Sophie Quotes in Hanna (2011)


Sophie Quotes:

  • Sebastian: So Hanna, is your mum and Dad still together?

    Hanna: My mother is dead.

    Sophie: [to Sebastian] Nice one, Dad.

    Sebastian: I'm sorry to hear that. I lost my mum when I was very young, so...

    Hanna: It's all right. It happened a long time ago.

    Rachel: Hanna, what did your mum die of?

    Hanna: Three bullets.

    [Sebastian chokes on his wine]

  • Hanna: Can we still be friends?

    Sophie: I don't know. I mean, I don't really know who you are, do I?

    Hanna: That's just it. Neither do I.

  • Sophie: If we're going to be friends, you're going to have to be honest with me. Them's the rules.

    Hanna: Are we friends?

    Sophie: Yes. I like you.

    Hanna: I'd like to have a friend.

    Sophie: I mean, you're a freak and everything, but I like you.

  • Sophie: Mum is against plastic surgery.

    Rachel: I am.

    Sophie: Mum doesn't even wear makeup.

    Rachel: I don't. I think it's dishonest. This is my face, take it or leave it. If you study history of art or anthropology...

    Sebastian: [interjecting] Rachel got a first at Cambridge.

    Rachel: [continuing] ... you learn that red lipstick mimics arousal and suggests the geography of the labia minora.

    Sophie: [interrupting] Puke!

    Rachel: [continuing] Whereas I have a lot of natural red pigment in my lips, so I really don't need it.

    Sophie: Vomitorium!

  • Sophie: [about Hanna's Moroccan cloak] You can't wear those, you look like some mad German.

  • Sophie: Martha, at some point you're just going to have to start recognizing these red flags.

    Martha McKay: Why? Do you think he's evil?


    Martha McKay: What if he is? You know when I was little, I had this fantasy that I was dating Lex Luthor.

    Sophie: From Superman? Wasn't he, like, a genius? Your guy's more like a sexy Rainman or something.

  • Ben Pease: You should feel flattered, missy. Not everyone gets offered to the gods.

    Sophie: Just the women.

  • Sophie: Why did you take me?

    The BFG: Because I hears your lonely heart, in all the secret whisperings of the world.

  • [from trailer]

    Sophie: Never get out of the bed. Never go to the window. Never look behind the curtain.

    [Sophie does so, and spots a giant. She rushes back to bed, but the giant comes for her... ]

    Sophie: And that is where our story begins...

  • [from trailer]

    Sophie: It was the Witching Hour, when the Boogeyman comes out... when people go missing. The girls say the Witching Hour arrives at midnight. I think it comes at three in the morning, when I'm the only one awake. Like always. Like now.

    [hears a noise]

  • Sophie: What's in those jars?

    The BFG: Dreams.

    Sophie: Dreams aren't things!

    The BFG: Is that right?

  • Sophie: Why are you giving me a dream?

  • Sophie: Where am I?

    The BFG: Giant Country!

  • Sophie: Dreams are so quick!

    The BFG: Yeah, on the outside. They's long on the inside.

  • Sophie: It's a perfect ending.

    Dowager Empress Marie: No. It's a perfect beginning.

  • Dimitri: [after the Russian ballet] Please inform Her Majesty, the Dowager Empress, that I have found her granddaughter, the Grand Duchess Anastasia. She's waiting to see her just outside the door.

    Sophie: I'm very sorry, young man, but the Dowager Empress, she will see no one.

    Dowager Empress Marie: You may tell that impertinent young man that I have seen enough Grand Duchess Anastasias to last me a lifetime.

    Sophie: You'd better go.

    Dimitri: Please, let me just...

    Dowager Empress Marie: [interrupting] Now if you'll excuse me, I wish to live out the remainder of my lonely life in peace.

  • Sophie: [sung] Welcome, my friends, to Paris/Here have a flower on me/Forget where your from,/You're in France! Children, come!/I'll show you that French "joie de vivre"!

  • Sophie: Keep your paws off me, Fish Face!

  • Slim: Look out for this Fish Face, he's no sucker! If he pulls anything or gets you in a jam, you gotta out smart him. Make love to him! Let him think you're crazy about him. He'll be easy for you after that.

    Sophie: I gotcha.

  • Fish Face: Oh, I'm crazy about you lovely.

    Sophie: And I'm nuts over you white man!

  • Sophie: Where's he going?

    Shushan: Well, Him - what we call in hebrew "Obsessivi". You know "Obsessivi"?

  • Sophie: I don't care if you slept with hundreds of men. You're my mom, and I love you so much.

    Donna: [hugging her] Oh, Soph!

    Donna: [to the congregation] And I haven't slept with *hundreds* of men.

  • Sophie: [reading Donna's diary] "We danced on the beach, and we kissed on the beach, and... dot, dot, dot."

  • Sam Carmichael: Am I getting this right? Sophie may be mine, but she may be Bill's or Harry's?

    Donna: Yeah. Yes! That's right. And don't get all self-righteous with me, because you have no one but yourself to blame!

    Sophie: Yeah, if you hadn't just dumped my mother and gone off and married somebody else...

    Sam Carmichael: Hey, hey, wait a minute. I had to go home. I was engaged. But I told Lorraine I couldn't marry her and I came right back!

    Donna: You... you... Why didn't you call me?

    Sam Carmichael: Because I was crazy enough to think that you would be waiting for me. Only when I arrived, they told me you were off with some other guy. So... Lorraine called me an idiot and married me to prove it.

