Magneto Quotes in X-Men: Apocalypse (2016)


Magneto Quotes:

  • Mystique: [to Magneto] I know you think you've lost everything, but you haven't. You have me, you have Charles... you have more family than you know. You never had the chance to save your family before, but you do now. That's what I've come here to tell you.

    Magneto: [to Quicksilver] And you?

    Peter Maximoff: I'm your... I'm here for my family, too.

    Mystique: I'm gonna go fight for what I have left. Are you?

  • Apocalypse: You betray me?

    Magneto: No. I betrayed them.

    [attacks Apocalypse]

  • Magneto: You think because you can see into my head you know how it feels? You're looking in the wrong place, Charles.

  • Magneto: Stay back. Whoever you are, don't try to stop me from killing these men.

    [Apocalypse turns the men into ash]

    Apocalypse: I'm not here for them. I'm here for you.

    [enters energy field]

    Apocalypse: Come and see.

  • Charles Xavier: Think of your wife, think of your daughter. What would they have wanted?

    Magneto: They would have wanted to live.

  • Magneto: I tried your way, Charles. I tried to be like them, live like them. But it always ends the same way. They took everything away from me. Now, we'll take everything from them.

  • Magneto: All those years wasted fighting each other, Charles... to have a precious few of them back.

  • Logan: So I wake up in my younger body, God knows where, and then what?

    Professor X: You'll need to go to my house and find me. Convince me of all this.

    Logan: Won't you be able to read my mind?

    Professor X: I didn't have my powers in 1973. Logan, you're going to have to do for me what I once did for you: lead me, guide me. I was a very different man then. You'll have to be patient with me.

    Logan: [scoffs] Patience isn't my strongest suit.

    Magneto: You'll need me as well.

    Logan: What?

    Magneto: After Mystique left Charles, she came with me, and I set her on a dangerous path, a darker path. It's going to take the two of us, side by side at a time when we couldn't be further apart.

    [Logan looks at Professor X, who nods]

    Logan: Great. So where do I find you?

    Magneto: Well, it's complicated...

  • Magneto: Charles, this might actually work.

  • Magneto: Charles, are you sure this will work?

    Professor X: I have complete faith in him.

    Magneto: It's not him I'm worried about. It's us. We were younger, more brash. We didn't know any better.

    Professor X: We will now.

  • [deleted scene]

    [Magneto and Iceman find Rogue in a laboratory being experimented on]

    Magneto: [to scientists] I've been on that slab before. Let me show you how it feels!

  • Worker: Can I help you?

    Magneto: No...

  • [during the credits]

    [as Logan checks into an airport, he notices metallic items levitating. Suddenly, he is frozen and is confronted by Magneto]

    Logan: What do you want?

    Magneto: There are dark forces, Logan. Human forces building a weapon that could bring about the end of our kind. What do I want? I want your help.

    Logan: Why would I trust you?

    Magneto: You wouldn't.

    [Magneto releases Logan. Logan sees that everyone around him is frozen]

    Charles Xavier: [wheels up] Hello, Logan.

    Logan: How is this possible?

    Charles Xavier: As I told you a long time ago, you are not the only one with gifts.

  • [last lines]

    [Xavier and Magneto play a game of chess at Magneto's cell]

    Magneto: Does it ever wake you in the middle of the night? The feeling that one day they will pass that foolish law or one just like it, and come for you? And your children?

    Prof. Charles Francis Xavier: It does, indeed.

    Magneto: What do you do, when you wake up to that?

    Prof. Charles Francis Xavier: I feel a great swell of pity for the poor soul who comes to that school... looking for trouble.

    Magneto: [halts the game, sighs] Why do you come here, Charles?

    Prof. Charles Francis Xavier: Why do you ask questions to which you already know the answer?

    Magneto: Ah, yes. Your continuing search for hope.

    [motions to the guard to take Xavier away]

    Magneto: You know this plastic prison of theirs won't hold me forever. The war is still coming, Charles. And I intend to fight it, by any means necessary.

    Prof. Charles Francis Xavier: And I will always be there, old friend.

  • [At the Statue of Liberty]

    Magneto: Magnificent, isn't she?

    Rogue: I've seen it.

    Magneto: I first saw her in 1949. America was going to be the land of tolerance. Peace.

    Rogue: Are you going to kill me?

    Magneto: Yes.

    Rogue: Why?

    Magneto: Because there is no land of tolerance. There is no peace. Not here, or anywhere else.

  • Magneto: Why do none of you understand what I'm trying to do? Those people down there- they control our fate and the fate of every other mutant! Well, soon our fate will be theirs.

    [Rogue screams for help]

    Wolverine: You're so full of shit! If you're really so righteous, it'd be you in that thing.

  • [trapped inside the Statue of Liberty]

    Cyclops: Storm, fry him!

    Magneto: Oh yes! A bolt of lightning into a huge copper conductor. I thought you lived at a school?

  • Magneto: You "homo sapiens" and your guns!

    [Sabretooth suddenly grabs Magneto by the throat]

    Prof. Charles Francis Xavier: [through Sabretooth] That's enough, Eric!

