Raven Quotes in X-Men: Apocalypse (2016)


Raven Quotes:

  • [after hearing Charles' telepathic message]

    Col. William Stryker: I know that voice. It's Xavier, isn't it? What's going on?

    Raven: We don't know!

    Peter Maximoff: We don't know, bro!

  • [from trailer]

    Scott Summers: Not all of us can control our powers.

    Raven: Then don't! This is war!

  • [from trailer]

    Hank McCoy: The world needs the X-Men.

    Raven: That's why I'm here. To fight!

  • Kurt Wagner: You can... transform. You're her - the hero.

    Raven: I'm nobody. I'm not a hero.

  • Raven: They still hate and fear us. It's just harder to see because they're more polite about it.

  • Raven: [on the X-Jet] Hank, you're building a warplane down here.

    Hank McCoy: After what happened in Washington, I thought we're gonna come back to start the X-Men. I could always use to talk about but...

    Raven: We're once students, not soldiers.

    Hank McCoy: And it's the best of you, He has hope.

    Raven: And you?

    Hank McCoy: Well, I think we should hope for the best, and prepare for the worst

  • Raven: Mutants are being hunted, living in fear!

  • Raven: Let's go to war.

  • [Magneto pulls Charles' wheelchair away from his friends]

    Raven: CHARLES!

  • Caliban: Where is the gentleman going, may I ask?

    Raven: Don't matter, don't care. I just saved his life, what he does with it is up to him.

  • [from trailer]

    Peter: Magneto is my father.

    Raven: [shocked, turns around] What?

  • [from deleted scene]

    Raven: [sees Logan] So Erik was telling the truth. You're really from the future.

    Hank McCoy: Well, if you kill Trask, there'll be ten more like him.

    Raven: Well then I'll kill them too, and anyone who comes next!

    Logan: Let's just cut to the chase here, all right? You want to know how all this ends? Because I've seen you in the future!

    Raven: Yeah? What am I like?

    Logan: You're a cold murderous bitch!

    Hank McCoy: Whoa!

    Raven: [sarcastic] Well, don't hold back!

    Logan: By the time they finish you - and they finish you - you've killed so much you're knee-deep in human AND mutant blood, you don't even know who you are!

  • Raven: [turning blue] What's the matter, baby? You don't think I look pretty like this?

  • [Charles appears just as Raven points a gun at Trask]

    Raven: Get out of my head, Charles!

    Charles Xavier: Raven, please do not make us the enemy today.

    Raven: Look around you, we already are!

    Charles Xavier: Not all of us, Raven. All you've done so far is save the lives of these men. You can show them a better path.

    Hank McCoy: [to Xavier] Shut her down, Charles!

    Charles Xavier: I've been trying to control you since the day we met, and look where that's got us... everything that happens now is in your hands. I have faith in you, Raven.

  • President Nixon: You want to make a statement? Kill me, fine! But spare everyone else!

    Erik Lehnsherr: Very heroic, Mr. President. But you have no intention of sparing any of us. The future of our species begins now!

    [gets distracted, Mystique reveals herself and shoots him in the neck]

    Erik Lehnsherr: You used to be a better shot.

    Raven: Trust me. I still am.

    [knocks out Erik]

  • [Raven grabs Erik from a crowd and shoves him into a phone booth]

    Raven: [a plastic rod at Erik's throat] If I see so much as a screw move I will jam this into your throat.

    Erik Lehnsherr: How did you find me?

    Raven: You taught me well.

    Erik Lehnsherr: It's been a long time since we were this close. I missed you.

    Raven: You tried to kill me.

    Erik Lehnsherr: So the rest of us could live.

    Raven: What do you mean?

    Erik Lehnsherr: We received a message from the future.

    Raven: Don't lie to me!

    Erik Lehnsherr: I never have, and I never will! Humans use your blood, your genes, to create a weapon that wipes us all out. I was only doing what I felt necessary to secure our future.

    Raven: So what's to stop me from killing YOU right now and securing MY future?

    Erik Lehnsherr: Nothing. Doesn't matter any more. They have your DNA. Your blood was on the street.

    Raven: [takes rod away from Erik's neck] Whose fault was that?

    Erik Lehnsherr: Mine. I've seen their plans. They're creating a weapon, and now they have what they need to take it further. We have to strike now, while we still hold the upper hand.

