governor's household.

    Barbossa: Miss Turner...?

    [turns to face the pirates]

    Pintel: Bootstrap.

    Barbossa: And how does a maid come to own a trinket such as that? Family heirloom, perhaps?

    Elizabeth: I didn't steal it, if that's what you mean.

    Barbossa: Very well, you hand it over and we'll put your town to our rudder and ne'er return.

    Elizabeth: [she hands it over] Our bargain?

    [Barbossa walks away from her]

    Bo'sun: Still the guns and stow 'em, Signal the men, set the flags and make good to clear port.

    Elizabeth: Wait! You have to take me to shore. According to the Code of the Order of the Brethren...

    Barbossa: First, your return to shore was not part of our negotiations nor our agreement so I must do nothing. And secondly, you must be a pirate for the pirate's code to apply and you're not. And thirdly, the code is more what you'd call "guidelines" than actual rules. Welcome aboard the Black Pearl, Miss Turner .

  • Barbossa: [talking to Will Turner] Who are you?

    Jack Sparrow: No one. He's no one. Distant cousin of my aunt's nephew twice removed. Lovely singing voice. Eunuch.

  • Will Turner: She goes free.

    [points pistol at Barbossa]

    Barbossa: What's in your head, boy?

    Will Turner: She goes free!

    Barbossa: You've only got one shot, and we can't die.

    Jack Sparrow: [whispered to Will] Don't do anything stupid.

    Will Turner: You can't. I can.

    [points gun at himself]

    Jack Sparrow: Like that.

    Barbossa: Who are you?

    Jack Sparrow: [to Barbossa] No one. He's no one. A distant cousin of my aunt's nephew twice removed. Lovely singing voice, though - eunuch.

    Will Turner: My name is Will Turner. My father was Bootstrap Bill Turner. His blood runs in my veins.

    Ragetti: He's the spitting image of ol' Bootstrap Bill come back to haunt us.

    Will Turner: On my word do as I say, or I'll pull this trigger and be lost to Davy Jones' Locker.

    Barbossa: Name your terms, Mr. Turner.

    Will Turner: Elizabeth goes free.

    Barbossa: Yes, we know that one. Anything else?

    Jack Sparrow: [points at himself] Me!

    Will Turner: And the crew - the crew are not to be harmed.

  • Barbossa: Ten years you carry that pistol and now you waste your shot.

    Will Turner: He didn't waste it.

  • Barbossa: So what now, Jack Sparrow? Are we to be two immortals locked in an epic battle until Judgment Day and trumpets sound?

    Jack Sparrow: Or you could surrender.

  • [duelling with Jack, Barbossa suddenly throws away his sword]

    Barbossa: You can't beat me, Jack!

    [In reply, Jack stabs him with his sword. Barbossa simply sighs, pulls the blade out of his body and stabs Jack with it. He smiles as Jack totters - but is shocked when a shaft of moonlight turns Jack into a cursed skeleton of his former self... ]

    Jack Sparrow: [examining his new form] That's interesting...

    Jack Sparrow: [to Barbossa, an Aztec coin dancing on his fingers] I couldn't resist, mate...

  • Will Turner: Barbossa, you lying bastard! You swore she'd go free!

    Barbossa: Don't dare impugn me honor, boy! I agreed she go free, but it was you who failed to specify when or where. Though it does seem a shame to lose somethin' so fine, don't it, lads?

    The Crew: Aye.

    Barbossa: So I'll be havin' that dress back before ye go.

    Jack Sparrow: I always liked you.

    Bo'sun: Grr...

    Elizabeth: Goes with your black heart.

    Barbossa: Ooh, it's still warm.

    The Crew: Off you go! Come on! Get on with it!

    Bo'sun: Too long!

    Jack Sparrow: I really rather hoped we were past all this.

    Barbossa: Jack... Jack! Did you not notice? That be the same island we made you the governor of on our last little trip.

    Jack Sparrow: I did notice.

    Barbossa: Perhaps you'll conjure up another miraculous escape, but I doubt it. Off you go.

    Jack Sparrow: The last time you left me a pistol with one shot.

    Barbossa: By the powers, you're right. Where be Jack's pistol? Bring it forward.

    Jack Sparrow: Seeing as there's two of us, a gentleman would give us a pair of pistols.

    Barbossa: It'll be one pistol as before, and you can be the gentleman and shoot the lady; and starve to death yourself.

  • Elizabeth: I hardly believe in ghost stories, Captain Barbossa.

