Chris Kyle Quotes in American Sniper (2014)


Chris Kyle Quotes:

  • Chris Kyle: I'm not redneck; I'm Texan!

    Taya Renae Kyle: What's the difference?

    Chris Kyle: We ride horses, they ride their cousins.

  • Navy Doctor: Would you be surprised if I told you that Navy has credited you with... over 160 kills?

    Chris Kyle: [Hums]

    Navy Doctor: Do you ever think that... you might have seen things or... done some things over there that you wish you hadn't?

    Chris Kyle: Oh, that's not me. No.

    Navy Doctor: What's not you?

    Chris Kyle: I was just protecting my guys, they were trying to kill... our soldiers and I... I'm willing to meet my Creator and answer for every shot that I took.

    Chris Kyle: The thing that... haunts me are all the guys that I couldn't save.

    Chris Kyle: Now I'm willing and able to... be there but I'm not, I'm here I quit.

    Navy Doctor: You can walk down any hall in this hospital. Looks like plenty soldiers need saving.

    Chris Kyle: [Hums]

    Navy Doctor: You want to take a walk?

    Chris Kyle: Sure.

  • Taya Renae Kyle: Did you always want to be a soldier?

    Chris Kyle: I wanted to be a cowboy, but I did that and felt I needed something more.

    Taya Renae Kyle: So you decided to rescue girls from bars?

    Chris Kyle: I think I rescued the bar from you.

  • Taya Renae Kyle: Hello?

    Chris Kyle: Baby?

    Taya Renae Kyle: Baby I can't hear you!

    Chris Kyle: I'm ready. I'm ready to come home. I'm ready to come home baby!

  • Chris Kyle: [from trailer] I'm willing to meet my creator and answer for every shot that I took...

  • Marc Lee: You got some kind of saviour complex?

    Chris Kyle: No. I just want to get the bad guys, but if I can't see them I can't shoot them.

  • Chris Kyle: [to his pregnant wife] You're the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

    Taya Renae Kyle: I have an alien growing inside of me.

  • Chris Kyle: God, country, family, right?

  • Chris Kyle: Mustafa's got his peepers out.

    Biggles: This motherfucker is Keyser fucking Söze, bro.

  • Wynn: [hitting his target on the range] Who's the legend now?

    Chris Kyle: That's a title you don't want. Trust me.

  • Chris Kyle: The thing that, uh... haunts me are all the guys that I *couldn't* save.

  • [first lines]

    Chris Kyle: It's a fuckin' hot-box.

    soldier: The fuckin' dirt here tastes like dog shit.

    Chris Kyle: Ah, well you'd know, wouldn't you?

  • Chris Kyle: [Chris sees his daughter crying being ignored by the nurse; the nurse is cradling another baby] Hey, that's my daughter!

  • Chris Kyle: [shoots a snake next to the target range] I'm better when it's breathing.

  • Chris Kyle: [from trailer]

    [whispers to himself as he points his rifle at an Iraqi boy carrying an RPG bomb]

    Chris Kyle: Don't pick it up...


    Chris Kyle: Drop it!

    [his finger starts trembling on the trigger]

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