    Raven: I've seen too many friends die, Erik. I don't want a war, I only want the man who murdered them.

    Erik Lehnsherr: This IS war. What happened to you? Did you lose your way while I was gone? Are you still Charles's Raven... or are you Mystique?

    Raven: Trask is the enemy.

    Erik Lehnsherr: Killing one man isn't enough.

    Raven: It never was for you. Goodbye, Erik.

    [Raven leaves]

  • [from trailer]

    Raven: I know what I have to do. It's us, or them...

  • Charles Xavier: [to Raven/Mystique] I'm going to keep you safe. I'm going to keep you out of their hands.

    [Erik uses his power to draw a gun to his hand which he aims at Raven]

    Raven: Erik?

    Charles Xavier: Erik... what are you doing?

    Erik Lehnsherr: Securing our future. Forgive me, Mystique. As long as you're out there, we'll never be safe.

    Hank McCoy: Erik...

    Raven: Use your power, Charles. Stop him.

    Charles Xavier: I...

    Raven: He can't.

    [She flees. Hank dives at Erik causing him to release the gun, but he uses his powers to pull the trigger anyway. She leaps out the window, but Erik curves the bullet's trajectory to hit her in the right calf, embedding it there]

  • [deleted scene]

    Charles Xavier: [to Raven] You'd be giving Trask exactly what he wants, a reason for humanity to fear and hate us...

    Raven: You think they need a reason?

    [turns blue]

    Raven: Do you honestly think they'll ever be able to see me like this, and feel anything but fear? YOU can't even look at me!

  • [deleted scene]

    Raven: [to Charles] I don't blame Erik for trying to kill me. I would have done the same thing.

  • [deleted scene]

    Raven: [to Charles] I can hide, like you. But what about the ones who can't? I saw them in Vietnam. It's hard to hide your powers when you're getting shot at. The ones who couldn't hide, became lab rats for Trask!

  • Raven: I have compassion... just not for Trask. He's murdered too many of us.

  • Raven: You're real dumb if you think you can pull this off.

    Tom Cody: I think you're forgetting something. I got the gun.

    Raven: I can get guns, smart guy, lots of. Now... why don't you tell me your name?

    Tom Cody: Tom Cody. Pleased to meet ya.

  • Raven: Well, it looks like I finally found someone who likes to play as rough as I do.

  • Raven: I'll be comin' for her. I'll be comin' for you too.

    Tom Cody: Sure you will. And I'll be waitin.'

  • Raven: I want Tom Cody. I want to nail that son of a bitch's head to the sidewalk under that marquee that says "Ellen Aim" on it. And just to prove to ya I'm gonna be a nice guy, I'm comin' in with just two of my men. After I take care of Cody, there'll be no more trouble. Do your job, man. Keep the peace.

  • Raven: So much for the people's choice.

  • Raven: You can take pain. I like that...

  • Raven: Hell, I might even fuck George Clooney - with a strap-on.

  • Raven: Pain is pleasure! Slavery is freedom! Suicide for Satan!

  • [takes a big sip from a chalice]

    Raven: It's goat's urine. Want some?

  • [Raven introduces herself to Honey]

    Raven: Hi, I'm Raven, I'm a Satanist and I'll be doing your make-up.

    [changes tone]

    Raven: You look so pale...

    [angrily slaps Honey, then turns sweet again]

    Raven: Sorry, but Satan says you need more color.

  • Honey: Raven, you know, you're a really pretty girl. You could escape from all of this madness.

    Raven: Escape to what, Honey? I mean, my father is Zo-Zo, the three headed guard dog at the gate to hell.

    Honey: Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.

  • Raven: Hang on tight, kids. It's gonna be a bumpy ride.

  • Raven: Nice shorts!

  • Raven: Your friends aren't your friends anymore.

  • Raven: Love these unisex Bathrooms.

  • Raven: I was always jealous of your ruby red lips when we were children.

  • Raven: Perhaps you've been dipping your quill in the wrong inkwell.

  • King Carter: They won't dare to attack me. War Eagle is my friend.

    Raven: War Eagle may be your friend but to those cutthroat bucks of his, you're just another white man with hair worth liftin'!

  • Raven: They'll probably blow themselves up with the bridge.

    King Carter: Well, just so they get the job done.

  • Raven: I'm sorry I missed them, Mr. Carter.

    King Carter: That's all right, Raven. It's not the first time a bottle has spoiled a man's aim.

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