  • Donna: [at the wedding ceremony] And welcome to... to... Sophie's dad. I have to tell you, he is here.

    Sophie: I know. I invited him.

    Donna: You couldn't have. I don't know which one it is.

  • Sophie: You took... Mom's guitar!

    Harry Bright: No, I borrowed it. Look... Now, where is it? "D.S." - Donna Sheridan, and, er, "H.B." - Head-Banger.

    Sam CarmichaelBill: [both] "Head-Banger"?

    Harry Bright: I bought her this. It cost me ten quid, plus my Johnny Rotten T-shirt. Your mother knew quite a rebel.

  • Sophie: I want the perfect wedding, and I want my father to give me away.

    Ali: Better be a wide aisle!

  • Sophie: God, I love Sky and I want to be with him and I... I don't want my children growing up, not knowing who their father is, because it's just, it's crap!

  • Sophie: I'm so glad you're here because... I have a secret, and I can't tell anybody else.

    Ali: Sophie! You're knocked up?

    Sophie: No! no! no! Um... I've invited my dad to my wedding.

    Lisa: You are joking!

    Ali: You found him at last?

    Sophie: No! No, no, no, no, no. Not exactly.

  • [Bill has just realized that he might be Sophie's father]

    Sophie: You know what comes next?

    Bill: Well, you're not going to tell me that you have a twin sister, are you?

  • Sam Carmichael: I've done the big white wedding, and believe me, it doesn't always end in "happy ever after".

    Sophie: That is you, that's not me! Okay? I love Sky more than anything in the world, and I... Arrgh! Did you feel that way before you got married?

    Sam Carmichael: [thinks about that] No.

  • Sophie: Do you think I'm letting you down?

    Donna: Why would you even think that?

    Sophie: Oh, because... of what you've done. I mean, the Dynamos, raising a kid... and running a business, all on your own.

    Donna: Well, honey - I didn't have a choice. I couldn't go home. You know? When I got pregnant, my mother told me not to bother coming back. And I wouldn't have had it any other way. My God, look at what *we've* had.

  • Donna: Ohh, look at my baby, her whole life ahead of her!

    Sophie: Oh *please*, I'm getting married, I'm not joining a convent!

  • Sky: [talking about Sam, Bill, and Harry] You invited these guys and you didn't tell me?

    Sophie: No, I thought you would... try to stop me. I *know* I messed up...

    Sky: Sophie... is that what this whole big white wedding is about? You finding your dad?

    Sophie: No, no!

    Sky: I wanted to take a boat to the mainland with a couple of witnesses, and you *insisted* on this sodding circus so you could play happy families.

    Sophie: It's about knowing who I am and... and I wanted to get married knowing who I am!

    Sky: That doesn't come from finding your father. That comes from finding yourself, and... The irony is, I was travelling to find *myself*, and... I put everything on hold, for you. Because I loved you, and I wanted what you wanted. Now I don't know.

    Sophie: You don't know if you love me.

    Sky: Of course I *love* you. I just wish you'd told me!

  • Johnny: Have you ever thought, right, but you don't know, but you may have already lived the happiest day in your whole fuckin' life and all you have left to look forward to is fuckin' sickness and purgatory?

    Sophie: Oh, shit. I just live from day to day.

    Johnny: I tend to skip a day now and again, if you know what I mean.

  • Louise: Well, I don't know if I want to get married, but I wouldn't say no to a proper relationship.

    Sophie: What is a proper relationship?

    Louise: Living with someone who talks to you after they've boinked you.

  • Johnny: You know what frightens me about the human body?

    Sophie: What?

    Johnny: Well, it's like the, er, most sophisticated mechanism in the entire universe, and yet it's so fuckin' quiet, isn't it? Know what I mean?

    Sophie: Dunno. Mine makes enough noise.

    Johnny: It's like this, er, wet, pink factory. What the fuck are they makin' in there? I mean, what's the product? You never see no delivery trucks comin' and goin', do you?

  • Jeremy: Hope I haven't given you AIDS, Sophie.

    Louise: Jesus Christ.

    Sophie: Are you serious?

    Jeremy: I was merely jesting.

    Louise: Very funny.

    Jeremy: I think AIDS is rather healthy in its way.

    Louise: You what?

    Jeremy: I realise that's not the fashionable thing to say, of course.

    Louise: No, it's not.

    Jeremy: But the world is over crowded, isn't it? It does need a little pruning.

    Sophie: You fuckin' better be joking?

  • Louise: Sometimes I wish I was back in Manchester.

    Sophie: What for?

    Louise: People talk to you.

    Sophie: I talk to you.

    Louise: Yeah, but you talk a pile of shit.

  • Johnny: [indicating a poster of the skeletal system] What's all this about?

    Sophie: Oh, yeah, that's Sandra, that is.

    Johnny: [addressing the poster] Hello, Sandra.

  • Sophie: You shouldn't stick anything up your cunt that you can't put in your mouth.

  • Jeremy: Was your tattoo painful?

    Sophie: Yeah.

    Jeremy: Good.

  • Jeremy: You're very beautiful, aren't you?

    Sophie: Am I?

    Jeremy: In a quirky sort of way.

  • Sophie: I don't know what they want from you half the time. What they start off liking you for, they end up hating you for. Don't like you if you're strong. Don't like you if you're weak. Hate you if you're clever, hate you if you're stupid. They don't know what they want.

  • Johnny: [indicating a boomerang] I see your boomerang came back, then, love.

    Sophie: It's not my fucking boomerang.

