Hank McCoy Quotes in X-Men: Apocalypse (2016)


Hank McCoy Quotes:

  • Charles Xavier: [using Cerebro] It's her.

    Hank McCoy: Who?

    Charles Xavier: Moira.

    Hank McCoy: Wha- Moira MacTaggert?

    Charles Xavier: Mhmm.

    Hank McCoy: Give me the details.

    Charles Xavier: Well, she looks amazing. She's barely aged a day.

  • Hank McCoy: You wanna go see Moira.

    Charles Xavier: I wanna go check her out- check out... the situation.

    [clears throat]

  • [from trailer]

    Hank McCoy: The world needs the X-Men.

    Raven: That's why I'm here. To fight!

  • Raven: [on the X-Jet] Hank, you're building a warplane down here.

    Hank McCoy: After what happened in Washington, I thought we're gonna come back to start the X-Men. I could always use to talk about but...

    Raven: We're once students, not soldiers.

    Hank McCoy: And it's the best of you, He has hope.

    Raven: And you?

    Hank McCoy: Well, I think we should hope for the best, and prepare for the worst

  • [after the institute explodes, Peter has evacuated all of the students]

    Hank McCoy: Where did you...

    Peter Maximoff: I was looking for the Professor. I thought he lived here.

    Hank McCoy: They took him.

  • [Hank, Peter, Raven, and Moira awake in a military facility room and Hank has turned into his mutant form]

    Peter Maximoff: [screams] What's wrong with you? Is that gonna happen to all of us?

    Hank McCoy: No, I just left my meds at the house.

  • Hank McCoy: What if, whatever we do can't be changed? What if Raven will kill Trask anyway? What if that is who she is?

    Charles Xavier: Just because someone stumbles and loses their path, doesn't mean they're lost forever.

  • Hank McCoy: I probably shouldn't be asking this sort of thing... but in the future, do I make it?

    Logan: No.

    [Hank is mildly freaked out]

    Logan: But we can change that, right?

  • Charles Xavier: [walks down stairs as a beasted up Hank and Logan fight] Hank? What's going on here?

    Logan: Professor?

    Charles Xavier: Please don't call me that.

    Hank McCoy: Why? You know this guy?

    Charles Xavier: Yeah... he looks slightly familiar. Get off the bloody chandelier, Hank!

    [Hank drops down from hanging on it ]

    Logan: You can walk?

    Charles Xavier: You're a perceptive one.

    Logan: I thought Erik...

    Charles Xavier: Which makes it slightly that you managed to miss our sign on the way in. This is private property, my friend...

    [points at Hank]

    Charles Xavier: ...I'm going to have to ask him to ask you to leave.

    Logan: Well, I'm afraid I can't do that because, uh... because I was sent here for you.

    Charles Xavier: Well, tell whoever it was that sent you that I'm... busy.

    Logan: Well, that's gonna be a little tricky. Because the person who sent me, was you.

    Charles Xavier: What?

    Logan: About fifty years from now.

    Charles Xavier: About fifty years from now? Like, in the future "fifty years from now"?

    Logan: Yeah.

    Charles Xavier: I sent you from the future?

    Logan: Yeah.

    Charles Xavier: Piss off.

  • [observing Quicksilver play against himself at table tennis]

    Hank McCoy: He is fascinating!

    Charles Xavier: He's a pain in the ass.

  • Logan: Listen to me, you piece of shit! I watched a lot of good people die, and I came back to stop that from happening!

    Charles Xavier: We all gotta die sometime.

    [walks off]

    Hank McCoy: [to Logan] I told you, there's no professor here.

  • [from deleted scene]

    Raven: [sees Logan] So Erik was telling the truth. You're really from the future.

    Hank McCoy: Well, if you kill Trask, there'll be ten more like him.

    Raven: Well then I'll kill them too, and anyone who comes next!

    Logan: Let's just cut to the chase here, all right? You want to know how all this ends? Because I've seen you in the future!

    Raven: Yeah? What am I like?

    Logan: You're a cold murderous bitch!

    Hank McCoy: Whoa!

    Raven: [sarcastic] Well, don't hold back!

    Logan: By the time they finish you - and they finish you - you've killed so much you're knee-deep in human AND mutant blood, you don't even know who you are!

  • Logan: I know a guy. He can get into anywhere.

    Hank McCoy: A teleporter?

    Logan: No, he's just fast.

    [Quicksilver blurs]

  • Erik Lehnsherr: If you let them have me, I'm as good as dead. You know that.

    Charles Xavier: I know.

    Erik Lehnsherr: Goodbye, old friend.

    Charles Xavier: Goodbye, Erik.

    [Magneto and Mystique escape]

    Hank McCoy: Are you sure you should let them go?

