Clarice Kensington Quotes in It Takes Two (1995)


Clarice Kensington Quotes:

  • Clarice Kensington: I have never been more humiliated in my life!

    [turns to walk off and huffs]

    Alyssa Calloway: Wanna bet?

    [she steps on Clarice's wedding dress so that everyone can see her underpants]

  • Clarice Kensington: This - is all YOUR fault!

    [she raises her arm to hit Amanda, who poses as Alyssa, but Vincenzo furiously grabs her arm and stops her; Clarice turns to him]

    Vincenzo: Lady, if you touch that child, I'll pop you one, so help me God!

  • Clarice Kensington: "Rough" is a broken nail, darling, what I'm having is a *train wreck*!

  • Mr. Kensington: [entering the bridal dressing room with a Prozac] I knew somebody in this church would have a Prozac.

    Clarice Kensington: [snatching the Prozac, impatiently] What is taking so long?

    [gulps the Prozac down]

    Mr. Kensington: [soothingly] Relax, Clary. Enjoy the moment. This is the happiest day of your life.

    Clarice Kensington: [quietly at first, then temperamentally] I'm happy. Don't I look happy? This is me happy! See!

    [chuckles, then chants]

    Clarice Kensington: Happy-happy-happy-happy-happy-happy-happy!


    Clarice Kensington: Let's get this show on the road!

  • Clarice Kensington: If you embarrass me in front of me in front of all these people, I'll make sure you never play anything, ever, again. Have I made myself clear?

    Amanda Lemmon: [as Alyssa] Clear as glass.

    [Drops her chewed escargot in Clarice's champagne glass]

    Amanda Lemmon: In fact, I can see right through you.

  • Clarice Kensington: Where the hell is everybody? Vincenzo!

    Vincenzo: [to Amanda] I sure hope you've got a plan.

  • Mr. Kensington: [as he as Clarice take their first few steps down the aisle] Who would have thought my first little girl would be the last to get married?

    Clarice Kensington: [chuckles, then exasperated] Aw, Daddy... shut up!

    [short huff]

    Clarice Kensington: Enough of this.

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