Amanda Lemmon Quotes in It Takes Two (1995)


Amanda Lemmon Quotes:

  • Diane Barrows: Besides, you don't want to be an orphan forever.

    Amanda Lemmon: So adopt me, why don't you!

    Diane Barrows: They won't let me adopt you on my salary; besides, you deserve a mother *and* a father.

    Amanda Lemmon: So, get a husband.

    Diane Barrows: It's not like buying a car, you know.

    Amanda Lemmon: I know. It's got to be that can't-eat, can't-sleep, reach-for-the-stars, over-the-fence, World Series kind of stuff, right?

    Diane Barrows: Hey, a girl's got to have her standards.

  • Amanda Lemmon: All this money and these people eat slugs?

  • Frankie: Whoa! Check it out! Buckingham Palace!

    Amanda Lemmon: [in a know-it-all tone] That's in London, brainless. It's the Calloway House.

    Kid 2: Nobody's lived there for years. It's haunted.

    Amanda Lemmon: It's not, either!

    Kid 3: Ask anyone. Every full moon, Old Lady Calloway's ghost crosses the lake and eats one of the campers.

    Amanda Lemmon: Yeah, right, and Santa Claus lives with the tooth fairy in Queens.

  • Amanda Lemmon: This orphan stuff is like growing up in the dog-pound. Everybody wants a puppy.

  • Alyssa Calloway: How was the party?

    Amanda Lemmon: Well, the good news is, Clarice is gone.

    Alyssa Calloway: You did it!

    Amanda Lemmon: The bad news is, she'll be back in a week.

    Alyssa Calloway: Oh, you didn't.

  • Vincenzo: My god - you're *not* Alyssa!

    Amanda Lemmon: Nope. Name's Amanda, put 'er there!

    [shakes Vincenzo's hand]

    Vincenzo: Identical strangers? Holy mackerel, that's amazing!

    Amanda Lemmon: Yeah, and it's weird, too!

  • Diane Barrows: Told ya. Third time's a charm...

    Roger Callaway: Wait. All of this? This was *your* doing?

    [Amanda and Alyssa smile]

    Roger Callaway: Oh, it *was*, was it?

    Roger Callaway: Well, girls, what do you have to say for yourselves?

    Alyssa CallowayAmanda Lemmon: So kiss already!

  • Clarice Kensington: If you embarrass me in front of me in front of all these people, I'll make sure you never play anything, ever, again. Have I made myself clear?

    Amanda Lemmon: [as Alyssa] Clear as glass.

    [Drops her chewed escargot in Clarice's champagne glass]

    Amanda Lemmon: In fact, I can see right through you.

  • Diane Barrows: You're not a reject. It's just that, most people want to adopt...

    Amanda Lemmon: Babies. I know.

  • Amanda Lemmon: [as Alyssa] I'm just so terribly relieved that you're not... pissed.

    Vincenzo: Pissed, miss?

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