Erik Quotes in Hanna (2011)


Erik Quotes:

  • Hanna: Adapt or die.

    Erik: Think on your feet.

    Hanna: Even when I'm sleeping.

  • Marissa: Why now, Erik?

    Erik: Kids grow up.

  • Erik: I tried to prepare you.

    Hanna: You didn't prepare me for this.

  • Erik: I read both of your books. I liked the first one more. Before you were on the island. You liked dinosaurs back then.

    Dr. Grant: Back then they hadn't tried to eat me yet.

  • Dr. Grant: Did you read Malcolm's book?

    [Erik nods]

    Dr. Grant: So?

    Erik: I don't know. It was kinda preachy. And too much Chaos. Everything Chaos. It just seemed like the guy was high on himself.

    Dr. Grant: That's two things we have in common.

  • Dr. Grant: Erik, I have to tell you, I'm astonished that you've lasted eight weeks on this island.

    Erik: [Stunned] ... Is that all it's been?

  • Dr. Grant: I have a theory that there are two kinds of boys. There are those that want to be astronomers, and those that want to be astronauts. The astronomer, or the paleontologist, gets to study these amazing things from a place of complete safety.

    Erik: But then you never get to go into space.

    Dr. Grant: Exactly. That's the difference between imagining and seeing: to be able to touch them. And that's... that's all that Billy wanted.

    [a field of beautiful dinosaurs comes into view]

  • Erik: Be careful with that. T-Rex. It scares some of the smaller ones away but attracts one really big one with the fin.

    Dr. Grant: This is T-Rex pee?

    [Eric nods yes]

    Dr. Grant: How'd you get it?

    Erik: You don't wanna know.

  • [last lines]

    Erik: Where do you think they're going?

    Dr. Grant: I don't know. Maybe just looking for new nesting grounds. It's a whole new world for them.

    Amanda: I dare 'em to nest in Enid, Oklahoma.

  • Erik: Dr. Grant, know something, Dr. Grant? Billy was right.

  • Gest: Heavy Knife

    Erik: þThis knife is meant to be heavy

  • [last lines]

    Tarzan: Your mother would have wanted you to go back, Erik. Back to her world. Then one day, when you're old enough and if you really want to, you cam come back here. As I did.

    Erik: My father, he knew all about rocks. Many kinds of rocks. I can remember that.

    Tarzan: He was a geologist. Would you like to be like your father, Erik?

    Erik: Yes, I would be very proud.

  • Erik: And you, Sven, aren't you afraid of crossing the Rainbow Bridge to Asgaard?

    Sven the Berserk: I will join my grandfather there!

    Thorfinn Skullsplitter: He's not in Valhalla! He died of old age.

  • Thorfinn Skullsplitter: You mean... you can't kill ANYBODY?

    King Arnulf: Right! Isn't it wonderful?

    Thorfinn Skullsplitter: What? Not being able to kill anybody?

    King Arnulf: Well, of course.

    Erik: How?

    King Arnulf: Well... for a start... er... there's no killing...

    Erik: Well, OBVIOUSLY there's no killing.

    King Arnulf: Well...

    Thorfinn Skullsplitter: But how d'you take revenge?

    Keitel Blacksmith: How do you punish people?

    Ivar the Boneless: How do you DEFEND yourselves?

    King Arnulf: We don't have to. We're all terribly nice to each other.

  • Erik: Maybe none of us will return.

    Snorri the Miserable: Oh, well that's much more sensible than just Thorfin getting killed. Shall we all go and pack now?

  • Erik: Ooh! Scary! Scary! Don't we look mean? You can't see me! But I can see you!

  • Snorri the Miserable: Anyone know any good drowning songs?

    Erik: Listen! Maybe we won't get to Hy-Brasil! Maybe we won't find the Horn Resounding... but at least we've tried... and at least we shall have died like men.

    Snorri the Miserable: Like fish.

  • King Arnulf: Now, I want you to be absolutely, totally, genuinely honest with me. Did you really, truly, honesty like it?

    Erik: ...No.

    King Arnulf: They didn't like it! Oh my God! I want to die!

  • Helga: [Erik has accidentally run his sword through her while killing the other two Vikings who were raping her] Thanks for saving me from a fate worse than death!

    Erik: I didn't mean to!

    Helga: [Gasping for breath] Oh, that's all right then... it's the thought... that counts...

    Erik: Tell me your name?... Tell me... what IS it...?

    [Helga dies before she can answer]

  • Erik: I am the air! I am the wind!

  • Princess Aud: Have you ever felt like this about anyone else?

    Erik: You mean got into bed with them?

    Princess Aud: No. Of course not, silly. No, I mean felt like this about them?

    Erik: You mean you have got into bed with somebody else?

    Princess Aud: No, I mean have you ever felt that for the first time in your life you've met someone you really can believe in with your whole heart? Someone who's goals suddenly seem to be your goals. Those dreams become your dreams.

    Erik: Have you ever been to bed with anyone else?

  • Princess Aud: But, but you loved her all the same?

    Erik: We never went to bed together.

    Princess Aud: Why do you go on about that?

    Erik: You have been to bed with somebody else, haven't you?

