Davies Quotes in Killer Elite (2011)


Davies Quotes:

  • Davies: You don't trust that snake, do you? He's lying.

    Danny: Yeah? How do you know?

    Davies: His lips were moving.

  • Danny: What?

    Davies: You show me a beautiful woman, I'll show you a bloke who's sick of her shit.

    Danny: Shut up.

    Davies: Roger that.

  • Danny: I want this finished!

    Davies: And I want to be around to enjoy the money when it is.

    Danny: The first thing you should buy is a pair of balls.

  • Davies: Ladies! Let's not get vulgar, yet.

  • Davies: What of it? This is a festive occasion.

  • Davies: [Offering a competing job] We are hoping that our ridiculous salary package might change your mind.

    Scat: Exactly how ridiculous?

    Davidson: [Initially trying to control his laughter] I think it's safe to say...

    [at splits while laughing]

    Davidson: very ridiculous.

    Davies: [Now laughing out loudly] It's preposterous!

  • [Davies has given McParlan a beating, as part of his cover]

    Davies: They'll respect you now. It's about the only thing they do respect round here, a blow and a hard head.

  • Davies: Don't get confused about which side you're on.

    Detective James McParlan: I could always tell the buttered side from the dry.

  • Davies: Yes, I need them caught in the act... no chance of an alibi. And not just two of them. I want the organisation. I want it smashed. Any bastard who even dreams of making trouble, I want him to wake up sweating blood at what happened to the Molly Maguires.

    [McParlan starts to leave]

    Davies: Not yet! I can't send you away unmarked.

    [he floors McParlan with his truncheon]

    Detective James McParlan: [bleeding] Well... it's a pleasure working with a man who likes his job.

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