Elsa Quotes in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989)


Elsa Quotes:

  • [Encountering a painting of the Ark of the Covenant]

    Elsa: What's this?

    Indiana Jones: Ark of the Covenant.

    Elsa: Are you sure?

    Indiana Jones: Pretty sure.

  • Elsa: It's perfectly obvious where the pages are. He's given them to Marcus Brody.

    Professor Henry Jones: Marcus? You didn't drag poor Marcus along did you? He's not up to the challenge.

    Walter Donovan: He sticks out like a sore thumb. We'll find him.

    Indiana Jones: The hell you will. He's got a two day head start on you, which is more than he needs. Brody's got friends in every town and village from here to the Sudan, he speaks a dozen languages, knows every local custom, he'll blend in, disappear, you'll never see him again. With any luck, he's got the grail already.

    [Cut to middle of fair in the Middle East, Marcus Brody wearing bright suit and white hat, sticking out like sore thumb]

    Marcus Brody: Uhhh, does anyone here speak English?

  • Elsa: [to Indy] I'll never forget how vonderful it vas.

    Professor Henry Jones: Why thank you. It was rather wonderful.

    Elsa: [kisses Indy] Zat's how Austrians say goodbye.

    Colonel Vogel: Und zis is how ve zay goodbye in Germany, Dr. Jones.

    [punches Indy with the head of his cane; Indy's head smacks into Henry's behind him]

    Indiana Jones: I liked the Austrian way better.

    Professor Henry Jones: So did I.

  • [Vogel is holding Elsa hostage at gunpoint]

    Colonel Vogel: Throw down the gun or the girl will die.

    Professor Henry Jones: But she's one of them.

    Elsa: Indy, please!

    Professor Henry Jones: She's a Nazi.

    Indiana Jones: What?

    Professor Henry Jones: Trust me.

    Elsa: Indy, help!

    Colonel Vogel: I will kill her!

    Professor Henry Jones: Oh yeah? Go ahead.

    Indiana Jones: No! Don't shoot!

    Professor Henry Jones: Don't worry. He won't.

    Elsa: Indy, please do what he says!

    Professor Henry Jones: And don't listen to her.

    Colonel Vogel: Enough! She dies!

    Indiana Jones: Wait! Wait.

    [Indy tosses over the gun. Vogel lets Elsa go and she runs right into Indy's arms]

    Elsa: I'm sorry.

    Indiana Jones: Don't be.

    [Elsa takes the grail diary from Indy's pocket, smiles, then hands it to Vogel]

    Elsa: But you should have listened to your father.

  • Elsa: Don't look at me like that. We both wanted the Grail. I would have done anything to get it. You would have done the same.

    Indiana Jones: I'm sorry you think so.

  • Elsa: You came back for the book? Why?

    Indiana Jones: My father didn't want it incinerated.

    Elsa: [angrily] Is that what you think of me? I believe in the Grail, not the Swastika!

    Indiana Jones: [angrily] You stood up to be counted with the enemies of everything the Grail stands for! Who gives a *damn* what you believe?

    Elsa: [pleadingly] You do!

  • Indiana Jones: [grabbing Elsa by the throat] All I have to do is squeeze.

    Elsa: All I have to do is scream.

  • Indiana Jones: Are you crazy? Don't go between them!

    Elsa: Go between them! Are you crazy?

  • Indiana Jones: [steals a flower for Elsa] Fraulein, will you permit me?

    Elsa: I usually don't.

    Indiana Jones: I usually don't either.

    Elsa: In that case I permit you.

    Indiana Jones: It would make me very happy.

    Elsa: But I am already sad, by tomorrow it will have faded.

    Indiana Jones: Tomorrow I'll steal you another one.

  • Elsa: Dr. Jones?

    Indiana Jones: Yes?

    Elsa: I knew it was you, you have your father's eyes.

    Indiana Jones: And my mother's ears but the rest belongs to you.

    Elsa: It looks like the best parts have already been spoken for.

  • Elsa: [after finding that her room has been ransacked] My room.

    Indiana Jones: Mine too.

    Elsa: What were they looking for?

    Indiana Jones: This.

    Elsa: The Grail Diary?

    Indiana Jones: Uh huh.

    Elsa: You had it? You didn't trust me?

    Indiana Jones: I didn't know you. At least I let you tag along.

    Elsa: Oh yes, Give them a flower and they'll follow you anywhere.

    Indiana Jones: Knock it off, you're not mad.

    Elsa: No?