  • Sophie: Daddy, she has more marshmallows than I do.

    Graham: No she doesn't, you each have five.

    [to Amanda]

    Graham: You have five too.

    Amanda: Thanks

  • Olivia: We never have grownups here that are girls.

    Sophie: I know.

    Olivia: I really like it.

    Sophie: Me too.

  • Amanda: Who cut out all of those beautiful stars?

    Sophie: We did.

    Olivia: The three musketeers.

  • Sophie: [drily] I'm sorry, I didn't know love had an expiration date.

  • Sophie: I didn't go to him, Juliet. I didn't go to Lorenzo. His eyes were so full of trust I promised I'd meet him and run away together because my parents don't approve. But, instead, I left him waiting for me below our tree - waiting and wondering where I was. I'm in Veronoa now. I return to London in the morning and I am so afraid. Please, Juliet tell me what I should do. My heart is breaking and I have no one else to turn to. Love, Claire

  • [last lines]

    Sophie: Are you okay?

    Charlie: Please tell me no one saw that.

    Sophie: Nobody saw it.

    Charlie: Good. That's good.

    Sophie: Can you move?

    Charlie: Only my lips.

  • Charlie: Patricia is my cousin!

    Sophie: How is that legal?

  • Sophie: "Happy"? Did your grandson say "Happy"?

  • Sophie: [checking to see if he's unhurt] Can you move?

    Charlie: Only my lips.

    [they kiss]

  • Sophie: That's so romantic.

    Charlie: What's so romantic about eating in the dirt?

  • Sophie: I think it's a story worth telling.

  • Sophie: Doubt thou the stars are fire,

    Sophie: Doubt that the sun doth move,

    Charlie: Doubt truth to be a liar,

    Charlie: But never doubt I love.

  • Sophie: So no "Lake Garda" today?

    Victor: Well, "Lake Garda"'s been there for five hundred thousand years.

  • [C.D. drops from a tree in front of the ladies]

    C.D. Bales: Where am I?

    Nina: You're in Nelson.

    C.D. Bales: Nelson? Why, I'm home. They brought me home!

    [waves to sky]

    C.D. Bales: Bye! What day is it?

    Nina: Friday. "Dallas" is on.

    C.D. Bales: Friday? Then it took no time! It didn't exist in time!

    Dottie: What?

    C.D. Bales: The spacecraft! I was walking along, and a spacecraft landed right in front of me.

    Lydia: I read about this in the Enquirer. Did it have lights on it?

    C.D. Bales: Lights? You never saw so many lights! It was like Broadway! Then this door opened. A creature came out, had big suckers on his palms! He walked like this:

    [makes pucker sounds]

    C.D. Bales: Then he took his palms, put them right on my face. Took me over to Roxanne's house, because they wanted to observe me.

    Dottie: At Roxanne's house?

    C.D. Bales: That's where they are right now!

    Dottie: Ah, this is bullshit. We'll miss "Dallas", come on, girls, let's go.

    C.D. Bales: You think I'm nuts, don't you? They wanted to ask me about older women.

    Nina: Why?

    C.D. Bales: Because they wanted to have sex with them.

    Sophie: Where?

    C.D. Bales: Here! Right here in Nelson. They wanted to start a colony of supermen who would have sex with older women because they said, and I quote, "they really know what they're doing."

    Lydia: We do!

    Sophie: It's been so long!

    Dottie: Oh, girls, girls! Do you actually believe that there are creatures from outer space who want to have sex with older women?


    Dottie: Let's go and check it out!

  • C.D. Bales: I've got a two o'clock, and a five o'clock, and the women are just lined up around the block, mostly because of the old saying.

    Dixie: What old saying?

    C.D. Bales: You know, about the size of a man's nose relating to the size of his...

    Dixie: Of his what?

    C.D. Bales: Oh, you know.

    Dixie: Come on.

    C.D. Bales: Hey, Sophie?

    Sophie: [turns around at the next table] Yeah?

    C.D. Bales: You know that old saying about a man's nose?

    Sophie: Oh, you mean how a man's nose relates to the size of his...

    [she stops as all the old ladies at the table gasp; they burst into excited chatter]

    Sophie: Oh, my God...

    C.D. Bales: I love doing that to them.

  • Stanley: I can't forgive you, only God can forgive you.

    Sophie: But you said there is no God.

    Stanley: Precisely my point.

  • Stanley: [sees Sophie reading on a swing] Taken to reading the great books?

    Sophie: Yes.

    [Stanley says nothing]

    Sophie: Well, you once said not to despair. There's hope for my brain.

    Stanley: Perhaps I was a bit caustic... But you will admit you were guilty of some rather sleazy doings.

    Sophie: Yes, well, those days are over. I no longer have to worry about where to sleep and how to eat.

    Stanley: I take it Brice Catledge has made a serious marriage proposal?

    Sophie: Yes. A very tempting one. Wouldn't you agree?

    Stanley: Yes, I suppose so. But I'm here to make you a more tempting one.

    Sophie: More tempting than this?

    [shows ring with big rock]

    Stanley: I came to say, that for some inexplicable reason that defines common sense and human understanding, that I have of late experienced some small... quite small, but discernible, inner stirrings regarding your smile.

    Sophie: How magnanimous of you.

    Stanley: Yes, I thought you'd think so.

    [Sophie rolls her eyes]

    Stanley: And possessing a soul which is large and capable of complexity, as all great minds are, I have decided to forgive you and take you under my wing.

    Sophie: Your wing?

