Grapple Quotes in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003)


Grapple Quotes:

  • Grapple: Say goodbye.

    [a sign swings down and hits Grapple through a shop window]

    Will Turner: Goodbye.

  • Grapple: Never underrate the wily Pathan. What we're going on to now is the wily Pathan, followed the use of and handling of anti-gas carpet. The Pathan lives in India. India is a hot, strange country. It's full of wily Pathans and they're up to wily things, which is why I always wear spurs, even in cold weather. Now, my advice to you is always to keep your rifle strapped to a suitable portion of your body - your leg is good. Otherwise, you'll find the wily Pathan will strip himself mother-naked, grease himself all over - slippery as an eel - make off with your rifle, which is a crime. Any questions so far, or can we take gas?

    Goodbody: Sir, has the pathan gone over to Hitler, sir?

    Grapple: Grammar school boy?

    Goodbody: Sir.

    Grapple: No, he has not. Too wily for that, the wily Pathan, you'll find.

    Goodbody: Then shall we be fighting him in this war, sir?

    Grapple: Of course we will, boy! The British Army has always fought the wily Pathan. Stripped mother-naked, under the tent brailings like a snake, he is.

    Goodbody: Why?

    Grapple: [increasingly annoyed] Why, what? Why, what? We want to get on to gas. May save your life one day, gas.

    Goodbody: Er, why has the British Army always fought the wily Pathan, sir?

    Grapple: [very incensed] Because he's just like you are, a damn wily troublemaker! What's your name in full? How did you get into an O.C.T.U. without knowing your history?


    Grapple: God help your men. They'll be torn apart by the wily Pathan.

  • Grapple: That's the way to beat the Hun - dig in, then break through with sword and lance.

    [slight pause]

    Grapple: I think.

  • Grapple: [standing atop a desert fortification] Fourth Muskets, aren't you?

    Goodbody: [on the ground] Sir.

    Grapple: Been expecting you. I'm your link to Army. Blue, white, and two reds.

    Goodbody: I'm green, green, green, sir.

    Grapple: Oh ho ho ho, I know you are.

  • Gripweed: Mind you, I'm working class.

    Grapple: Oh. I had a grandfather who was working class. Until he sold it.

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