Fat Man Quotes in Every Which Way But Loose (1978)


Fat Man Quotes:

  • Waitress: [to Elmo after the Widows question her about Philo's whereabouts] You want to talk, take a walk. You want to eat, take a seat.

    [diner erupts into laughter]

    Frank: [to fat man at counter] What're you laughing at, lard ass?

    Fat Man: [fuming] I tell you what. You turn around and walk out that door, and I'll forget what you said.

    [looks up at Frank, grinning]

    Fat Man: And I won't tell everybody you drink horse piss!

    [waitress and patrons giggle]

    Frank: Elmo, Cholla, did you hear what he just said?

    Cholla: [fiercely] I heard it.

    Waitress: [taking fat man's plate] I'll just keep this warm for you, Lester.

    Frank: Okay bigmouth, let's go.

    Waitress: [to fat man] You want me to keep a piece of that lemon merangue?

    Fat Man: Yeah, this won't take but a minute.

    [to Frank]

    Fat Man: Let's go, cutes!

    [all exit to watch the fight]

  • CaspayNegro: I reveal my Inmost Self unto my God.

    AlbinaFat man: Unto my God.

    Congregation: [singing] Unto my God!

  • Robbie: [singing] You love her/ but she loves him/ but he loves somebody else/ you just can win/ and so it goes until the day you die/ this thing called love is going to make you cry. I hate you/ I've had the blues the reds and the pinks/ One thing's for sure.

    [holds microphone to fat man]

    Fat Man: Love stinks?

    Robbie: Love stinks/ Yeah yeah

    [holds microphone to fat man]

    Fat Man: Love stinks!

    Robbie: Love stinks/ Yeah, yeah

    [holds microphone to lady with sideburns]

    Sideburns Lady: Love stinks.

    Robbie: Love stinks. Yeah yeah.

    [holds microphone to table 9]

    Table 9: Love stinks.

    Robbie: Love stinks/ Yeah yeah.

    [Bride's father punches Robbie, Robbie falls back on a table. Bride's father jumps on him and pushes and pulls him]

    Robbie: Love stinks/ Love stinks/*Love stinks!*

  • Jack: Get the hell out of here now!

    Fat Man: You get out of here fella. I'm trying to watch the Smurfs.

    Jack: You're trying to watch the Smurfs?

    Fat Man: Yeah.

    Jack: Did you see the one where Papa Smurf took a crutch and smashed the shit out of a guy with a red hat? Did you see that one? You want to see that one? (Fat Man runs away.)

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