Homeless Man Quotes in Batman Begins (2005)


Homeless Man Quotes:

  • Carmine Falcone: [frantically loading his shotgun] What the hell are you?

    [Batman breaks open the limo's sunroof and pulls Falcone out]

    Batman: I'm Batman!

    [Batman knocks Falcone out with a headbutt, then notices a bum watching him. The bum is wearing the coat Bruce gave him years ago]

    Batman: Nice coat.

    [Batman flies off with Falcone]

    Homeless Man: Thanks.

  • [after getting thrown out of Falcone's restaurant, Bruce takes out his wallet, removes the cash, and throws the wallet into a drum fire. He then offers the cash to a homeless man]

    Homeless Man: For what?

    Bruce Wayne: Your jacket.

    Homeless Man: Okay.

    [as he takes it off, Bruce prepares to throw his own into the fire]

    Homeless Man: Hey, hey, hey, let me have it. It's a nice coat.

    [They switch coats]

    Bruce Wayne: Be careful who sees you with that. They're going to come looking for me.

    Homeless Man: Who?

    Bruce Wayne: Everyone.

    [He runs off]

    Homeless Man: It's-it's a nice coat...

  • Homeless Man: [watches as Bruce Wayne is thrown out of Falcone's establishment] Should've tipped better!

  • Homeless Man: [begging for change] Help a cripple! Help a homeless! Help a Vietnam vet walk again! Help a cripple! Thank you, sir! Help a Veitnam vet walk again! Help a cripple! Thank you, sir!

    [Poter grabs all of the money out of the homeless man's hat. Homeless man stands and yells at Porter]

    Homeless Man: Hey, what the fuck you doin!

    Porter: [chokes the homeless man] Shut up, I cured ya'!

  • Darcy Walker: [a homeless man holds the clothes of Black Scorpion] Do you mind if I take those?

    Homeless man: No. I'll just keep lookin' for the naked lady.

    [as Darcy walks away]

    Homeless man: I was joking, lady!

  • Stan: Listen Mr. homeless man, if you don't wanna buy us the tickets and not get your ten bucks and not buy yourself a bottle of vodka, then be my guest.

    Homeless man: Six tickets please!

  • Homeless Man: You got a dollar?

    Buffy Gilmore: Get away from me, you bum.

    Cindy Campbell: Buffy, can't you see he's hungry? Here you go, sir, a nice sandwich.

    Homeless Man: I said a dollar, bitch.

  • [last "line" in the film]

    Homeless Man: [holding up a sign] "ARMAGEDON OUTA HERE"

    [homeless man morphs into God]

  • [during the riot]

    Homeless Man: [holding up a sign] "THY KINGDUMB COME"

  • [after gang beats up Bruce]

    Homeless Man: [holding up a sign] "LIFE IS JUST"

  • Homeless Man: [holding up a sign] "GOD BEE GOOD HONEY"

    Bruce: [holds up his own sign] "WHATEVER HE SAID - >"

  • [as Bruce arrives late to work]

    Homeless Man: [holding up a sign] "R EWE BLIND"

  • [while Bruce is looking a guy next to a broken down car]

    Homeless Man: [holding up a sign] "ALL FOR WON"

  • Homeless Man: What's up, friend? How you doing?

    Nick: Good. I was just gonna go in...

    Homeless Man: You walked right in here.

    Nick: I didn't mean to.

    Homeless Man: You're like a little canary in skinny jeans.

    Nick: I was gonna go in to look for my friend.

    Homeless Man: You got friends right here. Me and Switzerland are here for you, baby. Let me ask you a question. You ever hook up with a dog?

    Nick: No. What? Like an an... A dog, like a pet? No.

    Homeless Man: Don't. It's not worth it. I like you so much.

    [trying to hug Nick]

    Nick: I'm running away. I'm running.

    Homeless Man: Run away. Run away, little canary.

  • [repeated line]

    Homeless Man: The government took my home.

  • Homeless Man: Do you have a dream you would like me to interpret?

    Serena: Sorry, I don't sleep. Not to dream, anyway.

  • Homeless Man: You smell good. Like apples. I like apples.

    Fiona Wagner: Yeah?

    Homeless Man: Yeah...

    Fiona Wagner: [punch to his gut] How do you like them apples?

  • Homeless Man: Can you help me out, little man? Just something. Anything. I'm no chooser here.

    Joshua Cairn: I'll give you five dollars if you let me throw a rock at you.

  • Homeless Man: You left customers in there. That's not a very good way to run a business.

    Pharmacist: Don't you tell me how to run my business, you're a fucking bum!

    Homeless Man: Well, you don't tell me how to run my life! You're a fucking prick! I'll talk to whoever I want to! You don't own this fucking sidewalk!

    Pharmacist: You wanna know something? I do own this fuckin' sidewalk. You wanna know why? Cause I pay fuckin' taxes!

    Homeless Man: Fuck you!

    Pharmacist: No, fuck you!

    Homeless Man: I hope you die, you sack of shit. I hope you die, and I hope you float down the gutter, so I can fuckin' piss on you!

    [the Pharmacist loses interest and leaves]

    Homeless Man: You big, bald-headed baboon! Miscomplected afterbirth of a Chinese gang-banger! Educated idiot!

  • Djinn: [referring to the curses the homeless man shouted] What would you do to have them come true?

    Homeless Man: Cigarette and a handshake's about all I got, pal.

    Djinn: Not quite. You have a soul.

    Homeless Man: That I'd trade for a shower and a jug of jack.

    Djinn: Then the death of your enemy you would consider a bargain?

  • Homeless Man: Say it. Say you are a sinner.

    Adam Moses: I am a sinner.

    Homeless Man: You must go and tell them all. Tell them the truth.

  • James McGregor: [giving cigarette to man who's given him information] Keep it.

    Homeless Man: Ah, cheers... you're a sojer!

  • Murray: Hey! Get help! I'll pay you. Call the police! I need help! I'm serious. I've got money.

    Homeless Man: Pass. Thanks. Because it all flows back.

  • Homeless Man: [Sees Murray hiding in the tree] ... ANGELS!

    Shark: What the fuck, man?

  • Homeless Man: Spare a little money, sir? Any change will help.

    Murray: Sorry. Pass. Thanks ...

    Homeless Man: It all flows back, you know!

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