    Stanley: It's a saying. Obviously, I don't have wings. I only mean that, incredible as it sounds, and this is no small gesture, given the time wasted and the public embarrassment you've caused me, that I'm willing to take you back.

    Sophie: Take me back where?

    Stanley: Under the moon in the observatory.

    Sophie: ...I regretted what I was doing; I was too inept to change course, and I apologise. Really. And I accept your forgiveness. I understand that it's very generous of you, and I have to be going.

    Stanley: Going? I haven't said what I came for.

    Sophie: Well, then just say it, and go, because I have a dinner to go to with my fiancé.

    Stanley: ...I'm here to say... that in spite of everything, I am willing to consider marrying you.

    Sophie: What?

    Stanley: Naturally, you can't believe your good fortune, I appreciate that.

    Sophie: Stanley, brilliant as you are with a deck of cards, you are *terrible* at proposing.

    Stanley: ...I've never proposed before.

  • Sophie: I'm sure Mr. Taplinger doesn't believe in the unseen world.

    Sophie: On the contrary, I always thought the unseen world was a good place to open a restaurant.

    Mrs. Baker: Um, time to go, Sophie.

    Stanley: The spirits have to eat somewhere.

  • Sophie: You never thought about me as a female?

    Stanley: Well, I was always certain you were not of my sex, if that's what you're asking.

  • Sophie: But when you went on to show me how *irrational* it was, and-and then you *proved* it, with geometrical *logic*...

    Stanley: No, geometry was never my strong subject.

  • Sophie: The only people who can afford to be artists in New York are rich.

  • Sophie: It's just this apartment is very... aware of itself.

  • Sophie: [about Patch] He's a nice guy... for today.

  • Frances: I put my ring on my thumb and I'm having trouble getting it off.

    Sophie: Hold your hand above your head. I'll drain the blood out.

    Frances: I look like I'm asking a *question*.

  • Frances: I love you Sophie, even if you love your phone that has e-mail more than you love me.

    Sophie: My phone that has e-mail doesn't leave a casserole dish in the sink for three days.

  • Frances: But your blog looks so happy.

    Sophie: I don't think my *mom* would read it if it were about depression.

    Frances: My mom would.

    [Sophie chuckles]

  • Sophie: Where is the roof?

    Mambrú: Out there somewhere. They blew it off from right there, you see? They leave an open tank of butane... they light a fuse... close the windows, shut the door. Half an hour later... pfft! The roof is gone.

    Sophie: Who?

    Mambrú: Neighbors, probably. But before the war, if you were a Muslim and your husband a Serb... or the other way around, well, it was no big deal. Then the war starts... the lines are drawn. And now it's too dangerous to stay here. So you leave the kids with the grandparents... and you go to the other side... where it's safer. But while you're away... the neighbors blow up your house so you won't come back after the war. But it could be worse.

    Sophie: What could be worse?

    [starting to sit down]

    Mambrú: Putting a mine in the sofa in case you do come back.

  • Hassan: [Injured and bleeding] I just got stung by a lousy mosquito. These neighborhoods are dangerous. Lagos is safer. What's your name?

    Sophie: Sophie.

    Hassan: I'd give you my card but I have none left. Too bad! Sophie, fancy a cup of coffee? Go on! Can I massage your feet?

    Sophie: Why would I let you?

    Hassan: Because they hurt.

    Sophie: They do?

    Hassan: You were running in my dreams all night... Please have coffee with me.

  • Sophie: My Father said you had a weak handshake, which is a sign of indecision.

    Walt Berkman: His hands are so huge. I couldn't get a good grip.

  • Sophie: Yeah. I mean, it's gross when he turns into the bug, but I love how matter of fact everything is.

    Walt Berkman: Yeah, it's very Kafkaesque.

    Sophie: [She looks at him oddly. She laughs] Cause it's written by Franz Kafka.

    Walt Berkman: Right. I mean, clearly.

  • Sophie: [to Bob] Oh, hi there. How did you get caught in their net?

    Wally Jatczak: Sophie, his wife is dead.

    Sophie: Oh! Welcome.

  • Juliette: You okay?

    Sophie: No, I'm not ok... I haven't fucked in 3 days; my pussy is tingly.

  • David: Just as a point of interest, what made you think I'd be a good match for a boy who spends most of his time in a box?

    Sophie: He thinks he's from another planet.

  • Sophie: Mommy, I'm very hungry!

    L'hôtesse à la réception mondaine: Sophie, it's impolite to use those words at the table!

  • Sophie: as Paw Paw: "After a long time, a long , long time, I give up. Not waiting anymore. As it turns out, living is just the beginning, and so the beginning is over. I'm cat of nobody. I'm not even cat. I'm not even I. It's warm. It's light. It goes on and on and on and on..."

  • Sophie: As Paw Paw: They came back, and they petted me, and I accidentally made the sound that means, I am cat, which is belonging to you. And upon making the sound, I felt it to be true. It was a warm type of feeling that would have been unwise to have outside at night, but it suddenly seemed that I would not be outside at night ever again.

  • Sophie: As Paw Paw: How long was thirty days? It was turning out to be a little bit longer than say, for example, the day after tomorrow. Outside there was no time, no hours. Just alive, or not alive, or... bird. Now there was this new thing. Waiting, waiting for them to come get me. Waiting for my real life to begin. I learned to count the seconds. Now, now, now...