    Indiana Jones: No, you like the way I do things.

    Elsa: You're lucky I don't do things the same way. You'd still be standing at the Venice Pier.

    Indiana Jones: What do you think is going on here? Since I've met you I've nearly been incinerated, drowned, shot at and chopped into fish bait. We're caught in the middle of something sinister here. My guess is dad found out more than he was looking for and until I am sure I am going to continue to do things the way I think they should be done.

    [Indiana Kisses Elsa]

    Elsa: How dare you kiss me.

    [Elsa Kisses Indiana]

    Indiana Jones: Leave me alone, I don't like fast women.

    Elsa: [while nibbling on Indiana's ear] And I hate arrogant men.

    Indiana Jones: [after they both fall into bed, kissing] Ahh, Venice.

  • [Elsa slips into a crevice and nearly falls, but Indiana grabs her leather gloved hands just in time. She slowly turns her head to see the grail resting below her]

    Indiana Jones: Elsa...

    [Elsa wrenches her left hand free to reach the grail]

    Indiana Jones: Elsa. Don't Elsa. Elsa. Give me your other hand honey, I can't hold you!

    Elsa: I can reach it... I can reach it...

    [the glove on her hand starts slipping]

    Indiana Jones: Elsa. Give me your hand, give me your other hand!

    [Elsa cries out as she nearly touches the grail. The glove suddenly slips off her hand and she plunges into the abyss]

    Indiana Jones: Elsa!

  • Elsa: [meeting Indy and Marcus in Venice] The last time I saw your father we were in the library. He was very close to tracking down the Knight's tomb. I've never seen him so excited. He was as giddy as a schoolboy.

    Indiana Jones: Who, Atilla The Professor? He was never giddy, even when he was a schoolboy.

  • [Elsa picks up the Grail and attempts to leave the Temple with it]

    Elsa: We have got it, come on!

    Indiana Jones: Elsa. Elsa don't move.

    Elsa: It's ours Indy, yours and mine.

    Indiana Jones: Elsa don't cross the seal. The knight warned us not to take the grail from here!

    [Elsa ignores Indiana and her bootheel steps across the Great Seal, triggering the temple's collapse]

  • Indiana Jones: Bingo!

    Elsa: You don't disappoint, Dr. Jones. You're a great deal like your father.

    Indiana Jones: Except he's lost and I'm not.

  • [Donovan drinks from the false Grail and suddenly starts to age rapidly]

    Walter Donovan: [scared, with an aged voice] What is happening to me?

    [he goes to Elsa and starts changing horribly]

    Walter Donovan: [as his hair grows and falls off] Tell me, WHAT IS HAPPENING?

    [Indy watches in horror the transformation of Donovan]

    Elsa: [Elsa screams of terror as she sees how Donovan ages quickly and horribly to a dying skeleton]

    [Indy runs to Elsa and pushes off the now-skeleton of Donovan to a wall and breaks into dust]

    Elsa: [Elsa stays behind Indy, while it shows a short close-up of the broken skeleton disappearing by dust quickly]

    Grail Knight: He chose... poorly.

  • Elsa: What've you got there?

    Jeremy: The Gutenberg Bible... it was in the Rare Books Room.

    Elsa: Think God's gonna' save you?

    Jeremy: No... I don't believe in God.

    Elsa: You're holding on to that Bible pretty tight.

    Jeremy: I'm protecting it.

    [pause as Elsa glances at J.D. throwing books on the fire]

    Jeremy: This Bible... is the first book ever printed. It represents... the dawn of the Age of Reason. As far as I'm concerned, the written word is mankind's greatest achievement.

    [Elsa gives a light snort]

    Jeremy: You can laugh... but if Western Civilization is finished... I'm gonna' save at least one little piece of it.

  • Jeremy: Friedrich Nietzsche! We cannot burn Friedrich Nietzsche; he was the most important thinker of 19th Century!

    Elsa: Oh, please! Nietzsche was a chauvinist pig, who was in love with his sister.

    Jeremy: He was not a chauvinist pig.

    Elsa: But he was in love with his sister.

    Brian Parks: Uh... 'scuse me? You guys? Yeah... there's a whole section on tax law down here that we can burn.

  • Amen: Did I invite you into my country? Spreading democracy at gunpoint and drive my people crazy.

    Elsa: It's still better than selling a 12-year old child.

  • [last lines]

    Elsa: Thank you.

    Amiral Guezennec: For what? I should have found you.

  • Elsa: [while being chased by one guard] Jackie! Save us!