    Princess Aud: I've never loved anybody!

    Erik: I've never been to bed with anybody!

  • Erik: [singing to Bryan the Beachmaster] "And the kings are all fools."

  • Erik: Wow Vivica, it's such a beautiful day!

    Vivica: Sure is Erik! And where is Cool Cat?

    Erik: THERE HE IS!

  • Erik: That kid kicked sand in Cool Cat's face!

  • Erik: Hey, who's that kid?

    Vivica: I don't know, probably one of Cool Cat's friends.

    Erik: Oh, I don't think so, Vivica. All of Cool Cat's friends are cool. That kid looks like he's up to trouble.

    Vivica: He better not be a bully because I don't like bullies.

  • Vivica: And where is Cool Cat?

    Erik: There he is!

  • Erik: Listen: "What does surplus value mean? What is the difference between the term surplus value and the term profit?"

    Lena: But please? We can discuss it later and cuddle now!

  • Erik: Don't take this personally, but you're so fucking stupid.

  • Gerd: How much do you know?

    Erik: About what?

    Pölsa: That we were the ones who shot Sussie, for example! Did you know that?

    Gerd: Are you completely brainwashed?

  • Erik: Pölsa, det sitter fyra knarkare i din soffa

    Pölsa: Fyra bara? Den ska ju va fullsatt.

  • Erik: Who killed Sussie?

    Pölsa: It wasn't me! Um, and nobody else either.

  • Erik: I thought I'd fuck myself to death, but it worked out.

  • Erik: [Pölsa is doing heroin] Cut it out, you could die.

    Pölsa: So could you.

  • Erik: I'm giving you an hour to handle this mess - and fifty-nine minutes are already gone.

  • Erik: 450 square meters is too big. The difference between living together and not is that you can feel, see and hear each other.

    Anna: Or perhaps living in a small place makes you small-minded

  • Erik: I'm going to hold on to you for the rest of my life.

  • Dexter: Suppose you kept going another 18 billion light years, what if there's nothing out there? Suppose you kept going another trillion times further, so far out you see nothing. The light from the universe would be fainter than the faintest star. Infinitely cold. Infinitely dark. Sometimes if I wake up and it's dark, I get really scared, like I'm out there and I'm never coming back.

    Erik: Here, hold onto this when you sleep. And if you wake up and you're scared, you'll say, "Wait a minute. I'm holding Eric's shoe. Why the hell would I be holding some smelly basketball shoe a trillion light years from the universe? I must be here on earth, safe in my sleeping bag, and Eric must be close by."

  • Linda: [crying] I'm sorry.

    Erik: I'm sorry too. I shoulda tried harder.

    Linda: Tried what?

    Erik: To find the cure.

    Linda: Come here sweetie. You did, you did. Everything that was sent in Dexter's life was sad, alone, you made it go away. Dexter was happy to have you as a friend.

  • Dr. Jenson: So, I hear your road to the Nobel Prize hit a few potholes?

    Erik: More like the Grand Canyon.

  • Dexter: Have to eat my lunch now.

    Erik: Why don't you just eat whenever you're hungry?

    Dexter: 'Cause if I only ate when I was hungry, I wouldn't be here.

  • Dexter: There's something I have to tell you. My mom likes to call me 'Sweetie'.

    Erik: Ha ha ha. "Sweetie"?

    Dexter: You gotta promise not to laugh.

    Linda: [At dinner] You want some more carrots, sweetie?

    Erik: [as Linda goes to the kitchen; while laughing] You didn't finish all your meat loaf, love muffin.

    Dexter: Would you shut up?

  • [Looking at a Playboy magazine]

    Dexter: This doesn't look like my mom.

    Erik: These aren't moms. These are women. This is what they're supposed to look like.

  • Dexter: This is stupid.

    Erik: Yeah? Well, about twenty years ago there was this guy. He noticed some mold growing on his bread and he started feeding it to people. Everybody said he was stupid. You know what it turned out to be? Aspirin!

  • Erik: What about your little brother when he fell off the monkey bars at school and got real hurt, they had to take him to the hospital. He could've caught something then.

    Tyler: But he didn't.

    Erik: But he could've. Then everybody would be calling him faggot and queer, and he'd get sick and die. And they'd write 'Homo' on his headstone. And when your mother went to bring him flowers, she'd see Little Eddie Horner Homo. But you know what the worst part about it would be? Probably before he died a bunch of assholes like you who ain't sick, thought it might be fun just to beat the shit out of him!

  • Linda: Dexter, is Erik staying for dinner?

    Dexter: Waka.

    Erik: That means 'yes', white woman.

  • Erik: Dexter was laughing his ass off.

    Dr. Jenson: Oh, that's what happened to it. I thought he was just on a diet.

  • Dexter: [They are opening candy bars in the store] Are we allowed to do this?

    Erik: Of course. How else you supposed to know what you're gonna get.

  • Tyler: Hey, how much you pay for that faggot? You guys took a wrong turn. This is a 'No Homo' zone.

    Erik: I ain't a homo. And neither is he. He got it from a blood transfusion.

    Tyler: Well then what's that awful smell?

