Policeman # 3 Quotes in Batman Begins (2005)


Policeman # 3 Quotes:

  • Batman: [driving the Batmobile while being chased by the police] Hold on.

    Rachel Dawes: What are you doing?

    Batman: Short cut.

    [He turns the Tumbler and smashes through the gate of a parking garage entrance. The guy at the booth simply looks on as the police enter the garage enter him. He makes his way up to the rooftop]

    Uniformed Policeman #1: Air one to ground. Block that ramp.

    [Bruce backs the Tumbler into a compact parking space by pushing aside the cars in the two adjacent spaces]

    Uniformed Policeman #1: He's got no way off that roof.

    [One of the cops takes out his megaphone and says]

    Policeman # 2: Turn off your engine! Step away from the car!

    Batman: Trust me.

    [presses a button]

    The Tumbler: Weapon system activated.

    [He fires a charge, destroying part of the concrete barrier at the edge of the roof. Then Batman accelerates the Tumbler towards the gap. As the Tumbler nears the edge, it goes into a rampless jump to scale the street. It makes its way across the rooftops]

    Policeman # 3: [on the street] Who is this guy?

    Policeman # 4: Where's he going?

    Policeman # 3: He's on the roof.

    [He looks up to see debris coming over the edge of the roof]

    Policeman # 4: What street is he taking?

    Policeman # 3: He's not on a street! He's flying on rooftops!

    [the Tumbler jumps onto the roof of a church, destroying part of the roof as it crosses. It eventually jumps onto a highway, and takes an offramp to the lower level of Wacker Drive]

  • Mac: [as he and Lydia are being arrested] Come on, come on, what's it gonna take, huh? Come on, come on, let's make a deal, I- I...

    Lydia: [screaming at Mac] Shut up!

    Mac: You shut up!

    Policeman #3: Just get in there.

    Mac: [to the police officer] I'll sing like a canary. You know, you name 'em, I'll blame 'em.

    Policeman #3: I don't care.

    Teddy: It's ironic, isn't it? Here I am, the so-called "lucky one" who got adopted, and yet I never could find the one thing that you three have always had. You know, you're happy with yourselves, and with each other. That's a real blessing. So what can I do to pay you guys back for saving my life?

    Lydia: Funny you should ask: Can you give us 830,000 bucks to save the orphanage?

    Teddy: Uh... no.

    [the Stooges gasp in shock]

    Teddy: That guy that adopted me, he shipped me off to military school when I was seven. And he just... he just tried to murder me, and run off with my wife, and- and you expect me to just give money to the women who handed me over to that monster? I'm sorry, guys, I'd do anything for those kids and- and you guys, but... I can't do that, uh... sorry.

    Policeman #3: Excuse me, Mr. Harter? Could you come over here and give us a statement? Right this way.

    Moe: [Moe slaps Larry] "Donut remover."

  • Policeman #1: Captain, there's a thousand cattle roaming the streets!

    Policeman #2: There's five thousand steers outside!

    Policeman #3: There's ten thousand wild cows loose in the street!

    Policeman #4: There's a million bulls in town!

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