Vincenzo Quotes in It Takes Two (1995)


Vincenzo Quotes:

  • Roger Callaway: [Amanda, as Alyssa, bangs a tune on the piano] Do you think maybe my daughter's asking for a little attention?

    Vincenzo: I'd say she's demanding it.

    Roger Callaway: [as Amanda bangs the final notes] Hmm.

  • Vincenzo: My god - you're *not* Alyssa!

    Amanda Lemmon: Nope. Name's Amanda, put 'er there!

    [shakes Vincenzo's hand]

    Vincenzo: Identical strangers? Holy mackerel, that's amazing!

    Amanda Lemmon: Yeah, and it's weird, too!

  • Clarice Kensington: This - is all YOUR fault!

    [she raises her arm to hit Amanda, who poses as Alyssa, but Vincenzo furiously grabs her arm and stops her; Clarice turns to him]

    Vincenzo: Lady, if you touch that child, I'll pop you one, so help me God!

  • Diane Barrows: [surprised that Amanda and Alyssa are identical] This is amazing.

    Vincenzo: Yeah. And it's weird, too. Now, I understand that through some, uh, some simple mix-up, that Alyssa is in a care of child's services. Now, I've been authorized to tell you, that if I get her back right away, there'll be no legal entanglements.

    Diane Barrows: Um, you see, she's not exactly with me, here.

    Vincenzo: What?

    Diane Barrows: She's been... Well, she was adopted.

    Vincenzo: Well, then you'd better unadopt her, quick! Mr. Callaway's gettin' married in 90 minutes at St. Bartholomew's! He's expecting his daughter to be there, his *real* daughter.

    Diane Barrows: *90 minutes*?

    Vincenzo: Yeah.

    Diane Barrows: Well, I can't even get to Staten Island and back in 90 minutes!

    Vincenzo: Well, may I suggest that you go really, *really* fast?

    [he writes down a number]

    Vincenzo: Here. If you get into any trouble, call this number.

    [he hands it to Diane]

    Vincenzo: Ask for Lou!

    [he leaves, and Diane looks at the number]

    Diane Barrows: Lou. Lou Who?

  • Roger Callaway: Vincenzo, did you ever hit a home run?

    Vincenzo: Not recently.

    Roger Callaway: You know the feeling when it's the bottom of the ninth, the bases are loaded, and you know the next one's coming right down the middle. And then, you just connect... and for an instant, you know that it's going over the fence and out of the park... and further than you could ever imagine.

    Vincenzo: Yeah, that's a great feeling.

    Roger Callaway: Yeah.

    [pauses, closes wedding ring box]

    Roger Callaway: Clarice hates baseball.

  • Clarice Kensington: Where the hell is everybody? Vincenzo!

    Vincenzo: [to Amanda] I sure hope you've got a plan.

  • Amanda Lemmon: [as Alyssa] I'm just so terribly relieved that you're not... pissed.

    Vincenzo: Pissed, miss?

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