Ridley Quotes in Hostage (2005)


Ridley Quotes:

  • Jeff Talley: Yeah?

    Ridley: It's about Walter Smith.

    Jeff Talley: What happened?

    Ridley: He's awake.

  • Snails: She must've put some kinda holding spell into that bracelet.

    Ridley: Yeah, must be the only way she can get guys to come home with her.

    Marina Pretensa: I'd have to put a feeble mind spell on myself to want to take *you* home.

    Snails: That was funny.

    Marina Pretensa: You're going to the city dungeon.

    Snails: That wasn't.

  • Ridley: Yeah well, have you ever heard of honor amongst thieves? We might live outside the law but we respect each other.

  • [Ridley has just completed a deadly maze and retrieved the Eye of the Dragon]

    Xilus: So, why don't you give me what's rightfully mine? Hmm?

    Ridley: What about honor amongst thieves?

    Xilus: [Xilus laughs] Oh, what a romantic notion. Do you honestly believe that I could've amassed the wealth that I have if I worried about honor? Ooh, no, no, no, no, no, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk. So, pretty boy, if you don't want Hugo here to come rearrange your features for you, I suggest you just give it up.

  • Ridley: We gotta save Marina.

    Snails: Wait. What about the dwarf?

    Ridley: You get the dwarf. I'll get the girl.

    Snails: Wait, how come I always gotta get the dwarf?

  • [to Damodar during a sword fight]

    Ridley: Oh look, I've cut you. What a shame.

  • Marina: I'm an aristocrat! A mage!

    Ridley: A low level mage; completely expendable...

  • [Ridley recites an incantation, hoping to decode a scroll]

    Ridley: Alanor, salah, bedara!

    [Nothing happens. Hands scroll to Marina]

    Ridley: Can't blame me for trying. At least I...

    [Ridley is sucked into the map]

    Snails: Woo hoo! See that there? I knew that boy had talent!

  • Snails: I thought you said this was gonna be easy.

    Ridley: No, I said it wasn't impossible.

    Snails: See, that's the same thing you said when we robbed that little halfling's house.

    [Ridley begins mouthing in time as Snails says;]

    Snails: And who'd he catch? Me. And who'd he beat from the waist down? Me.

    Ridley: Are you gonna jump?

    Snails: You gonna catch me?

    Ridley: I'm gonna catch you.

    Snails: Promise?

    Ridley: I promise. Now jump.

    Snails: All right.

    [There is a noise off to the side and Ridley turns around as Snails screams then falls to the ground]

    Ridley: Sorry. I though I heard something.

    Snails: You did. Me hitting the ground.

  • Stormella, The Evil Ice Queen: [Stormella grants Rudolph wish to become nice] Oooo cute little penguin

    [picks Ridley up and starts kissing him]

    Ridley: [clearly irrattated] Can someone change her back PLEASE!

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