    Erik: Well see, we was walking across the grass when we accidentally stepped in your mother.

  • Linda: Do you have a girlfriend?

    Erik: Yeah I had a girlfriend but I had to dump her, spend, spend, spend!

  • Dexter: I'm not sure I understand why you have to try all this stuff too.

    Erik: Don't you know anything about scientific method?

    Dexter: A little.

    Erik: Well you have to have a control group, so you can see if the results are uniform.

  • Erik: Hey! What would you do if I come over there and whopped your ass?

    Dexter: How long would that take?

    Erik: 'Bout 10 seconds.

    Dexter: I'd wait till you're finished and then I'd continue working on my mud fort.

    Erik: You mean you'd just let me beat you up?

    Dexter: I'd try to stop you but I probably wouldn't be able to, I'm not very big.

    Erik: Well in that case it'd only take 5 seconds.

    Dexter: So is that what you're gonna do?

    Erik: Maybe later.

    Dexter: Hello? You still there?

  • Dexter: This one is the worst yet!

    Erik: My grandma says, the worse it tastes, the better it works.

    Dexter: Your K-Mart clerk grandma?

    Erik: ...Drink.

  • Erik: Hey thanks for moving in here. Now all the kids at school call me "faggot" and walk on the other side of the hall.

    Dexter: I gotta live somewhere.

  • Dexter: Where do bugs go to the bathroom?

    Erik: It's not on leaves. Not even bugs are stupid enough to shit on their own food.

    Dexter: [They make a tea from some found leaves] Tastes like crap.

    Erik: No shit, don't you know where bugs go to the bathroom?

  • Erik: So they think I'm a faggot. And now all of a sudden I'm yelling the same stuff at them. Well they know I'm not a faggot, 'cause a faggot wouldn't yell "faggot" back. That's why you should've yelled "faggot" too.

    Dexter: I wouldn't feel right saying that.

    Erik: Why the hell not?

  • [Reading a Playboy magazine]

    Dexter: It says she was born in 1975.

    Erik: She doesn't look that old.

  • Erik: We really took this moron Pony to the cleaners. The money we gave him won't pay for half his gas.

    Dexter: This boat is FROM New Orleans. He's on his way home.

    Erik: Now what makes you think that?

    [Walks to the back and peers down at the sign, "Floating Bayou, New Orleans, Louisiana"]

    Erik: Shit!

  • Erik: One time there was this kid, and he went swimming after eating, and he got a stomach cramp and he started to drown, but the sturgeon general grabbed him by his shirt and put him on the shore.

  • Tyler: Hey, Erika. How's your new boyfriend next door?

    Erik: He's not next door, he's behind me. I ain't never even seen him.

    Tyler: "I ain't never even seen him." Who are your neighbors then? Gomer Pyle and his brother Guber?

    Erik: Eat shit.

    Tyler: What was that? Hey come back here, Faggot! Hey I said come back here!

  • Erik: [fake crying] Doctor, my friend... I think he is dead, and I don't know what to do...

  • Garbage Truck Driver: Hey get out of the road! Go on!

    Erik: Asshole.

  • Gail: [while reading the newspaper] Some women saw that little AIDS boy at Peterson's yesterday.

    Erik: It's in the newspaper?

    Gail: No. Jan told me. I seen him in his yard but I didn't know he left the house.

  • Erik: So long, faggots! You got brains the size of boogers, you homo queer bastards!

  • Erik: [Erik and Dexter were placed on an island, roasting hot dogs] This sucks.

    [His hot dog falls into the fire]

    Erik: Dammit! This isn't fair!

    Pony: What?

    Erik: I said THIS SUCKS!

    Pony: Ooh! "This sucks". "Gross, Man".

  • Erik: It's 9:00! When I gave you the money, you said we were going STRAIGHT to New Orleans!

    Angle: So you'll get there a couple days later, it's not gonna kill you.

    Erik: Shut up, ANGLE!

    Pony: Hey, YOU shut up, you little shit! Want me to swim over there and pound your ass?

  • Erik: Why can't I go see Dad?

    Gail: [thinks for a moment] Well, call him. If he says "yes," I'll put you on the next plane. You know, you and his little friend Cindy could go to the movies and get in for half price.

    Erik: She's 23, Mom.

    Gail: Oh, amazing. Old enough to drink.

    Erik: Yeah, but she doesn't.

  • [Escorting Christine deep into the sewers]

    Christine: Where are we going?

    Erik: Home. No one can hurt you here.

  • Elsa Frankenstein: [Erik arrives on a carraige] Where are you going Erik?

    Erik: Hello Elsa. I didn't see you. Where's your father? I must speak with him.

    Elsa Frankenstein: What are you doing driving around the countryside in the middle of the day? Town prosecutor should be in his office working.

    Erik: Sometimes my work takes me out of my office. I came to see your father.

    Elsa Frankenstein: That's pretty. I flattered myself that you came way out here just to take me for a drive.

    Erik: I wish that were the case darling. Nothing would make me happier. But this is a very serious matter, I must see your father

    Elsa Frankenstein: Since you put it that way I'll have to find him for you

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