    Prof. Charles Francis Xavier: [through Toad] Let them go!

    Magneto: Why not come out where I can see you, Charles?

    Prof. Charles Francis Xavier: What do you want her for?

    Magneto: [taps his helmet] Can't you read my mind?... What now? Save the girl? You'll have to kill me, Charles. And what will that accomplish? Let them pass that law, and they'll have you in chains with a number burned into your forehead!

    Prof. Charles Francis Xavier: It won't be that way!

    Magneto: Then kill me and find out.


    Magneto: No? Then release me.

    [pause, Toad turns away, freed from the control, but Sabretooth retains his grip]

    Magneto: Fine.

    [sets off the guns with his magnetism, halting the bullets before they pierce the policemen's bodies]

    Magneto: Care to press your luck, Charles? I don't think I can stop them all.

    [Sabretooth releases Magneto]

    Magneto: Still unwilling to make sacrifices. That's what makes you weak. Goodbye, Charles.

  • [Logan confronts Magneto for the first time]

    Magneto: You must be Wolverine. That remarkable metal doesn't run through your entire body, does it?

    Logan: What do you want with me?

    Magneto: You? My dear boy, who ever said I wanted you?

    [Logan looks at Marie]

  • [to Senator Kelly]

    Magneto: Are you a God-fearing man, Senator? That is such a strange phrase. I've always thought of God as a teacher; a bringer of light, wisdom, and understanding. You see, I think what you really fear is me. Me and my kind. The Brotherhood of Mutants. Oh, it's not so surprising really. Mankind has always feared what it doesn't understand. Well, don't fear God, Senator, and certainly don't fear me. Not any more.

    [goes to activate his machine]

    Senator Kelly: What are you going to do?

    Magneto: Let's just say, God works too slow.

  • [Preparing Senator Kelly for the mutation machine]

    Senator Kelly: What are you going to do?

    Magneto: Let's just say God works too slow.

  • Magneto: Toad has a wicked tongue, Senator. Just like you.

  • Magneto: What happended?

    Sabretooth: They knew.

    Magneto: Charles!

    [Magneto examines Wolverine's army dog tags that Sabertooth is now wearing]

    Magneto: Where's the mutant now?

    Sabretooth: With them.

    Magneto: I have made the first move. That is all they know. Come, the UN summit is approaching. Time for our little test.

  • [Charles senses someone at Senator Kelly's hearing]

    Prof. Charles Francis Xavier: Eric, what are you doing here?

    Magneto: Why do you ask questions to which you already know the answer?

    Prof. Charles Francis Xavier: Don't give up on them, Erik.

    Magneto: What would you have me do, Charles? I've heard these arguments before.

    Prof. Charles Francis Xavier: That was a long time ago. Mankind has evolved since then.

    Magneto: Yes, into us.

    [Magneto turns and looks at the Professor]

    Magneto: [taps his head] Are you sneaking around in here, Charles? Whatever are you looking for?

    Prof. Charles Francis Xavier: I'm looking for hope.

    Magneto: I will bring you hope, old friend, and I ask only one thing in return - don't get in my way.

    [strides off]

    Magneto: We are the future, Charles, not them! They no longer matter!

  • Magneto: [after mutating Mutant Kelly] Welcome to the future.

  • [Magneto shoots Rogue with a tranquilizer dart while she runs away]

    Magneto: Young people.

  • Magneto: How are we feeling, Senator? Advanced, I hope!

  • Senator Kelly: What the hell have you done to me?

    Magneto: Senator, this is pointless. Where would you go? Who would take you in now that your one of us?

  • Senator Kelly: What'd you do with Henry?

    Magneto: Your aide, Mr. Gyrich, has been dead for some time, senator. I've had Mystique here keep you company. She takes so many shapes.

  • Magneto: [to Rogue] I am so sorry...

    [forcibly transfers his powers to her]

  • Magneto: Ah, my brothers, welcome.

    [Looks at Logan]

    Magneto: And you, let's point those claws of your in the safer direction.

  • Dr. Jean Grey: I saw Senator Kelly.

    Magneto: So, the senator survived the fall, and the swim to shore. He's become more powerful than I imagined.

    Dr. Jean Grey: He's dead. Just like all those people out there will be.

    Storm: It's true. I watched him die.

    Magneto: Are you sure you saw what you saw?

  • Mitchell Laurio: Have a nice sleep, Lensherr?

    Magneto: There's something different about you today, Mr. Laurio.

    Mitchell Laurio: Yeah, I *was* having a good day.

    Magneto: [gets up] No, it's something else...

    Mitchell Laurio: Sit down.

    Magneto: No.

    Mitchell Laurio: [draws his club] I said, sit your ass down!

    [He starts for Magneto, who holds up his hand. Laurio stops forcibly]

    Mitchell Laurio: [gasps] What are you doing?

    Magneto: Ah, there it is...

    [He lifts his hand, and Laurio lifts into the air]

    Magneto: Too much iron in your blood!

