Female Reporter Quotes in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014)


Female Reporter Quotes:

  • [first lines]

    Physician: If you have a fever and cough or a sore throat, stay home.

    Man on TV: I'd say 95% chance of this is manufactured. Came out of a laboratory.

    Female Reporter: The source of the virus was traced back to drug test done at Gen-Sys Laboratories in San Francisco.

    Male Reporter 1: The lab technician, now known as Patient Zero, was accidentally exposed to retrovirus ALZ-113, an Alzheimer's trial drug that was being testing on chimpanzees.

    Male Reporter 2: The infected chimps showed signs of erratic and aggressive behavior that led to their escape from the facility.

  • [first lines]

    Male Reporter: Good morning. On this day, July 1st, 2014, at this hour, 0600, we are at the first airport in the world...

    Female Reporter: The topic of so much controversy over the past seven years has continued development. Protests from environmental groups and a number of developing countries continue. But in accordance with...

    Male Reporter: It had been claimed that CW7 is the answer to global warning. And we are witnessing it...

    Female Reporter: Leaders argue that global warming can no longer be ignored. Today, 79 countries will begin dispersing CW7 into the upper layers of the atmosphere.

    Male Reporter: ...In the upper layers of the atmosphere, and surprisingly bring down the average global temperature to the finest levels. It is just a day away that...

    Female Reporter: ...upper layers of the atmosphere. According to scientists, the artificial cooling substance, CW7, will succeed in bringing average global temperatures down to manageable levels, as the revolutionary solution to mankind's warming of the planet.

  • Female Reporter: How did you feel when you saw rivulets of blood flowing down his beautiful kabuki costume?

  • Female Reporter: It started off boring and slow with Not Sure trying to bullshit everyone with a bunch of smart talk: 'Blah blah blah. You gotta believe me!' That part of the trial sucked! But then the Chief J. just went off. He said, 'Man, whatever! The guy's guilty as shit! We all know that.' And he sentenced his ass to one night of rehabilitation.

  • Female Reporter: Inspector!

    Inspector Jacques Clouseau: Yes.

    Female Reporter: Yes, what is your initial premise?

    Inspector Jacques Clouseau: That Gluant did not want to be killed. Everthing else follows like liquid mercury flowing down a - a - a sloping thing.

    Female Reporter: How long do you think it will take to find the killer?

    Inspector Jacques Clouseau: Right now the killer is being surrounded by a web of deduction, forensic science and the latest in technology such as two-way radios and e-mail.

  • Female Reporter: People are calling this one of the most unlikely comebacks in sports history. What do you attribute it to?

    Vinny Pazienza: Hum... Yeah, I don't know. I had a lot of help.

    Female Reporter: But you've also had a lot of adversity. You've had issues with management, conflicts of interest...

    Vinny Pazienza: Yeah, well, the boxing world looks shiny from the outside. It's filled with promises that... Most of them turn out to be lies. You can't rely on anyone.

    Female Reporter: So what would you say the biggest deception was? What was the biggest lie you were told?

    Vinny Pazienza: [pause]

    Vinny Pazienza: It's not that simple.

    Female Reporter: Why not?

    Vinny Pazienza: No, that's the biggest lie I was ever told: "It's not that simple." And it's a lie they tell you over and over again.

    Female Reporter: [pause]

    Female Reporter: What's not simple?

    Vinny Pazienza: Any of it. All of it. It's how they get you to give up. They say, "It's not that simple, Vinny."

    Female Reporter: [pause]

    Female Reporter: So, what's the truth?

    Vinny Pazienza: [pause]

    Vinny Pazienza: That it is. That if you just do the thing that they tell you, you can't, then it's done. And you realise it is that simple... And that it always was.

  • Female Reporter: Now, Senator, tell me, what do you think of the girls in this town?

    Jefferson Smith: Gosh, I, down at the station, four of 'em came up and kissed me when I got off the train.

    Female Reporter: Oh, were they pretty?

    Jefferson Smith: Pretty - that Miss Susan Paine, she's about the prettiest girl I ever did see.

  • Female Reporter: I'm standing here at Forest Ridge Mall where earlier today a man exposed himself to several women before fleeing the scene. I'm here with Ronnie Barnhardt, one of the security guards here at the mall, who can hopefully...

    Ronnie Barnhardt: Cut! Uh, you fucked up ma'am. I'm, I'm the head of mall security. You should do that again and say it right.

    Female Reporter: Ah, well, Officer Bardhardt...

    Ronnie Barnhardt: Action.

    Female Reporter: Right. Uh, is there any information you can shed on this situation?

    Ronnie Barnhardt: You're just going to keep going when you fucked up my title? Ok, uh, well I'm standing here with this doctor...

  • Female Reporter: Governor, what do you think of the, the crisis in the Middle East?

    The Governor: I was sayin' just this morning at the weekly prayer breakfast, in this historic capital, that it behooves both the Jews and the Arabs to settle their differences in a Christian manner!

  • Female reporter: If you could've found out what Rosebud meant, I bet that would've explained everything.

    Jerry Thompson: No, I don't think so; no. Mr. Kane was a man who got everything he wanted and then lost it. Maybe Rosebud was something he couldn't get, or something he lost. Anyway, it wouldn't have explained anything... I don't think any word can explain a man's life. No, I guess Rosebud is just a... piece in a jigsaw puzzle... a missing piece.

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