Devlin Quotes in Spy Kids 3: Game Over (2003)


Devlin Quotes:

  • Juni: Mr. President.

    Devlin: Oh you can call me Devlin.

    Juni: Weren't you already running the country when you were head of the OSS?

  • Devlin: What were you trying to do? Save the world?

    Angela: No. Not the world, just myself.

  • Bodice: [Radio] We need a fucking hospital here!

    Devlin: [Radio] Roger. And can we please use the proper procedure of language, over.

    Bodice: [Radio] Fucking roger, out!

  • Devlin: [viewing site of the bombing] I told you, nothing to see.

    Martin Rose: Nothing to look at, which is different.

  • Devlin: This room's bugged.

    Martin Rose: Not like you to be suspicious.

    Devlin: No, I'm just saying. It's routine around here. Confidential conversations are transcribed and filed away.

    Martin Rose: Better be careful what I say, then.

    Devlin: Yeah, or at least speak clearly. For the sake of the typist.

  • Devlin: Martin, be careful.

    Martin Rose: It's a bit bloody late for that.

  • Devlin: [to Martin Rose] I needed a cigarette. Patches don't work for me, my skin's too thick. Comes from working with bastards like you.

  • Devlin: [referring to Farroukh Erdogan] Well, he's born in a three-goat town on the Turkey-Iraq border.

  • Devlin: [holding pliers] Now you might feel a small pinch, yeah? Let me know if it hurts, alright...

  • Alicia: Say it again, it keeps me awake.

    Devlin: I love you.

  • Alicia: This is a very strange love affair.

    Devlin: Why?

    Alicia: Maybe the fact that you don't love me.

  • Captain Paul Prescott: [about Alicia] I don't like this, I don't like her coming here.

    Walter Beardsley: She's had me worried for some time. A woman of that sort.

    Devlin: What sort is that, Mr. Beardsley?

    Walter Beardsley: Oh, I don't think any of us have any illusions about her character. Have we, Devlin?

    Devlin: Not at all, not in the slightest. Miss Huberman is first, last, and always not a lady. She may be risking her life, but when it comes to being a lady, she doesn't hold a candle to your wife, sitting in Washington, playing bridge with three other ladies of great honor and virtue.

  • Alicia: Don't ever leave me.

    Devlin: You'll never get rid of me again.

    Alicia: Never tried to.

  • Alicia: I'm terrified.

    Devlin: Just pretend you're a janitor. Janitors are never terrified.

    Alicia: I have a feeling they're very slow.

  • Devlin: A man doesn't tell a woman what to do. She tells herself.

  • Devlin: [after being caught kissing Alicia at the party] I knew her before you, loved her before you, only I'm not as lucky as you...

  • Alicia: My car is outside.

    Devlin: Naturally.

  • Alicia: Well, did you hear that? I'm practically on the wagon, that's quite a change.

    Devlin: It's a phase.

    Alicia: You don't think a woman can change?

    Devlin: Sure, change is fun, for awhile.

  • Alexander Sebastian: I'm not afraid to die.

    Devlin: You've got your chance, here and now.

  • Alicia: Why should I?

    Devlin: Patriotism.

    Alicia: That word gives me a pain.

  • Alicia: Alex has the key to that.

    Devlin: Then, get it from him.

    Alicia: Get it? How?

    Devlin: Don't you live near him?

  • Devlin: [bitterly, to Alicia] Dry your eyes, baby; it's out of character.

  • Alicia: Look, I'll make it easy for you. The time has come when you must tell me you have a wife and two adorable children... and this madness between us can't go on any longer.

    Devlin: Bet you've heard that line often enough.

    Alicia: [hurt] Right below the belt every time. That isn't fair, Dev.

  • Alicia: This fog gets me.

    Devlin: That's your hair in your eyes.

  • Devlin: You don't look so hot. Sick?

    Alicia: [lies defiantly] No. Hangover.

    Devlin: That's news. Back to bottle again, huh?

    Alicia: It sort of... lightens my chores.

  • Alicia: What does the speedometer say?

    Devlin: 65.

    Alicia: I want to make it 80 and wipe that grin off your face.

  • Devlin: I couldn't see straight or think straight. I was a fat-headed guy, full of pain.

  • [Alicia and Devlin meet on a bench in the city]

    Devlin: What's new?

    Alicia: Oh, nothing. What's new with you?

    Devlin: Nothing.

  • Devlin: I can't help recalling some of your remarks about being a new woman. Daisies and buttercups, wasn't it?

    Alicia: You idiot! What are you sore about, you knew very well what I was doing!

    Devlin: Did I?

    Alicia: You could have stopped me with one word, but no, you wouldn't. You threw me at him!

    Devlin: I threw you at nobody.

    Alicia: Didn't you tell me what I had?

    Devlin: A man doesn't tell a woman what to do; she tells herself. You almost had me believing in that little hokey-pokey miracle of yours, that a woman like you could change her spots.

    Alicia: Oh, you're rotten.

    Devlin: That's why I didn't try to stop you. The answer had to come from you.

    Alicia: I see. Some kind of love test.

    Devlin: That's right.

  • Alicia: Here's something that belongs to you. I should have given it to you sooner.

    Devlin: What is it?

    Alicia: A scarf you lent me once in Miami.

  • Devlin: Don't you need a coat?

    Alicia: You'll do.

  • [driving while drunk]

    Alicia: How am I doing?

    Devlin: Not bad.

    Alicia: Scared?

    Devlin: No.

    Alicia: No... no, you're not scared of anything, are you?

    [the car nearly swerves off-road]

    Devlin: [correcting himself] Not too much!

  • Devlin: [referring to Sebastian] Well, he's here. The head of a large German business concern.

    Alicia: His family always had money.

    Devlin: He's part of the combine that built up the German war machine and hopes to keep on going.

    Alicia: Something big?

    Devlin: It has all the earmarks of being something big.

  • Alicia: Well, you never believed in me anyways. So what's the difference?

    Devlin: It's lucky for both of us that I didn't. It wouldn't have been pretty if I'd believed in you. If I'd figured, she'll never be able to go through with it, she's been made over by love.

    Alicia: If you only once had said that you loved me. Oh, Dev.

    Devlin: Listen, you've chalked up another boyfriend, that's all. No harm done.

    Alicia: I hate you.

    Devlin: There's no occasion to, you're doing good work.

  • Alicia: [in bed, hung-over] I'm no stool-pigeon, Mr. Devlin.

    Devlin: My department authorized me to engage you to do some work for us. There's a job in Brazil...

    Alicia: Oh, go away. The whole thing bores me.

    Devlin: Some of the German gentry who are paying your father are working in Rio. Ever hear of the IG Farben Industries?

    Alicia: I tell you, I'm not interested.

    Devlin: Farben has men in South America, planted there before the war. They're cooperating with the Brazilian government to smoke them out. My chief thinks that the daughter of a, uh...

    Alicia: A traitor?

    Devlin: Well, he thinks you might be valuable in the work.

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