Sam Carmichael Quotes in Mamma Mia! (2008)


Sam Carmichael Quotes:

  • Sam Carmichael: Am I getting this right? Sophie may be mine, but she may be Bill's or Harry's?

    Donna: Yeah. Yes! That's right. And don't get all self-righteous with me, because you have no one but yourself to blame!

    Sophie: Yeah, if you hadn't just dumped my mother and gone off and married somebody else...

    Sam Carmichael: Hey, hey, wait a minute. I had to go home. I was engaged. But I told Lorraine I couldn't marry her and I came right back!

    Donna: You... you... Why didn't you call me?

    Sam Carmichael: Because I was crazy enough to think that you would be waiting for me. Only when I arrived, they told me you were off with some other guy. So... Lorraine called me an idiot and married me to prove it.

  • Harry Bright: Bugger.

    Sam Carmichael: My sentiments exactly.

  • Donna: Why are you here? What are you doing here?

    Bill: I'm writing a travel piece.

    Harry Bright: I'm, I'm here on a spontaneous holiday.

    Sam Carmichael: Er, I just dropped in to say... hi.

  • Rosie: [in a very Cockney accent] Excuse me! Hello! This is a hen party. Women only! Thank you.

    Sam Carmichael: Okay.

  • Sophie: You took... Mom's guitar!

    Harry Bright: No, I borrowed it. Look... Now, where is it? "D.S." - Donna Sheridan, and, er, "H.B." - Head-Banger.

    Sam CarmichaelBill: [both] "Head-Banger"?

    Harry Bright: I bought her this. It cost me ten quid, plus my Johnny Rotten T-shirt. Your mother knew quite a rebel.

  • Donna: I'm gonna arrange for a boat to take you all back to the mainland.

    Bill: I have a boat, Donna.

    Donna: You have a boat? Good, get on it. And, er, anchors aweigh!

    Sam Carmichael: Hey...

    Donna: Away aweigh!

    Sam Carmichael: Donna...

    BillSam CarmichaelHarry Bright: [together] It's good to see you!

  • Sam Carmichael: [after Donna falls on Harry's air bed] You always knew how to make an entrance.

  • Sam Carmichael: I see you kept my bagpipes.

    Donna: They're supposed to ward off unwanted visitors.

    Sam Carmichael: Oh, you don't need bagpipes to do that.

  • Sam Carmichael: The last time I saw your mother, she said she never wanted to see me again.

  • Sam Carmichael: I've done the big white wedding, and believe me, it doesn't always end in "happy ever after".

    Sophie: That is you, that's not me! Okay? I love Sky more than anything in the world, and I... Arrgh! Did you feel that way before you got married?

    Sam Carmichael: [thinks about that] No.

  • Sam Carmichael: [while Donna and the Dynamos are singing "Super Trouper"] Our song!

    Harry Bright: Your song? It's *my* song!

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