Lone Man Quotes in Shoot 'Em Up (2007)


Lone Man Quotes:

  • Lone Man: You know we were never really trying to kill you. We only wanted to scare you into surrendering.

    Mr. Smith: Well, that's one way to explain why you can't shoot straight.

  • Mr. Smith: [lone man walks out of bathroom stall] What were you doing in there so long?

    Lone Man: [rubbing rag on his .44 magnum] Cleaning my gun.

    Mr. Smith: [raises eye-brow] Really?

  • American: How the fuck did you get in here?

    Lone Man: I used my imagination.

  • [last lines]

    American: What is your fucking agenda here?


    American: You people don't understand a fucking thing about how the world really works.

    Lone Man: I understand. But I understand subjectively.

    American: That's fucking nonsense. Your sick minds have been polluted with crap. Your music, movies, science. Fucking bohemians on hallucinogenic drugs. All that shit has poisoned you. And it has nothing to do with the real world. And I suppose you believe that by eliminating me, you will eliminate control over some fucking artificial reality.

    Lone Man: Reality is arbitrary.

    American: Fuck you.

  • Molecules: Are you interested in science by any chance? I'm interested in molecules. The Sufis say each one of us is a planet spinning in ecstasy. But I say each one of us is a set of shifting molecules. Spinning in ecstasy. In the near future, worn out things will be made new again by reconfiguring their molecules. A pair of shoes. A tire. Molecular detection will also allow the determination of an object's physical history. This match box for example. Its collection of molecules could indicate everywhere it's ever been. They could do it with your clothes. Or even with your skin, for that matter. Wait three days until you see the bread. The guitar will find you. Among us, there are those who are not among us.

    Lone Man: I'm among no one.

  • American: Is this your twisted idea of revenge for something?

    Lone Man: No. Revenge is useless.

  • [first lines]

    Creole: [character speaks in Spanish/French creole, English subtitles] You don't speak Spanish, right?

    French: [character translates for Creole] You don't speak Spanish, right?

    Creole: You are ready? Everything's cool?

    French: You are ready? Everything's cool?

    Lone Man: Yes!

    Creole: Good.

    French: Good.

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