Dennis Kelly Quotes in Hostage (2005)


Dennis Kelly Quotes:

  • Dennis Kelly: [holding his dying brother Kevin] Mars, please, do something. Please. Please. Please. Please...

    Mars Krupcheck: I am.

    Dennis Kelly: What?

    [Mars shoots Dennis]

  • Jeff Talley: I thought you were the man in charge. Isn't that what you told me? You said "I'm the man"?

    Dennis Kelly: I am the man! I am in charge!

  • Kevin Kelly: I'm your brother!

    Dennis Kelly: I said I fucking...

    Kevin Kelly: I'm your brother! So you gotta choose. Me, or Mars?

    Dennis Kelly: I choose the money.

  • Kevin Kelly: You're just making it worse.

    Dennis Kelly: Look, I always take care of you.

    Kevin Kelly: Bullshit.

  • Dennis Kelly: [on the phone]

    Dennis Kelly: Fuck you. I'm running this shit. You talk to me.

    Jeff Talley: Yes, Dennis. You are running this shit.

  • Kevin Kelly: Why do I always gotta go?

    Dennis Kelly: If I'm buying, you're flying. Get outta the truck.

  • Dennis Kelly: Rich people always got a way out.

  • [answering Walter's phone]

    Dennis Kelly: Hello?

    Jeff Talley: Dennis, this is Jeff Talley. Listen to me. Watch the security channel. Dennis? Can you hear me?

    Dennis Kelly: Yeah, I don't really know what you're talkin' about.

    Jeff Talley: The hell you don't! Shut up! Listen to me. Just watch the TV. Just keep watching the outside camaras.

    [Kevin walks up, looking at him questioningly]

    Dennis Kelly: Yeah, what am I supposed to see?

    Jeff Talley: Shut up! Get your ass on the floor and watch the outside camaras, Dennis!

    Dennis Kelly: I'm watching. Okay, I'm watching.

    [the outside camaras get shot out and a bunch of "signal lost" messages appear on the screen]

    Kevin Kelly: Huh? What are they doing?

    [a helicopter flies overhead and Dennis pulls Kevin onto the floor beside him]

    Kevin Kelly: [whispering] What?

    Jeff Talley: Talk to me, Dennis.

    Dennis Kelly: Yeah, yeah, I'm here.

    Jeff Talley: Listen to me. Listen to me carefully. The Sheriff's playbook is to make you dead. First they're gonna shoot out those camaras, and then they're gonna shoot you. Am I clear?

    Dennis Kelly: What are you talking about?

    Jeff Talley: I'm trying to save your life!

    Dennis Kelly: Wait, I don't understand what...

    Jeff Talley: Shut up! I'm trying to save your life.

    Dennis Kelly: But you said you weren't the guy.

    Jeff Talley: I am the guy, Dennis. I am the guy.

    [looking sort of mad, Dennis takes the phone from his ear and looks at it like he wants to say something, but just throws it down]

  • Dennis Kelly: [after Mars shoots a cop] Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fucking shit!

  • [cd starts skipping]

    Dennis Kelly: This yours?

    [throws it out the window and smiles]

    Mars Krupcheck: Dennis.

    [Dennis looks out the back window and turns around quickly, then Kevin looks back and sees a cop car behind them]

    Kevin Kelly: Smooth. Hey, that's like a $200 ticket.

    Dennis Kelly: Shut up.

    Kevin Kelly: You got $200? Huh?

    Dennis Kelly: Shut up, Kevin.

    Mars Krupcheck: Green light.

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