    Jackie Condor: [while fighting five guards] I'm busy!

  • Elsa: [At the guards they just catured, with a gun in her hands] I'll shoot.

    Adolf's Guard #3: Better believe her boys, she shoots like a maniac.

    Elsa: Not a move

    [Suddenly she slips, falls, and empties the gun of ammunition almost shooting someone]

    Ada: Where are you from?

  • Man with Stolen Clothes: [last lines, shoots a gun at them] Ohh, the gods, they led them back to us.

    Jackie Condor: [throws them the gold piece] Here, here is the gold you wanted.

    Man with Stolen Clothes: Who wants gold, we want water.

    Jackie Condor: [throws them an empty jug] here you can have the rest of this, if there is anything left

    [they fight over it]

    Jackie Condor: it just goes to show that we never know what we need or want.

    Ada: I never thought I would see people fighting over water.

    Man with Stolen Clothes: [notices that it is empty] Water, WATER!

    Jackie Condor: I suggest that we get together and look for it.

    [to Ada]

    Jackie Condor: Well your our desert expert, where do you think we should go?

    Ada: I think we should head that way, there should be an owaysiss to the north.

    Elsa: No, I think we should go this way.

    Jackie Condor: No, we have to listen to our desert expert.

    Man with Stolen Clothes: Ohh, we must have crossed over a million sand dunes.

    Ada: [as the camera pulls away eventually showing that they'er in the middle of the desert] I'm sure it's just over the next one. As I was saying, only a quarter of the desert is covered with sand.

    Man with Stolen Clothes: The gods must be angry with us.

  • Tasza: [comes out with a machine gun] Where are these burglars?

    Elsa: Over there. What are you waiting for? Shoot them!

    Tasza: Pay me.

    Elsa: What.

    Tasza: No money, no shoot.

    Elsa: [she gives him money] Ohh, there.

    Tasza: Ohhh, that's good

    [gives gun to Elsa]

    Tasza: you shoot.

    Elsa: Me, why?

    Tasza: Good deal.

  • Elsa: [after he snuk into her house and has a bad guy pinned down, to Jackie] Who are you?

    Jackie Condor: [to the bad guy] Who are you?

    Elsa: I asked you first.

    Jackie Condor: Let me ask first

    [to bad guy]

    Jackie Condor: who are you?

  • ElsaAdaMomoko: Oley!

  • Elsa: [singing] The cold never bothered me anyway.

  • Elsa: [to a guard] The party is over. Close the gates.

    Guard: Right away, Your Majesty.

    Anna: What? Elsa, no! No, wait!

    [She tries to grab Elsa's hand, but instead yanks off her glove]

    Elsa: [gasps, desperately] Give me my glove!

    Anna: [also desperate] Elsa, please! Please! I can't live like this anymore!

    Elsa: [pauses] Then leave.

    [Anna looks at her with a hurt expression; Elsa then turns to leave]

    Anna: [calling after her] What did I ever do to you?

    Elsa: [impatiently] Enough, Anna.

    Anna: No! Why? Why do you shut me out? Why do you shut the world out? What are you so afraid of?

    Elsa: I said enough!

    [In her fury, she conjures up an icicle wall around herself. Everyone - including Anna - stares at her in fright. Elsa shrinks back at what she's done]

    Duke: Sorcery.

    [hides behind one of his bodyguards]

    Duke: I knew there was something dubious going on here.

    Anna: [shocked] Elsa.

    [Devastated, Elsa flees the ballroom]

  • [last lines]

    Anna: I like the open gates.

    Elsa: We are never closing them again.

    [uses her magic to give Anna a pair of skates]

    Anna: Oh, Elsa, they're beautiful, but you know I don't skate.

    Elsa: [pulling her] Come on! You can do it!

    Kristoff: Look out. Reindeer coming through.

    Anna: I got it, I got it. I don't got it, I don't got it.

    Olaf: Hey, guys!

    Elsa: That's it, Olaf.

    Olaf: Glide and pivot. And glide and pivot.

    Elsa: Go!

    [laughs, pan out with triumphant instrumental reprise of "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?"]

  • Anna: You kind of set off an eternal winter everywhere.

    Elsa: Everywhere?

    Anna: It's okay, you can just unfreeze it.

    Elsa: No, I can't. I don't know how.

    Anna: Sure you can. I know you can.

  • Louie: Everybody, I'd like you to meet my new friend, Cecilia Nuthatch.

    Rex: The name's Rex. Nice to meet you.