  • Sophie: As Paw Paw: In the moment before it happened, I kept thinking, "But I'm theirs. I belong to them. "And then it happened. I died. Really. But even dead, I stayed in my cage, because I just couldn't believe it. I wasn't done waiting for them. Just let me wait forever, knowing they will one day come.

  • Sophie: As Paw Paw: Everything would be perfect there, like a dream, but not a dream, because I would never wake up, and soon I would not even be able to remember my old life.

  • [First lines]

    Sophie: As Paw Paw: Have you ever been outside? I mean not temporarily. I mean born outside, never been inside, never been petted, not even once. Yes? Then you know about the darkness that is not appropriate to talk about. I had a bloody paw when they found me and carried me in a towel to the cageatorium. It was not cool there, but they said, "We'll come back for you, Paw Paw." "Paw Paw"... that's what they called me.

  • Sophie: As Paw Paw: Dear persons, I am writing this to you, a letter with no pencil, so I hope that you are able to read it. By day, I know I am yours, but when night comes, I am alone and always have been and always will be wild, so it is only the sun that returns the wonderful feeling of being pet again. Please come soon. Nights are getting longer. Yours, Paw Paw.

  • [Jason moves]

    Sophie: You get me some water?

    Jason: I'm not getting up. I'm just shifting my position.

  • Jason: How would you turn the faucet on?

    Sophie: Just... with my mind.

    Jason: Such a shame that the only thing you can do with your mind is something that you could just do with your hand.

  • Sophie: We'll be forty in five years.

    Jason: Uh. Forty is basically fifty and then after fifty, the rest is just... loose change.

    Sophie: Loose change?

    Jason: Like... not quite enough to get anything you really want.

  • Sophie: I have never said anything derogatory about your penis.

  • Sophie: [Discussing Jack] You didn't write that he was empty. You just said that he was broken. I mean, isn't there a difference?

  • Horst: You're Sophie, aren't you? You spent some time here as a patient, didn't you? Didn't you lose a daugter?

    Sophie: Yeah. Eight years ago.

    Horst: I'd just moved here.

    Sophie: Yeah. Your English was even worse then. We couldn't understand a word you said. Maybe that's why it helped.

  • Sophie: You have all these rules and theories on life. Want to hear one of my rules?

    Tyler: Probably not.

    Sophie: Don't date guys like you.

    Tyler: That's a dumb rule.

  • Sophie: He's the guy.

    Julian: THE guy? I feel so violated right now! Were you sexing her during our shoot?

  • Sophie: You're not even listening to me!

  • Sophie: His name's Marvin right?

    Jimmy: Yeah.

    Sophie: I know who he is.

  • Sophie: You really don't trust anybody do you?

    Jimmy: No.

    Sophie: Well that's a shame.

    Jimmy: Maybe it is, but there's nothing I can do about it now.

    Sophie: That's rubbish. You can't go through your life like that!

  • Guy Van Stratten: Don't think I'm trying to embarrass you, Senora Martinez.

    Sophie: You don't do anything to me, Mr. Smarty.

  • Sophie: Hey, you know, this party is looking a little stiff, Cole.

    Cole: So what are you saying? I need to amp it up?

    Sophie: You can try, but this crowd doesn't dance before Midnight.

    Cole: Okay. Rocking a party, step one. So it's the DJ's job to get the crowd out of their heads, and into their bodies. So in order to do that, you need, at the very least a caveman's sense of rhythm, a cursory knowledge of mathematics, and the broad strokes of ninth grade biology. For example, the baseline controls this region of the body right here.

    [Buttocks, thighs, and navel region shown]

    Cole: The most important region.

    [Sophie rolls her eyes]

    Cole: There is always going to be resistance so you gotta be patient. Look for that one person who's not afraid to just go for it.

    [Sophie backs rhythmically into the the dance floor area of resistance]

    Cole: Next you want to zero in on their heartbeats. I like to start'em off at about 120 beats per minute. That's equivalent to the heartbeat of a long-distant runner. You see BPM is the name of the game. It governs how your body moves. For example, reggae is slow, about 60 BPM. Dubstep is actually 140 BPM cut to half speed. It ends up being about 70 BPM. House is around 110 to 130 BPM. Then there is hardcore. Not sure how you dance to that. Once you've locked on to their heart rate, you start bringing them up song by song. There's a popular myth that 128 beats per minute is the rate that synergizes most with your heartbeat. That's the magic number. Once you've gotten your crowd there, you're controlling their entire circulatory system.

  • Eisenheim: I was meant to return... I just... I kept thinking I'll find around the next corner...

    Sophie: What?

    Eisenheim: A real mystery. I saw remarkable things but the only mystery I never solved was... why my heart couldn't let go of you.

  • Crown Prince Leopold: Well done.

    Eisenheim: Thank you for coming. I hope you enjoyed it.

    Crown Prince Leopold: Oh, we more than enjoyed it. Stimulated great debate among us, hasn't it? Except of course for your assistant Duchess Von Teschen. You seem to have struck her quite speechless. A feat in itself. Did you hypnotize her?

    Eisenheim: In a fashion.

    Crown Prince Leopold: I'd like to learn that trick. Rainer here seems to think you have supernatural powers. Do you claim supernatural powers?

    Eisenheim: I've never said anything of that kind.

    Crown Prince Leopold: Then you won't mind a question or two?

    Sophie: Now let's not ruin it.

    Crown Prince Leopold: You needn't divulge anything I can't guess.

    Eisenheim: As you wish.

    Crown Prince Leopold: Your assistants are behind the mirrors somewhere, in robes obviously. Lights in the frame perhaps to illuminate them, or angled mirrors.