    Barbossa: Aye. That's exactly what I thought when first told of the tale. Buried in the island of the dead that which cannot be found except by those who already knows where it is. Find it, we did. And there be the chest... and inside, be the gold. We took them all! Spent 'em, traded 'em and fritted 'em away, for drink and food and pleasurable company. But the more we gave them away, the more we came to realize. The drink would not satisfy, food turned to ash in our mouths, nor the company in the world would harm or slake our lust. We are cursed men, Miss Turner. Compelled by greed, we were. But now, we are consumed by it.

  • Barbossa: Why thank ye, Jack.

    Jack Sparrow: You're welcome.

    Barbossa: Oh, not you. We named the monkey Jack.

  • Barbossa: You're off the edge of the map, mate. Here there be monsters.

  • Will Turner: She goes free.

    Barbossa: What's in your head, boy?

    Will Turner: She goes free.

    Barbossa: You've only got one shot and we can't die.

    Jack Sparrow: Don't do anything stupid.

    Will Turner: You can't.

    [points gun at his own throat]

    Will Turner: I can.

    Jack Sparrow: Like that.

  • Barbossa: I want 50 per cent of ye plunder.

    Jack Sparrow: 15.

    Barbossa: 40.

    Jack Sparrow: 25.

    Barbossa: [considering]

    Jack Sparrow: And I'll buy you the hat. A really BIG one... Commodore.

  • [Barbossa leans in to slit Will's throat]

    Jack Sparrow: You don't want to be doing that, mate.

    Barbossa: No, I really think I do.

    Jack Sparrow: Your funeral.

  • Barbossa: I feel... cold.

  • [Barbossa pulls the bloody dagger from his chest]

    Barbossa: I'm curious. After killing me what is it you're planning on doing next?

  • Barbossa: You don't know what this is, do ye?

    Elizabeth: It's a pirate medallion...

    Barbossa: This is Aztec gold. One of 882 identical pieces they delivered in a stone chest to Cortez himself. Blood money paid to stem the slaughter he wreaked upon them with his armies. But the greed of Cortez was insatiable. So the heathen gods placed upon the gold a terrible curse. Any mortal that removes but a piece from that stone chest shall be punished for eternity.

  • Barbossa: There is one way we can end our curse. All the scattered pieces of the Aztec gold must be restored and the blood repaid. Thanks to ye, we have the final piece.

    Elizabeth: And the blood to be repaid?

    Barbossa: That's why there is no sense to be killing you... yet. Apple?

    [Elizabeth angrily knocks the apple out of Barbossa's hand and then takes a knife and stabs him in the chest, only for him to be unaffected; he pulls out the knife]

    Barbossa: I'm curious: after you kill me, what is it you plan on doing next?

  • Barbossa: So you expect to leave me standing on some beach with nothing but a name and your word it's the one I need and watch you sail away on my ship?

    Jack Sparrow: No. I expect to leave you standing on some beach with absolutely no name at all, watching me sail away on *my* ship, and then I'll shout the name back to you. Savvy?

    Barbossa: But that still leaves us with the problem of me standing on some beach with naught but a name and your word it's the one I need.

    Jack Sparrow: Of the two of us, I am the only one who hasn't committed mutiny, therefore my word is the one we'll be trusting. Although, I suppose I should be thanking you because in fact, if you hadn't betrayed me and left me to die, I would have an equal share in that curse same as you.

    [bites into an apple]

    Jack Sparrow: Funny ol' world, i'n'it?

    [offers him an apple]

  • Elizabeth: [after Barbossa has cut her hand slightly] That's it?

    Barbossa: Waste not...

  • Barbossa: Look! The moonlight shows us for what we really are. We are not among the living, so we cannot die, but neither are we dead.

  • Barbossa: It's not possible!

    Jack Sparrow: Not *probable*.

  • Barbossa: Gents, take a walk.

  • Barbossa: I suppose in exchange, you want me not to kill the whelp.

    Jack Sparrow: No, no, no. Not at all. By all means, kill the whelp.

  • Barbossa: We are cursed men, Miss Turner.

  • Barbossa: And I suppose in exchange you want me not to kill the whelp?

    Jack Sparrow: No, no, no, by all means kill the whelp. Just not yet. Wait for the opportune moment.

  • Barbossa: Do you not know what this is then?

    Elizabeth: It's a Pirate Medallion.

    Barbossa: It's a piece of treasure of Isla de Muerta.