    Charles Xavier: Yes. I have hope for them. There's going to be a time, Hank, when we're all together.

  • Charles Xavier: He's being held hundred floors under the most heavily guarded building on the planet.

    Logan: Why is he in there?

    Charles Xavier: Oh, he forgot to mention you?


    Hank McCoy: [whispers to Logan] Uh, JFK.

    Logan: [surprised] He killed...?

    Charles Xavier: How else would you explain a bullet miraculously curving through the air? Erik always had his way with guns.

  • Erik Lehnsherr: How did you lose them?

    Charles Xavier: The treatment for my spine affects my DNA.

    Erik Lehnsherr: You sacrificed your powers so you could walk?

    Charles Xavier: I sacrificed my powers so that I could sleep!... What do you know about it?

    Erik Lehnsherr: I've lost my fair share.

    Charles Xavier: Hah! Dry your eyes, Erik. Doesn't justify what you've done.

    Erik Lehnsherr: You have no idea what I've done.

    Charles Xavier: I know that you took the things that mean the most to me.

    Erik Lehnsherr: Well, maybe you should have fought harder for them!

    Charles Xavier: [stands up] If you want to fight, Erik, then I will give you a fight!

    Logan: Sit down!

    Erik Lehnsherr: [raises his hand calmly] Let him come.

    Charles Xavier: [grabs Erik] You abandoned me! You took her away, and you abandoned me!

    Erik Lehnsherr: Angel. Azazel. Emma. Banshee. Mutant brothers and sisters, all dead!

    [the plane's controls start to freeze up and dive]

    Erik Lehnsherr: Countless others, experimented on, butchered!

    Hank McCoy: Erik!

    Erik Lehnsherr: Where were you, Charles? We were supposed to protect them! Where were you when your own people needed you? Hiding! You and Hank! Pretending to be something you're not!

    Hank McCoy: [at the controls] Erik!

    [the plane steadies]

    Erik Lehnsherr: You abandoned us ALL!

  • [Charles appears just as Raven points a gun at Trask]

    Raven: Get out of my head, Charles!

    Charles Xavier: Raven, please do not make us the enemy today.

    Raven: Look around you, we already are!

    Charles Xavier: Not all of us, Raven. All you've done so far is save the lives of these men. You can show them a better path.

    Hank McCoy: [to Xavier] Shut her down, Charles!

    Charles Xavier: I've been trying to control you since the day we met, and look where that's got us... everything that happens now is in your hands. I have faith in you, Raven.

  • Logan: What happened to the School?

    Hank McCoy: It's been shut for years. Are you a parent?

    Logan: [scoffs] I sure as hell hope not! Who are you?

    Hank McCoy: I'm Hank, Hank McCoy. I look after the house now.

    Logan: [smiles] You're Beast? Look at you. I guess you're a late bloomer.

    Hank McCoy: I don't know what you're talking about, but I'm going to have to ask you to leave.

    [tries to shut the door]

    Logan: [pushes against door] So where's the Professor?

    Hank McCoy: There's no Professor here!

    Logan: You're pretty strong for a scrawny kid. Come on, sure there's not a little Beast in there?

    Hank McCoy: [struggling] No! He's not here!

    Logan: Come on, Beast. Come on, Beastie...

    Hank McCoy: No!

    [gives way as Logan bursts through door]

  • Hank McCoy: I rigged up this communications device to allow us to see all the networks America is airing!

    Logan: [sarcastically] Wow, all three networks.

    Hank McCoy: And PBS!

  • Hank McCoy: The power's back on.

    [Charles has communicated with his older self]

    Charles Xavier: Yes. Yes, it is.

  • Charles Xavier: [to Raven/Mystique] I'm going to keep you safe. I'm going to keep you out of their hands.

    [Erik uses his power to draw a gun to his hand which he aims at Raven]

    Raven: Erik?

    Charles Xavier: Erik... what are you doing?

    Erik Lehnsherr: Securing our future. Forgive me, Mystique. As long as you're out there, we'll never be safe.

    Hank McCoy: Erik...

    Raven: Use your power, Charles. Stop him.

    Charles Xavier: I...

    Raven: He can't.

    [She flees. Hank dives at Erik causing him to release the gun, but he uses his powers to pull the trigger anyway. She leaps out the window, but Erik curves the bullet's trajectory to hit her in the right calf, embedding it there]

  • Logan: If you had your powers you'd know I was telling the truth.

    Charles Xavier: How do you know I don't have...


    Charles Xavier: Who are you?

    Logan: I told you.

    Charles Xavier: Are you CIA?

    Logan: No.

    Charles Xavier: Have you been watching me?

