George Khan Quotes in East Is East (1999)


George Khan Quotes:

  • George Khan: ...when I come this country, I have no luggage. Today what I got?

    Meenah Khan: You got a chip shop. dad.

    George Khan: Right. Own bloody business, see.

  • Priest: God bless.

    George Khan: And Allah be with you

  • Priest: God Bless.

    George Khan: Allah go with you.

  • [Saleem accidentally drops a fake vagina on Mrs. Shah's lap]

    Mrs. Shah: This is an insult to me and my family! I will never allow my daughters to marry into this jungly family of half-breeds!

    Ella Khan: Well, they may be half-bred, but at least they're not friggin' inbred like them two monstrosities.

    George Khan: Ella!

    Ella Khan: Never mind "Ella". Who the frig do you think you are? You come in here, telling me that my house isn't good enough for your daughters? Well, your daughters aren't good enough for my sons, or my house, and if I hear another word against my family, I will stick that fanny over your bastard head!

    [Mrs. Shah leaves without a word]

    Mr. Shah: [to George] Your wife's a disgrace.

    Ella Khan: Oh, go on, piss off! Go on, sling your bleedin' hook! Go on, piss off! Piss off out of my house! And take Laurel and Hardy with you!

    [a lecherous dalmatian leaps onto Mrs. Shah]

  • [Ella throws the Shahs out of the house]

    George Khan: You bastard bitch. You bring shame on the family

    Ella Khan: No, you should be ashamed, George. Because you're not interested in these kids being happy. You just want to prove to everybody what a great man you are. Because you're ashamed of me, George, and you're ashamed of our kids. And you won't even admit it.

  • [In the hospital following Sajid's circumcision]

    George Khan: Tickle-Tackle all gone?

    Doctor: [Puzzled] Circumcision was absolutely fine.

    George Khan: You Indian?

    Ella Khan: [whispering] George.

    George Khan: [to Ella] Bastard Indian.

  • George Khan: I won't have my son looking like bastard hippie.

  • [Ella stops George from beating Maneer]

    George Khan: I your husband. You should agreeing with me like proper Muslim wife!

  • Ella Khan: The children have a right to know.

    George Khan: What do you mean, "right"?

  • Earnest Moorhouse: Salam Alekom, Mr. Khan.

    George Khan: Malekom Salam.

  • George Khan: You can't have this thing puttarrr. It no belong to you.

  • George Khan: See puttarrr... this is very special watch. It tell time in... Arabic!

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