    Barbossa: Ah, so you don't know as much as you pretend. Back when Cortes was cutting a great bloody swath through the New World, a high priest gave him all the gold they had, with one condition: that he spare the people's lives. Of course Cortes being Cortes, he didn't. He've made a great pirate, that one.

    Barbossa: So the priest, with his dying breath, called on the power of the blood of his people, and put on the gold a curse. If anyone took so much as a single piece, as he was compelled by greed, by greed he would be consumed.

    Barbossa: Within a day of leaving port for Spain, the treasure ship carrying the gold... something went wrong. The ship run aground, every man aboard dead, save one. He survived long enough to hide the gold ashore. Over time, the dark magic of the curse seeped into the place, making it a cursed island. An island of death. Isla de Muerta.

    Elizabeth: That's all very interesting, but I hardly believe in ghost stories any more.

    Barbossa: You idiot girl! It's no make believe! My crew and I, we found the gold, and we did more than take one piece, we took it all. Rich men we were and we spent it and traded it and gave it away in exchange for drink and food and pleasant company. But we found out: the drink could not state us, and the food turned to ashes in our mouths, and no amount of pleasant company could ease our torment. We are cursed men, Miss Turner, condemned, to be forever consumed by our own greed. Gold calls to UB, always, and we are driven, always to find more, and add it to the treasure.

    Barbossa: There is but one way to remove the curse. All of the scattered pieces of the treasure must be restored in full, and the blood repaid. We've recovered every piece, save for this. And as for the blood... that's what we have you for. And that's why there's no sense in killing you. Yet. Apple?

    Barbossa: I'm curious... after killing me, what is it you were planning to do next? Look! Look! The moonlight shows us for what we really are! We are not among the living and so we cannot die...

    Barbossa: but neither are we dead! We have all the desires of the living, but cannot satisfy them! Ten years I have been parched of thirst, and unable to quench it! Ten years, I have been starving to death... and haven't died!

    Barbossa: And I have not felt anything for ten years... Not the wind on my face, nor the spray of the sea... nor the flesh of a woman...

    Barbossa: You'd best start believing in ghost stories, Miss Turner. Because now you're in one.

  • Barbossa: [after Jack show up alive after leaving him on the island a second time] Its not possible

    Jack Sparrow: Not Probable

    Will Turner: Jack. Where's Elizabeth?

    Jack Sparrow: She's safe, just like I promised. She's all set to marry Norrington, just like she promised. And you get to die for it just like you promised.

    Jack Sparrow: [pauses and thinks] So we are all men of our word really. Except for Elizabeth who is in fact a woman.

  • Barbossa: Haul on the main brace, make ready the guns... and run out the sweeps.

  • Barbossa: Strike your colors, ya bloomin' cockroaches.

  • Elizabeth: I hardly believe in ghost stories, Captain Barbossa.

    Barbossa: Aye. That's exactly what I thought when we were first told of the tale. Buried in the island of the dead that which cannot be found except by those who already knows where it is. Find it, we did. And there be the chest... and inside, be the gold. We took them all! Spent 'em, traded 'em and fritted 'em away, for drink and food and pleasurable company. But the more we gave them away, the more we came to realize. The drink would not satisfy, food turned to ash in our mouths, nor the company in the world would harm or slake our lust. We are cursed men, Miss Turner. Compelled by greed, we were. But now, we are consumed by it.

  • Barbossa: [When the Interceptor drops its starboard anchor and starts turning sharply because of it] They're clubhaulin'!

  • Barbossa: Blast all to carcasses, men! Forward clear to the powder magazine! And the rest of you, bring me that medallion!

  • Barbossa: The Medallion! She's taken it! Get after her you feckless pack of ingrates!

  • Barbossa: Gents, you all remember Captain Jack Sparrow. Kill him.

    Jack Sparrow: The girl's blood didn't work, did it?

    Barbossa: [to the crew] Hold your fire!

    Barbossa: You know whose blood we need.

    Jack Sparrow: I know whose blood you need!

  • Will Turner: Jack!

    Barbossa: It's not possible.

    Jack Sparrow: Not Probable.

  • [Barbossa fiddles with his pegleg and and removes it]

    Jack Sparrow: Oh! A knife?

    Barbossa: Better!

    [Reveals his pegleg is a flask and takes a drink]

    Jack Sparrow: I want one of those.