    Eisenheim: That would be one way to do it.

    Crown Prince Leopold: I think I understand it all except the ghost. That was very, very good.

    Josef Fischer: Another viewing, perhaps?

    Crown Prince Leopold: You must come to the Hofburg next time. We'll make an evening of it.

    Eisenheim: That would be my pleasure.

    Crown Prince Leopold: So be it.

    [motions to Sophie]

    Crown Prince Leopold: Sophie?

    [leaves with Sophie, then turns]

    Crown Prince Leopold: And we'll gather our best minds next time. You'll really have a challenge then.

    Eisenheim: Then I shall prepare something special. Perhaps I'll make you disappear.

  • Sophie: What did you do to him?

    Eisenheim: I gave him what he asked for.

    Sophie: What possessed you to do something so foolish?

  • Sophie: Then why did you speak to me? Why did you even bother talking...

    Eisenheim: [goes forward and passionately kisses her]

  • Eisenheim: Why don't you leave him?

    Sophie: It's not that easy.

  • Eisenheim: Do you know me?

    Sophie: No.

    Eisenheim: Are you quite certain that we've never met?

    Sophie: Yes, of course.

  • Crown Prince Leopold: I know you've been with him.

    Sophie: It has nothing to do with you.

    Crown Prince Leopold: It has EVERYTHING to do with me!

  • [Ethan and Sophie sneak into a swimming pool]

    Sophie: Do you think he's coming out?

    Ethan: I'm sure. I'm sure. He heard us, right?

    [Calling for house owner]

    Ethan: Hello?

    [to Sophie]

    Ethan: This is fun. Where is he?

    Sophie: Maybe he's not home.

    Ethan: Happy anniversary anyway.

  • Sophie: [fake] Are you more concerned with the experiences that me and your Ethan shared or are you more concerned with what I know about the experiences that you and my Ethan shared?

  • [first lines]

    Ethan: [retelling] So, we met at a party, and... it was magic. Within a half-hour we were driving up into this really nice neighborhood, and we were running down the stairs of some strangers back yard, and then we were swimming, and we were in love. What we didn't count on was that even though the lights were off, the owner of the home was there. And he came out screaming at us, and it was the greatest night of my life.

    Ethan: Ready?

    EthanSophie: [they run and jump into the pool]

    Ethan: [continuing his story] So me idea was, you know, let's try and re-create that moment.

  • SS officer: [to Sophie] You're so beautiful. I'd like to get you in bed. Are you a Polack? You! Are you also one of those filthy communists?

    [walks away]

    Sophie: I am a Pole! I was born in Cracow! I am not a Jew. Neither are my children! They're not Jews. They are racially pure. I am a Christian. I am a devout Christian.

    [the officer comes back]

    SS officer: You are not a communist? You are a believer?

    Sophie: Yes sir, I believe in Christ.

    SS officer: You believe in Christ the redeemer?

    Sophie: Yes.

    SS officer: [looks at Sophie's children] Did He not say... "Suffer the children, come unto me?"

    [Sophie remains silent]

    SS officer: You may keep one of your children.

    Sophie: I beg your pardon?

    SS officer: You may keep one of your children. The other must go away.

    Sophie: You mean, I have to choose?

    SS officer: You are a Polack, not a Yid. That gives you a privilege, a choice.

    Sophie: I can't choose. I can't choose!

    SS officer: Be quiet.

    Sophie: I can't choose!

    SS officer: Make a choice. Or I'll send both of them over there. Make a choice.

    Sophie: Don't make me choose! I can't!

    SS officer: Shut up! Enough! I'll send them both over there! I told you to shut up! Make a choice!

    Sophie: I can't choose! Please! I can't choose!

    SS officer: [to an officer] Take BOTH children away!

    [Sophie clings on to her son while the Nazis take her screaming and crying daughter away from her]

    Sophie: Take my little girl! Take my baby!

  • Sophie: My mother, she's very sick, you know. And I can't do anything. But I think - if only I could have got - that meat for my mother it would make her strong. So I go to the country and er... the peasants were selling ham and I buy it with the black market money and I bring it back. But it's forbidden, you know, because all the meat goes to the Germans. So I sat on the train and I hid it under my skirt, I am pretending that I am pregnant, you know? Oh I was so afraid. I was shaking. And then the German, was in front of the train and he saw me. So he come over and take under my skirt that ham and...


    Sophie: So they sent me Auschwitz.

    Stingo: You were sent to Auschwitz because you stole a ham?

    Sophie: No, I was sent to Auschwitz because they saw that I was afraid.

  • Sophie: Stingo, you look... you look very nice, you're wearing your cocksucker.

    Stingo: That's my "seersucker."

  • Stingo: Sophie, I want to understand. I'd like to know the truth.

    Sophie: The truth does not make it easier to understand, you know. I mean, you think that you find out the truth about me, and then you'll understand me. And then you would forgive me for all those... for all my lies.

    Stingo: I promise, I'll never leave you.

    Sophie: You must never promise that. No one, no one should ever promise that. Ah, the truth, ah, the truth, I don't even know what is the truth - after all the lies I have told.

  • Sophie: [after having taken a sip of the wine that Nathan has poured for her] Mmm. You know, when you... when you live a good life... like a saint... and then you die, that must be what they make you to drink in paradise.

  • Sophie: Don't you see? We are dying. I longed desperately to escape, to pack my bags and flee, but I did not.

