Rodrigo Quotes in Haywire (2011)


Rodrigo Quotes:

  • [last lines]

    Rodrigo: Shit.

  • Mallory Kane: You're with State, right?

    Rodrigo: Ah, yes.

    Mallory Kane: You like it?

    Rodrigo: I like the idea of me doing my job more than the idea of someone else doing my job.

  • Studer: What's in this for you?

    Rodrigo: Besides my money? A new life. And a new wife.

  • Rodrigo: [repeatedly] SHUT UPPA YOUR MOUTH!

  • RodrigoCarmen: [Carmen and Rodrigo have entered the telegraph's office to send a telegram to the Three Amigos to enlist their help with El Guapo] Three Amigos, Goldsmith Pictures, Hollywood California...

    Telegrapher: [nods as he is typing]

    Carmen: We have seen your deeds, and think you are very great.

    Telegrapher: seen your deeds...

    [continues typing]

    Carmen: We can pay you... One Hundred Thousand Pesos.

    Rodrigo: One Hundred Thousand Pesos?

    [telegrapher stops typing]

    Rodrigo: We do not have a hundred thousand pesos!

    Carmen: Don't worry Rodrigo, they will refuse it. But it would be an insult, not to offer it to them.

    Telegrapher: [nods head, continues to type]

    Carmen: One Hundred Thousand Pesos, if you come to Santo Poco, and put on a show of your strength, and stop the... the...

    Rodrigo: Evil! Murdering!...

    Carmen: Villaneous, El Guapo. So that once again, we can be, a peaceful village.

    Telegrapher: [nods as he finishes typing] Whew.

    [wipes his brow, grabs a pencil and counts the words to determine the price]

    Telegrapher: 23 pesos.

    [he smiles]

    Carmen: [looks to Rodrigo. Rodrigo looks at the cash, looks back to Carmen and shakes his head no] We only have... ten.

    Telegrapher: Hm. Okay, I give you the ten peso version!

    [begins to mark through some of the words]

    Telegrapher: You are very great! One Hundred Thousand Pesos, if you come to Santo Poco, put on show, stop the...

    [looks at the telegram, then looks up in thought, then back to Carmen]

    Telegrapher: I put, infamous, El Guapo!

    Carmen: Infamous?

    Telegrapher: Si'!

    [Spanish for "yes"]

    Telegrapher: ! It means, evil, murdering, all like you said! And it will save you money!

    Carmen: Oh, thank you!

    Telegrapher: Com'o no!

    [Spanish for "of course". He begins to enter the message via morse code to its destination]

    Telegrapher: .

  • Rodrigo: Hey, so, what's next?

    Richard Gaddis: I don't know. Maybe we should go our own ways. The Jew is going to be coming back soon. He finds out I replaced him, he'll be pissed. The Jew gets jealous.

  • Rodrigo: I'm sorry, man.

    Richard Gaddis: About what?

    Rodrigo: I thought you were trying to fuck me.

    Richard Gaddis: If I was going to fuck you, you'd be fucked.

  • [last lines]

    Rodrigo: I have something for you.

    Valerie: You do?

    Rodrigo: Yeah, it's very special.

    [gives her the ring]

    Rodrigo: It belonged to my grandmother and her mother before her.

    Valerie: Oh, it's beautiful.

  • Rodrigo: [When Rodrigo takes Mike from the store the first time and learns that Mike and Sheriff Pembry already know each other, and the sheriff hates him, he whines to Mike] "Man your not worth anything as a hostage! I have to get in line just to shoot you!"

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