  • Barbossa: [to Jack, about how he lost the battle against Blackbeard] Taken, not lost. We were off the coast of Hispanola when we came under attack. No provocation, nor warning or offer of parley. We were peppered with cannon fire. And then the sea beneath the Pearl began to roil. The Pearl was pitching and yawing so violently and every rail and spar all at once began to creak - the rigging had come to life! Our own ship turned against us. Tangling the crew, wrapping them like snakes... and wrapping around my leg! But my arms were free and my sword was still in my hand. I am the master of my ship, not Blackbeard. I am the master of my fate, not Blackbeard! So I did what needed done... I survived.

  • Barbossa: [to his crew] You can sleep when you're dead!

  • Barbossa: Don't touch the map.

    Jack Sparrow: Oh.

  • Barbossa: [at St. James Palace in London] Jack, our sands be all but run. Where's the harm in joining the winning sides?

    Jack Sparrow: I understand everything... except that wig.

  • Jack Sparrow: What has become of my Pearl?

    Barbossa: I lost the Pearl the same attack I lost my leg.

    [an enraged Jack has to be restrained by guards]

    Jack Sparrow: If that ship be sunk properly, then its Captain should be sunk with it!

  • Barbossa: [to his crew] Gentlemen, I will not ask more of any man than what that man can do. But I will ask this: are we not king's men?

  • Barbossa: Be we on the proper course, Gibbs?

    Gibbs: Aye, we be proper. There's your proof.

    [Barbossa sees Spanish ships, and prepares the ship for battle. Nothing happens, however]

    Gibbs: He never so much as turned his head.

    Barbossa: The Fountain is the prize... it appears we be not even worth the time to take to sink. And now we've fallen behind!

  • Barbossa: [stabs Blackbeard] For the Pearl!

  • Barbossa: Hands aloft and bear away! Stable ahead to White Cap Bay!

  • Barbossa: [ignoring the mermaids attacking the far away Providence] We travel by foot! Gibbs, I require a heading.

    Groves: Sir. The men!

    Barbossa: They be dead already.

    Groves: [scornfully] They don't sound dead.

    Barbossa: [cocks pistol at Groves] Oh, is that so? Well, I hear nothing but seagulls, nesting. What is it that you hear, Mr. Groves?

    Groves: [hesitantly] Seaguls... nesting. Nothing more.

    Barbossa: [turns away] Heading, Gibbs?

  • [Barbossa is giving orders and Jack repeats the order]

    Barbossa: What are you doin'?

    Jack Sparrow: What are *you* doin'?

    Barbossa: No, what *are* you doin'?

    Jack Sparrow: What are *you* doin'?

    Barbossa: *No!* What *are* you doin'?

    Jack Sparrow: What are *you* doin'? Captain gives orders on the ship.

    Barbossa: The captain of the ship *is* givin' orders.

    Jack Sparrow: My ship, makes me captain.

    Barbossa: They be my charts!

    Jack Sparrow: Well, that makes you


    Jack Sparrow: chartman.

    Pintel: Stow it! Both of you! That's an order! Understand?

    [Jack and Barbossa stare at him]

    Pintel: Sorry. I just thought with the Captain issue in doubt, I'd throw my name in for consideration, sorry.

    Ragetti: [to Pintel] I'd vote for you.

  • Barbossa: Dying is the day worth living for.

  • Barbossa: [Jack and Barbossa see the dead Kraken] Still thinkin' of running, Jack? Think you can outrun the world? You know the problem with being the last of anything, by and by there be none left at all.

    Jack Sparrow: Sometimes things come back mate. We're livin' proof, you and me.

    Barbossa: Aye, but that's a gamble of long odds, ain't it? There's never a guarantee of comin' back. But passin' on, that's dead certain.

    Jack Sparrow: Summoning the brethren court then, is it?

    Barbossa: It's our only hope, lad.

    Jack Sparrow: That's a sad commentary in and of itself.

    Barbossa: The world used to be a bigger place.

    Jack Sparrow: World's still the same. There's just less in it.

  • Will Turner: [during the final battle] Will you marry me?

    Elizabeth Swann: I don't think now's the best time!

    Will Turner: Now may be the only time! I love you. I've made my choice. What's yours?

    Elizabeth Swann: Barbossa! Marry us!

    Barbossa: [swordfighting] I'm a little busy at the moment!

  • Barbossa: There's not been a gatherin' like this in our lifetime.

    Jack Sparrow: And I owe them all money...

  • Will Turner: [during the final battle] Elizabeth Swann, do you take me to be your husband?

    Elizabeth Swann: I do.

    Will Turner: Great!

    [more fighting]

    Elizabeth Swann: Will Turner, do you take me to be your wife, in sickness and in health, with health being less likely?