  • Sophie: Yeah umm it looked like something that the... the scares the birds... you know... what is that... umm scur... scrul... I had scurbutt!

    Nathan Landau: [to Stingo] No, no, no she means scurvy.

    Sophie: Yeah...

    Nathan Landau: And typhus, and anemia and scarlet fever...

    Sophie: Yeah...

    Nathan Landau: Was fucking miracle that she emerged from that camp alive.

    Sophie: Right.

  • Sophie: [in broken English] I am six months in the... in here, in U.S., and so I eat more good now than in my life.

  • Sophie: [gently reading his palm] You will mountains.

    Stingo: Right now I can't even move my tongue.

  • Nathan Landau: But I'm a biologist

    Sophie: [looks away confusedly] Yeah...

  • Sophie: So, we'll go to that farm tomorrow. But please, Stingo, don't talk about marriage and children. It's enough that we'll go down there on that farm to live... for a while.

  • Keith: At least I'm teaching the subject I know and I'm not teaching math or something.

    Sophie: You just have to make sure that you're choosing it. I just don't wanna be living a life where I'm not choosing stuff.

  • Sophie: Have you fucked yourself up?

    Keith: You don't seem as young as you actually are.

    Sophie: One day you'll be free.

  • Sophie: My uncle used to say, don't let fear become your profession.

  • Sophie: It's so hard to actually do what you want to do.

  • Sophie: What makes you happy?

    Keith: At the moment there's only really one thing that makes me happy.

    Sophie: Me?

    Keith: It's true.

  • Keith: Maybe boundaries are there for a reason... structure.

    Sophie: You sound like a teacher.

  • Keith: Why *don't* you wanna play?

    Sophie: I don't know. I want to choose to play. I don't wanna... do it because I can.

  • Sophie: I'm... I'm... I just feel like I'm causing so many problems here.

    Keith: No you're not.

  • Jim: I'm afraid if I come with you, something bad is going to happen.

    Sophie: But if you don't, something will.

  • Sophie: So what's the big idea?

    Dr. Arthur Hail: The idea? I'll give you one cookie; in return, you open up and tell me all your deep dark secrets.

    Sophie: Well, here's a deep, dark secret for you, Doc - I hate cookies.

  • Sophie: Will you do something for me?

    Ben: Yeah. Sure, anything. What?

    Sophie: Marry me.

    Ben: [laughs] Wha... Yeah. Okay. This must be good weed.

  • Sophie: Yeah, it wasn't really a very friendly welcome chaining us to some cement blocks and then nearly half-drown...

    Dr. Arthur Hail: Each one of you have emotionally, psychologically and even physically kept your parent chained to a block of concrete day and night for years now, so we think it's only fair to let our newcomers experience what it must feel like to be in your parents' shoes, if only for one night.

  • Sophie: Look, if Hail said this is a good place, maybe this is the right place for me.

    Ben: Look, forget Hail.

    Sophie: Okay.

    Ben: He doesn't know what he's talkin' about. He's not even a real doctor. He got his Ph.D. on the Internet.

  • [Romain's mother expresses her interest in Romain taking photographs of the family]

    Sophie: Save you breath, Mom. We're not hip enough. He prefers actresses and models.

    La mère: Don't say that. He just hasn't had time yet.

    Le père: Of course.

    Romain: No, she's right.

    La mère: Why do you say that?

    Romain: I don't want to photograph her kids.

    Le père: Romaine, stop.

    Sophie: Leave it, Dad.

    Romain: And you know why? Because they sprang from you, and your ugly mug would be in the picture. It makes me want to puke.

    La mère: Romaine, stop it!

    Romain: No wonder your man left. It's like you made the kids alone.

  • David: Is that what I look like?

    Sophie: To me, yes. That's my impression of you. That's why it's called impressionistic painting. So... What do you see when you look at it.

    David: Me.

    Sophie: Yes, that's not quite what I meant. You have to look at paintings diffently from the way you look at other things. More closely and see what it says to you.


    Sophie: Well... when I look at the boy in that painting, I see a very intelligent, very serious person, and a good person, but - there's something about the eyes and the face that seems lost and sad. But that's as far as I can see, because he doesn't want to let the world see any further.

    David: Do you really see all that?

    Sophie: [laughs] Yes. Yes, I do.

  • David: [holding Sopie's cat] She's so soft. And she's vibrating.

    Sophie: She's purring, David.

  • Swiss Border Guard: Our orders are to check everyone's papers, even children.

    Sophie: Couldn't you relax the rules for a bit? All he wants to do is to come into your country and over throw the government and then rush right out again.

    Swiss Border Guard: [breaks into laughter] All right Mrs. Andersen, have a nice day. And young man, see if you can get us all pay raises while you're taking over our country.

  • David: Why do people do such terrible things?

    Sophie: Like what?

    David: Like beat people, and kill them, and make them prisoners.

    Sophie: Most people don't do that, David.

    David: My friend Johannes always used to tell me, "Trust no one."

    Sophie: Oh, life wouldn't be worth living if you did that, David.

  • Sophie: David, most people are good.

  • David: Please... don't turn me in.

    Sophie: Turn you in to whom?

    David: To them. To him. To anyone.

    Sophie: I wouldn't dream of turning you in to anybody, for any reason. You're quite safe here, David. You're safe.

    David: From the guards?

    Sophie: From everybody.

  • Sophie: You've got a very interesting face. Would you mind if I painted it?

    David: What color do you want to paint my face.

  • Sandrine: So why did you get married?

    Sophie: I don't know. To make my husband happy. To make everybody happy.

