Koba Quotes in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014)


Koba Quotes:

  • Koba: Caesar weak!

    Caesar: Koba weaker.

  • Koba: Apes not kill apes.

    Caesar: You are no ape.

  • Koba: Koba fight for apes!

    Caesar: Koba fight for Koba.

  • Koba: [pointing to his scars] Human... work Human... work

    [screams as he points to his damaged eye]

    Koba: HUMAN WORK!

  • Koba: Apes together strong!

  • Koba: Caesar loves humans more than apes!

  • Koba: Caesar love humans more than apes!

  • Caesar: Trusted Koba like brother!

    Koba: Caesar brother to human!

  • [Koba is about to attack Alex and Malcolm, only to be stopped by Maurice. Maurice growls protectively]

    Koba: [in a raspy voice; angry] Where's Caesar? Where's Caesar?


    Koba: CAESAR!

    [Caesar enters. Caesar looks at Koba in a stoic way.Blue Eyes and the other apes watch as Koba confronts Caesar]

    Koba: *HUMANS* attacked your sons. YOU... LET... THEM... STAY? Put Apes... In Danger!


    Koba: Caesar... love... humans... more than apes! *MORE* than your *SONS*!

    [Seeing his son, Blue Eyes looks emotionally hurt by Koba's accusation, Caesar's stoic demeanor breaks. His face twitches and contorts with rage]

    Caesar: [enraged scream] AAAAARRRRGGGHHHHH!

    [Caesar tackles Koba as a fight breaks out between the two. While the apes hoot in unison, Malcolm and his group watch in shock. Caesar has beaten Koba to pulp and is now pinning him to the ground]

    Caesar: [in an incoherent roar of a voice] VICTIM...

    [Caesar realizes what he is doing and begins taking deep breaths as he slowly loosens his grip on Koba's neck]

    Caesar: [slowly; composing himself] Ape... Not... Kill... Ape...

  • Caesar: [grunt-like and at Koba with hands signals] Go Up!

    Koba: [grunts]

    [leads some orangutans and chimps up on the beams]

    Caesar: [to Maurice and with signals] Go Under!

    Maurice: [roars and screeches]

    [leads most of the orangutans and some chimps under the bridge]

  • Koba: [Writing on computer board] Jacobs

    Steven Jacobs: [Jacobs laughs] Ha ha ha!

  • Elizabeth Parker: You'll be nuts for it. Turn on the faucet, out comes the water.

    Koba: Faucet. Bullshit.

    Elizabeth Parker: Koba, who's been helping you with your English?

    Koba: Miss Nonnie has.

    Elizabeth Parker: I'll kill her.

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