    Will Turner: I do.

    [more fighting]

    Barbossa: As Captain, I now pronounce you...

    [interrupted by fighting]

    Barbossa: You may kiss...

    [more fighting]

    Barbossa: ...You may kiss...

    [more fighting]

    Barbossa: ...JUST KISS!

  • Jack Sparrow: Why should I sail with any of you? Four of you have tried to kill me in the past... one of you succeeded.

    [looks at Elizabeth; Will looks at her; she looks around, guiltily]

    Jack Sparrow: Oh, she's not told you. You'll have loads to talk about while you're here.

    Jack Sparrow: [to Tia Dalma] As for you...

    Tia Dalma: Now, don't tell me you didn't enjoy it at the time.

    Jack Sparrow: Fair enough. You're in.

    [begins going down the line of pirates on the beach]

    Jack Sparrow: [to Ragetti] Don't need you, you scare me. Gibbs, you can come. Marty, Cotton... Cotton's parrot, I'm a little iffy... At least I'll have someone to talk to.

    [to Tai Huang]

    Jack Sparrow: Who are you?

    Tai Huang: Tai Huang. These are my men.

    Jack Sparrow: Where does your allegiance lie?

    Tai Huang: With the highest bidder.

    Jack Sparrow: I have a ship.

    Tai Huang: That makes you the highest bidder.

    Jack Sparrow: Good man. Weigh anchor, all hands! Prepare to make sail!

    [takes out compass]

    Cotton's Parrot: Weigh anchor!

    Barbossa: [pats the charts in his hands] Jack... Which way ya goin', Jack?

  • Captain Jocard: Who is this traitor?

    Barbossa: Not likely one among us.

    Elizabeth Swann: Where's Will?

    Jack Sparrow: Not among us.

  • Captain Chevalle: There has not been a king since the first brethren court, and that is not likely to change!

    Captain Teague: Not likely.

    Elizabeth Swann: Why not?

    Gibbs: Because the pirate king is elected by popular vote...

    Barbossa: ...and each pirate only votes for himself

    Jack Sparrow: I call for a vote.

    [Barbossa rolls his eyes as Captain Teague starts playing the guitar]

    Captain Ammand: I vote for Ammand, the Corsair!

    Captain Chevalle: Captain Chevalle, the penniless Frenchman!

    Mistress Ching: Mistress Ching!

    Captain Jocard: Gentleman Jocard.

    Elizabeth Swann: Elizabeth Swann.

    Barbossa: Barbossa.

    Captain Vallenueva: Villanueva!

    [Captain Teague stops playing his guitar]

    Jack Sparrow: Elizabeth Swann.

    [the court begins to yell]

    Elizabeth Swann: What?

    Jack Sparrow: I know. Curious, isn't it?

  • Gibbs: Your carriage waits, my lady! The oars are inside.

    [Elizabeth bids her pirate friends farewell]

    Ragetti: 'Bye, poppet.

    Barbossa: MRS. Turner...

    Elizabeth Swann: Jack... it would never have worked between us.

    Jack Sparrow: Keep telling yourself that, darling.

    [Elizabeth steps forward to kiss Jack]

    Jack Sparrow: Once was quite enough!

    Elizabeth Swann: Thank you.

  • Barbossa: Dearly Beloved, we be gathered here today...

    [is set upon by a fish-person, who he kicks in the face]

    Barbossa: ... to nail yer gizzard to the mast, yer poxy cur!

  • Barbossa: You've always run away from a fight!

    Jack Sparrow: I have not!

    Barbossa: You have so!

    Jack Sparrow: Have not!

    Barbossa: Have so!

    Jack Sparrow: Have not!

    Barbossa: Have so!

    Jack Sparrow: Have not!

    Barbossa: You have so and you know it!

  • Jack SparrowWill TurnerElizabeth SwannBarbossaGibbs: FIRE!

  • Will Turner: Barbossa, a heading!

    Barbossa: Aye... we're good and lost now.

    Elizabeth Swann: Lost?

    Barbossa: For sure, you have to be lost to find a place that can't be found, elseways everyone would know where it was.

    Ragetti: We're gaining speed.

    Barbossa: Aye!

    Will Turner: To starboard stations! All hands to stations!

    Barbossa: Nay, belay that. Let her run straight and true!

    Ragetti: [staring] Blimey.

    [the rest of the crew follow his gaze, and see that they are headed towards a massive waterfall]

    Elizabeth Swann: [to Barbossa] You've doomed us all!