  • Sophie: F*** you, lucky charms!

  • Sophie: This is what happens when you take its gold. You have to make amends. Until the debt has been repaid.

  • Diana: [after being shot at] That won't hurt me.

    Sophie: [puts gun to her head] This will. There's no you without me.

    Rebecca: Mom, what are you doing?

    Sophie: Saving your lives.

    [pulls the trigger]

  • Sophie: There's no you without me.

  • Rebecca: We're living with a dead woman!

    Sophie: Ghosts don't exist.

    Rebecca: Well, if she's not a ghost then what is she?

  • Sophie: Did we wake you?

    Martin: What?

    [looks at the darkened closet]

  • Sophie: Hey Todd... over here!

  • Michelle: What are we going to do now?

    Todd: All right, we'll all split up and search this whole area. The canoes have to be around here somewhere.

    Sophie: What happens if we don't find them?

    Todd: Then we'll build a raft, or something.

    [the campers murmur and grumble]

  • Sophie: Hello, hi I can see you. Are you perving on me?

    [She walks along the swimming pool edge]

    Sophie: I'm flattered that you're stalking me... Mullet. What the fuck?

    [she screams then falls into the swimming pool]

  • [repeated line]

    Gavin: Vincent we're brothers... we're friends... were brothers!

    [repeated line]

    Gavin: [strikes his brother with a cleaver] Vincent... I'm sorry... i'm sorry... Vincent!

    [last lines]

    The Creature: Like a virgin!

    [last lines]

    Sophie: [repeatedly as she stabs continously in his left eye] I'M NOT A FUCKING VIRGIN!

  • [last lines]

    Dean: Can you just leave me and get jane out of here!

    Sophie: We're not leaving you!

  • Jane: [after running someone over] What was that?

    Sophie: Vincent!

    [drives off unaware they've actually struck Gavin]

  • Sophie: He's


    Sophie: out here!

    [last lines]

    Police OfficerPolice Officer: Who's out here?

  • Sophie: You come to me again, still spangled.

    Archie: Honey soft smiles, electric eyes that send their charge to warm my cold belly.

    Sarah: I am awake now but still dreaming and cannot locate sleep's soft boundary.

    Conroy: And so I cross it unsuspecting.

    Lois: Pursued by the black magician's cry.

  • Morgan HannaLois: The shadow man came with satin sheets and tea, talking easily of magic, trick rabbits, and rings.

    Conroy: He knew the precise location of sleeping and waking and drew me a map to prove it.

    Sarah: But as I slept, I lost the north from the south of it, and he could not follow me there.

    Morgan Hanna: Though he tried. For he loved me in his way.

    Archie: There was a story in his eyes I tried to read when the sun was high. But he disappeared.

    Sophie: Only to return when shadows fell over the windows of his past.

  • Conroy: Prisoner of my reflections.

    Sophie: I tried to touch my keep.

    Lois: And in that dark and liquid night,

    Archie: I let me (sic) own hands reach you.

    Conroy: To loose the ropes that binds us.

    Sarah: Let our sails billow wildly.

    Sophie: Twined faces, parallel places, came together in the glass.

    Jeremy Crown: I'm so filled with longing, to pluck the future from the past.

    Morgan Hanna: I see you beckon from afar, spangled as the last night, now with promises anew.

    Jeremy Crown: I hear the black magician sing.

    Morgan Hanna: And I will follow you.

    Morgan Hanna: To the places we have known and the dreams that we have sown.

    Morgan Hanna: To watch them flower in the night.

    Morgan Hanna: Take me then as I do you. And in that bonding find release.

    Jeremy Crown: Come. Know the truth that holds me here.

    Jeremy Crown: I wait for you and peace.

    ConroySophieLoisArchieSarahJeremy Crown: And peace

  • Sophie: Abstinence is turning you sour; give it up.

    Martin: I have.

    Sophie: Really? Do I know her?

    Martin: No, I met her in odd circumstances a few weeks ago.

    Sophie: Really? You must be pleased.

    Martin: You're quite wrong, I don't like her at all. She's totally uninteresting. I'm trying to get rid of her.

    Sophie: Why? Is she ugly?

    Martin: Not particularly.

    Sophie: Is she stupid then?

    Martin: No. Not at all. She never says anything stupid. It's complicated. She bores me. I have no contact with her. Or rather only physical contact.

    Sophie: Why complain? That's not so bad.

    Martin: You can't imagine how basic she is, she has no conversation. When she speaks, she sounds silent. Her only means of expression is sexual.

  • Sophie: [translated lines] When I was young, my mother used to say that a woman in love loses her sense and a woman who is dumped loses her mind. I didn't understand that until two winters ago. My mother also said men must choose the right career and women marry the right guy. In other words, women's goal is to find Mr. Right, so to be successful you have to find that special guy.

  • Sophie: [translated lines] What do you have up your sleeve? Spit it out and share with me.

  • Gorden: [translated lines] Let's say I help you win Jeff back. What's the point?

    Sophie: The wedding is in less than a month. How could I let it go just like that? I want him to regret what he's done. I want him to know what it's like to be dumped. I want him to come apologize a million times, and then, in front of everyone - with a little smile on my face - I'll say "Jeff, you're not good enough for me."

    Gorden: This is the real reason you want Jeff back?

    Sophie: Yup.

    Gorden: You don't need me then. You need a psychiatrist.

  • Sophie: Mom always said, 'Like water wearing down a stone, constant effort can work miracles.'

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