    [He draws a cloud of iron particles out through Laurio's skin, and squeezes them into a set of ball bearings. Laurio collapses to the floor, unmoving]

    Magneto: Mr. Laurio, never trust a beautiful woman. Especially one who's interested in you.

  • Pyro: So, they say you're the bad guy.

    Magneto: Is that what they say?

    Pyro: That's a dorky looking helmet. What's it for?

    Magneto: This "dorky looking helmet" is the only thing that's going to protect me from the REAL bad guys.

    [magnetically takes Pyro's lighter and lights it]

    Magneto: What's your name?

    Pyro: [staring at his lighter in Magneto's hands] John.

    Magneto: What's your *real* name, John?

    Pyro: [summons lighter's flame to his hand] Pyro.

    Magneto: Quite a talent you have there, Pyro.

    Pyro: I can only manipulate the fire

    [flame disappears into Pyro's hand]

    Pyro: I can't create it.

    Magneto: You are a god among insects. Never let anyone tell you different.

  • [about Mystique]

    Wolverine: She's good.

    Magneto: You have no idea.

  • Magneto: Charles Xavier. Have you come to rescue me?

    Professor X: Sorry, Eric. Not today.

    Magneto: To what do I owe the pleasure?

    Professor X: The assassination attempt on the president. What do you know about it?

    Magneto: Nothing. Only what I read in the papers. You really shouldn't have to ask, Charles.

    Professor X: What's happened to you?

    Magneto: I've had frequent visits from William Stryker. You remember him, don't you?

    Professor X: William Stryker.

    Magneto: His son, Jason, was once a student of yours, wasn't he?

    Professor X: Yes. Years ago. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to help him... at least not in the way his father wanted.

    Magneto: And now you think that taking in the Wolverine will make up for your failure with Stryker's son. You haven't told him about his past, have you?

    Professor X: I've put him on the path. Logan's mind is still fragile.

    Magneto: Is it? Or are you afraid of losing one of your precious X-men... old friend?

    Professor X: Eric, what have you done?

    Magneto: I'm sorry, Charles. I couldn't help it.

    Professor X: What have you told Stryker?

    Magneto: [sighs] Everything.

    [gas emits]

    Magneto: The war has begun.

    Professor X: Scott!

    Magneto: You should've killed me when you had the chance!

  • [Cyclops, under Stryker's mind control, attacks Jean, Magneto, and Mystique]

    Dr. Jean Grey: Go! I'll handle him!

    Magneto: [to Mystique] This is one lovers' quarrel we cannot get involved in, my dear.

  • Magneto: [Magneto uses his power to stop the X-Jet from crashing] When will these people learn how to fly?

  • [Rogue sees Magneto and Mystique talking, then they notice her]

    Magneto: We love what you've done with your hair.

  • Magneto: His name is Colonel William Stryker, and he invaded your mansion for one purpose: he wanted Cerebro, or enough of it to build one of his own.

    Dr. Jean Grey: But that doesn't make any sense. Stryker would need the Professor to operate it.

    Magneto: Which I think is the only reason my old friend is still alive.

    Storm: Oh my God...

    [Storm, Jean Gray and Magneto exchange worried looks]

    Wolverine: What are you all so afraid of?

    Magneto: While Cerebro is working, Charles's mind is connected to every living person on the planet. If he were forced to concentrate hard enough on a particular group - let's say mutants, for example - he could kill us all!

    Storm: Wait a minute, how would Stryker even know where to find Cerebro in the first place?

    Magneto: ...Because I told him. I helped Charles build it, remember? Mr. Stryker has powerful methods of persuasion - even against a mutant as strong as Charles.

  • [Stryker comes to interrogate Magneto]

    Magneto: Ah, Mr. Stryker! Come to see that American tax dollars are keeping me comfortable?

  • Magneto: [approaching an incapacitated Xavier] How does it look from there Charles? Still fighting the good fight? From here it looks like they're not playing by your rules... Maybe it's time to play by theirs!

  • [to Wolverine]

    Magneto: The professor thought you would be able to figure it out on your own. He gives you more credit than I do.

  • Magneto: A war is brewing...

  • Magneto: Mr Stryker. Funny, we keep running into each other. Mark my words: it will never happen again.

  • [to Logan, about Cerebro]

    Magneto: What do you intend to do, scratch it with your claws?

  • Dr. Jean Grey: Why do you need us?

    Magneto: Mystique has discovered plans of a base that Stryker's been operating out of for decades. Only we don't know where it is. We thought one of you might.

    Wolverine: The professor already tried.

    Magneto: [sighs] Once again, you think it's all about you.

    [he looks up. They follow his gaze and see Nightcrawler perched in the trees above them]

  • [Peter removes his jacket and wing straps]

    Cyclops: He's unleashing his powers!

    Storm: He's gonna spread angel wings!

    [Peter clucks like a chicken and turns around showing his small-sized wings on his back]

    Mystique: More like chicken wings!

    Magneto: Break it up. Break it up. You all know Peter is too much of a pussy to stand up for himself.

  • Magneto: We'll stand behind you, Peter. That bitch has threatened our mutant way of life for too long. We believe in you.

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