    Barbossa: Now don't be so unkind. You may not survive to pass this way again, and these be the last friendly words you'll hear.

  • Elizabeth Swann: I propose an exchange. Will leaves with us. And you can take Jack.

    Will Turner: Done.

    Jack Sparrow: Undone.

    Lord Cutler Beckett: Done.

    Barbossa: [to Elizabeth] Jack's one of the nine pirate lords. You have no right!

    Elizabeth Swann: [with defiance] King!

  • Barbossa: [while going down the Maelstrom] It be too late to alter course now, mateys!

  • Barbossa: [during parlay on sandbar, to Will] You be the cur that led these wolves to our door?

    Lord Cutler Beckett: Don't blame Turner, he was merely the tool of your betrayal. If you wish to see its grand architect, look to your left.

    Jack Sparrow: [Barbossa, Elizabeth, and Jack look left. Jack looks at Elizabeth] My hands are clean in this, figuratively.

    Will Turner: My actions were my own and to my own purpose. Jack had nothing to do with it.

    Jack Sparrow: Well spoke, listen to the tool!

  • Barbossa: [of releasing Calypso] It must be said as if speaking to a lover.

    [Pirates grin and nudge each other]

    Barbossa: [loud and commanding] Calypso! I release you from your human bonds!

    Pintel: [nothing happens] Is that it?

    Ragetti: You didn't say it right!

    [all the pirates stare at him]

    Ragetti: You have to say it right...

    [Ragetti leans into Calypso's ear]

    Ragetti: [whispers tenderly] Calypso... I release you from your human bonds.

    [Calypso is freed]

  • Barbossa: Better were the days when mastery of seas came not from bargains struck with eldritch creatures... but from the sweat of a man's brow and the strength of his back alone. You all know this to be true!

  • Barbossa: I trust you to know your place in front of Captain Sao Feng.

    Elizabeth Swann: Is he that terrifying?

    Barbossa: He's a lot like meself, but absent me merciful nature and sense of fair play.

  • [Sao Feng holds a knife near a frightened Asian man]

    Captain Sao Feng: Drop your weapons, or I kill the man!

    Barbossa: Kill him, he's not our man.

    Will Turner: Wait... if he's not with you... and he's not with us... then who is he with?

  • Gibbs: [Jack and Elizabeth climb back onto the Black Pearl] Thank goodness, Jack! The armada's still out there, the Endeavour is coming hard on starboard, and I think its time we embrace that oldest and noblest of pirate traditions.

    Jack Sparrow: [looks out towards the Endeavour] Never actually been one for tradition... Close haul her! Luff the sails and lay her in irons!

    Barbossa: Belay that, or we'll be a sittin' duck!

    Jack Sparrow: Belay that belay that!

    Jack Sparrow: [crew starts arguing with him] Belay! Belay! No! Stow! Shut it!

  • Barbossa: I find meself in need of a ship; and a crew.

    Captain Sao Feng: [pretending to think] Ah... you know, it is a strange coincidence...

    Elizabeth Swann: Because you happen to have a ship and a crew you don't need?

  • Barbossa: Strike up the colors.

  • Barbossa: Sao Feng, I assure you, I had no idea...

    Captain Sao Feng: THAT HE WOULD GET CAUGHT!

  • Elizabeth Swann: [the Pearl is heading towards the maelstrom] Captain Barbossa! We need you at the helm!

    Barbossa: [turns to her] Aye, that be true!

  • Tia Dalma: The Pearl's gone, along with its captain.

    Gibbs: And already the world seems a little less bright. He fooled us all, right to the end. But I guess that honest streak finally won out. To Jack Sparrow.

    Ragetti: Never another like Captain Jack.

    Pintel: He was a gentleman of fortune, he was.

    Elizabeth Swann: He was a good man.

    Will Turner: If there was anything could be done to bring him back...

    Tia Dalma: Would you do it? What would any of you do? Would you sail to the ends of the earth and back to fetch back witty Jack, and him precious Pearl?

    GibbsRagettiPintel: Aye!

    Elizabeth Swann: Yes.

    Tia Dalma: All right. But if you will brave the weird and haunted shores at world's end, then you will need a captain who knows those waters.

    Barbossa: [enters] So tell me, what's become of my ship?

  • [last lines]

    Tia Dalma: If you go and brave da weird and haunted shores at world's end, then you will need a captain who knows dose waters.

    Barbossa: [Boot steps approach] ... So, tell me, what's become of my ship?

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