    Cecilia: A pleasure Rex.


    Cecilia: Very nice to meet you.

    Dweeb: ...And I'm Dweeb! Hi!

    Cecilia: A pleasure, Dweeb.


    Cecilia: Very nice to meet you.

    Elsa: [chuckling] She's so well brought-up!

    Louie: Alright, break it up. Enough with the pleasantries...

  • Rex: Sorry about the way I acted. I was a real animal.

    Elsa: We all have regrets, Rex.

    Woog: Tell me about it. The things I've stepped on.

  • Antonio: You are very pretty, Elsa. Are you also good?

    Elsa: When I do not like a man, yes.

    Queen Christina: That's a true virtue.

    Antonio: The basis of all morality in a sentence.

  • Genius: This time I was sure I had it. It's a very elusive formula.

    Elsa: Had what, kiddo?

    Genius: Kiddo? I prefer to be called Genius, if you don't mind.

    Elsa: Okay, Genius, no offence. What formula?

    Genius: For the Goo. There's not much of it, and they want me to make some more. But it's not easy.

    Elsa: Why don't we go for a walk, Genius? I'll buy you an ice cream cone.

    Genius: I never touch it. It's high in cholesterol. But I'll go for a walk with you.

    Elsa: Okay.

  • Elsa: Dig that nitty-gritty!

  • Harry: W-what's the matter, hotshot? Don't you like your new size?

    Merrie: I was big enough before.

    Harry: Heh, look what happened to us. And all these girls can think of is their, modesty! Ha ha!

    Merrie: Fred... Fred, what have we done?

    Fred: Well whatever it is, we're stuck with it.

    Harry: Stuck with it. So why don't we make the most of it? It's gonna make a difference!

    Rick: Yeah. I was just thinking... wait til' my old man gets tough with me again, eh?

    Jean: W-we're freaks, Rick.

    Harry: Maybe we are, but you just wait til' the next guy who asks me for my I.D. card. Oh, boy!

    Harry: Yeah!

    Pete: Now maybe it won't be so easy for them to kick us around anymore!

    Elsa: Them?

    Pete: The adults, honey! This isn't there world anymore, it's gonna be ours!

    Rick: Yeah. We turn the tables on them. Come on, let's split and have some fun, eh?

    Fred: Yeah. Yeah, let's get out of here.

    Merrie: But I don't have anything to wear!

  • Elsa: I'm hungry too. What's for breakfast?

    Fred: Sheriff, on toast.

  • Sam Marlow: He was a good soldier. They were all good soldiers. Just doing what they were ordered to do.

    Elsa: What do you mean?

    Sam Marlow: Ah, I don't know what I mean. It's tough to tell the enemy without a uniform. You know what'd end all wars? Make everybody fight naked. Then nobody'd know who to kill, and that would be the end of it.

    Elsa: Sam...

    Sam Marlow: No, I mean it. And let the women get in there naked, too. That'd cinch it. No more war... just peace on earth and a lot of whoopee.

  • Elsa: Does anyone ever tell you you look like - ?

    Sam Marlow: [interrupting her] A detective? Yeah.

  • Elsa: [reading Jacob's palm] See. According to this, you're already dead.


  • Elsa: Hello.

    Heidi: Oh! Have you come to see us?

    Elsa: Yes, dear.

    Pastor Schultz: I am Pastor Schultz.

    Heidi: How do you do, Pastor Schultz? How do you do, Frau Schultz?

    Elsa: Oh, no. I'm Fräulein Elsa, the schoolmistress.

    Heidi: Oh. You'd make a very nice Frau Schultz.

  • Elsa: You're mending your grandfather's coat. How nice.

    Heidi: It's his Sunday coat, but he never wears it. He doesn't go to church.

    Pastor Schultz: Perhaps we could persuade him to go. Would you like that?

    Heidi: Pastor and Fräulein Elsa have come to see us. Isn't that nice?

    Pastor Schultz: Good day, neighbor.

    Adolph Kramer, The Grandfather: Well?

    Pastor Schultz: We've come to ask about the child.

    Adolph Kramer, The Grandfather: Go inside, Heidi. Save your breath. I have nothing to say to you.

  • Lowenthal: How old are you?

    Elsa: Sixteen.

    Lowenthal: Adolescence. What is adolescence? Adolescence is a time when people worry about things there's no need to worry about. Sixteen... I promise you, at seventeen you will be even more charming than you are now. At twenty-one, you will be gorgeous. And at twenty-five... devastating! And I won't stand any argument!

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