Sophia Simone Quotes in Driven (2001)


Sophia Simone Quotes:

  • Sophia Simone: Hi, I'm Sophia.

    Demille Bly: That's your problem.

  • [Beau is choosing his career over Sophia]

    Beau Brandenburg: This is my life.

    Sophia Simone: This is not your life! This is what you do for a living.

    Beau Brandenburg: My mind has to be out there, not in here. So right now this is my life.

    Sophia Simone: So, what am I? What am I?

    Beau Brandenburg: A distraction.

  • [In Japan, Sophia Simone does her synchronized swimming routine while Jimmy Bly figures out Beau Brandenberg's next move in racing on his computer laptop]

    Jimmy Bly: What are you doing?

    Sophia Simone: [showing off to Jimmy her synchronized swimming moves] Swimming.

    Jimmy Bly: Swimming? That's swimming to you, huh? I don't think that's swimming; that's uh... a little beyond. I've never seen anything like that. Pretty fantastic. Where'd you learn to do that?

    Sophia Simone: I, uh... I was raised by frogs.

    Jimmy Bly: Raised by frogs?

    Sophia Simone: Ribbit. Ribbit. Ribbit.


    Jimmy Bly: Well, I'm glad you escaped.

    Sophia Simone: Thank you. Jimmy, what's on your mind?

    Jimmy Bly: How does Beau do it?

    Sophia Simone: Do what?

    Jimmy Bly: Stay on top. Get focused.

    Sophia Simone: He got scared.

    Jimmy Bly: No, I don't think so; that guy is ice.

    Sophia Simone: To you, he's ice. Inside, he's scared. But he likes it. He says it makes him try harder. Today he says the day he's not afraid is the day he'll stop. You know, you're just as scared. And the day you stop caring what other people think and make yourself happy will be even better.

    [resumes her swimming routine]

    Sophia Simone: Come on!

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