    Logan: I know you, Charles. We've been friends for years. I know your powers came when you were nine. I know you thought you were going crazy when it started; all the... voices in your head, and it wasn't until you were 12 that you realized the voices were in everyone else's head. Do you want me to go on?

    Charles Xavier: I never told anyone that.

    Logan: Not yet, no, but... you will.

    Charles Xavier: All right, you've piqued my interest. What do you want?

    Logan: We have to stop Raven. I need your help. We need your help.

    Charles Xavier: [emotional] I think I'd like to wake up now...

    [walks away]

    Hank McCoy: [to Logan] What does she have to do with this?

  • Charles Xavier: Hank... could you help me upstairs?

    [Hank gets Charles to his wheelchair]

    Hank McCoy: Are you sure about this?

    Charles Xavier: Absolutely not.

  • Hank McCoy: Are you sure we can't shave your head?

    Professor Charles Xavier: Don't touch my hair.

  • Hank McCoy: Am I still a bozo?

    Alex Summers: Yes, Hank, you're still a bozo. But nice job.

  • Erik Lehnsherr: You never looked better, man.

    [pats Hank on the shoulder, Hank grabs Erik by the throat]

    Professor Charles Xavier: Hank!

    Hank McCoy: Don't mock me!

    Professor Charles Xavier: Hank, put him down immediately, please. Hank! Hank!

    [Hank lets him go]

    Erik Lehnsherr: I wasn't.

  • Hank McCoy: [to Raven] You got to see this. Your genes are extraordinary, you know that? Your cells ages at the half the rate of a normal human. When you're forty, you'll still have the leukocytes of a teenager. You have the most incredible cell structure I've ever seen.

  • Raven Darkholme: We should come up with secret codenames, we're secret agents now! I'll start, I'm gonna be Mystique.

    Sean Cassidy: Damn! I wanted to be called Mystique!

    Raven Darkholme: [Raven morphs into Sean] Too bad! Besides, I'm way more mysterious than you.

    [Everybody applauds in amazement, Raven shifts back, indicates Sean]

    Raven Darkholme: What about you?

    Sean Cassidy: I wanna be... Banshee!

    Hank McCoy: Why do you want to be named after a wailing spirit?

    Sean Cassidy: You may want to cover your ears...

    [everyone does so, Sean looks to shatter the glasses on the table, misdirects his shriek and shatters the large paned window instead, everybody laughs]

    Raven Darkholme: [indicates Angel] What about you?

    Angel Salvadore: [she stands, removing her jacket] My stage name is Angel... and it kind of fits.

    [reveals her wings]

    Raven Darkholme: You can fly?

    Angel Salvadore: Uh huh, and...

    [turns and spits out an acidic ball at the statue outside, everybody laughs]

    Raven Darkholme: Darwin, what's your name?

    Armando Muñoz: Well, Darwin's already a nickname... and it fits: "adapt to survive" and all... Check this.

    [walks over to a fish aquarium nearby, dunks his head under the water - gills grow on the side of his face. Everyone applauds]

    Armando Muñoz: Thank you!

    [indicating Hank]

    Armando Muñoz: What about you?

    Alex Summers: How about Bigfoot?

    Raven Darkholme: Well you know what they say about guys with big feet, and you're are kinda small...

    [chuckles among the group]

    Armando Muñoz: What is your gift, Alex?

    Alex Summers: I can't. I can't do it. Not here.

    Armando Muñoz: Could you do it outside? Come on!

    [Everybody eggs Alex on to show off, he finally gives in, and walks outside the window]

    Alex Summers: Get back when I tell you.

    [He readies himself, the group leans out the window]

    Alex Summers: Get back!

    [They do, but immediately lean back out]

    Alex Summers: Whatever.

    [Alex rocks his body as blades of energy swirl around him and fly around until he's able to launch at the statue, slicing it off at the torso]

  • Dr. Moira MacTaggert: Who destroyed the statue?

    Hank McCoy: It was Alex.

  • Hank McCoy: You have no idea what I'd give to feel...

    Raven Darkholme: Normal?

  • Professor Charles Xavier: [after Charles and Hank apply a duct tape with an X Mark on it] Wonderful work, Hank. Alright Alex, I want you to hit the X. Just the X, keep that in mind.

    Alex Summers: [gets shocked] You SERIOUS?

    Professor Charles Xavier: [seriously] I'm very serious.

    [Alex then focuses his vision on the X. He then creates an energy blast from his rings to the prototype Hank made, and hits the X. Both Charles and Hank are flabbergasted and laugh]

    Hank McCoy: Am I still a Bozo?

    Alex Summers: Yes, Hank you're still a bozo.

    [Hank frowns]

    Alex Summers: But, nice job.

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