Mogadorian Commander Quotes in I Am Number Four (2011)


Mogadorian Commander Quotes:

  • Frank: [Mogadorians enter] OK so i called you like you said. I mean it's not my fault they got. I mean we held up our end. We're still in? The whole new world order thing?

    Mogadorian Commander: [laughing] The Locator. Where is it?

    Frank: Ok, all he had was a knife and that rock and i put it

    [points, realizes that it's not there]

    Frank: It was over there man

    Mogadorian Commander: It was over there man. But it's not there now

    Mogadorian: [In Mogadorian] I picked up a scent

    Mogadorian Commander: [Inhales, In Mogadorian] Number Four is very close.

    [In English, laughing, pulls up stool closer to Frank and Bret with Comic Book in hand]

    Mogadorian Commander: Cartoons for Children. Where I'm from men have to work

    Frank: Look, I'll work hard

    Mogadorian Commander: The disregard that so many of you have for practical matters it's beautiful


    Mogadorian Commander: I think we should have some fun Huh? Gadgets we call them "toys for boys" I have a gadget

    [Holds up small round ball, presses on it, spikes come up and spin rapidly]

    Mogadorian Commander: Would you like to play with it?

    Frank: Uh no, no I

    [Starts to rise]

    Mogadorian Commander: [Mog holds him down and forces Frank's mouth open] IT WANTS TO PLAY WITH YOU

    [Drops ball in Frank's mouth. Frank Groans]

  • Mogadorian Commander: [grabs John] I think you have something I need. Oh, thank you for making this so nice and easy. Think of how quickly we'll finish off the rest of the planet. It's fantastic! Soon, I'll be done with all of you.

    [unsheathes knife]

    Mogadorian Commander: Just relax. You can't stop what's coming. You never could.

  • Mogadorian Commander: An alcohol-fueled young guy like you, healthy and well-fed.

    [hits his stomach]

    Mogadorian Commander: I bet you watch a lot of television, don't you? Do you? Do you?

    Mark James: [whimpering] Yeah.

    Mogadorian Commander: Yeah. In this situation here, you're probably thinking, "Maybe I could save the day. Maybe I could be the hero." But I say... don't do that.

    [to a whisper]

    Mogadorian Commander: Okay?

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