Voice of Bridge Keeper Quotes in Spice World (1997)


Voice of Bridge Keeper Quotes:

  • Sporty: [after falling into the bus] Victoria!

    Posh: Sorry!

    Graydon: [Describing the events as they are happening] Now they're coming up on the tower bridge.

    Voice of Bridge Keeper: Attention, please. Your attention, please. The bridge will shortly be lifted.

    Graydon: The road is rising right in front of them to let a boat through!

    Posh: The bridge is going up!

    Graydon: They can't believe it!

    Scary Spice: Oh, my god! I don't believe it!

    Graydon: Are they crazy enough to try and jump the gap?

    [Sporty, Baby, Ginger, and Scary put on their "game faces"]

    Posh: Hold onto your knickers, girls!

    Graydon: Hey, baby! These are the Spice Girls, of course they're gonna go for it! Up it goes. A five ton London bus sailing through the air at seventy miles an hour! It's incredible!

    Martin Barnfield: It's expensive!

    [the Spice Bus easily jumps the gap]

    Martin Barnfield: Um... not necessarily.

    Graydon: But then, just when you think they're safe, they discover the bomb.

    Martin Barnfield: What bomb?

    Baby: [Opens up a secret door, looks at the bomb, and screams]

    Graydon: That bomb.

    Scary SpiceGinger SpiceSportyBabyPosh: [All scream]

    Martin Barnfield: Why?

    Graydon: Those are the rules.

    Martin Barnfield: My god, I've had enough of the rules!

    [Attempts to choke Graydon, but Clifford holds him back]

    Martin Barnfield: What are you trying to do, kill them? No more! They've suffered enough! Please!

    Graydon: All right! All right! They... they run up the steps to the Albert Hall, zoom past the guards, hurdle down the corridor, and they burst through that door right there.

    [Points to the door]

    Clifford: [Watches the door, expecting to see the Spice Girls run in. When they don't, he attemspt to choke Graydon. Martin tries to hold him back] You lied to me!

    Martin Barnfield: Hey! Hey! Hey, now! Hey! Hey! That's enough of that!

    Clifford: Where are they?

    Graydon: [Still choking] I'll rewrite it.

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