Derek Wolfe Jr Quotes in Surviving the Game (1994)


Derek Wolfe Jr Quotes:

  • Cole: The only thing I miss up here is a sport page. I'm so used getting up, having my morning coffee and opening up the sport page.

    Burns: I don't read newspapers anymore. They're like a mirror of the world's ugliness. I like beautiful things.

    Doc Hawkins: [Doc gets up very enthusiastically] I'm ready to go. Let's go

    Burns: Relax, Doc, digest your food.

    Doc Hawkins: Wasting time.

    Burns: We gotta give him some more time.

    Doc Hawkins: No.

    Burns: Think of this as foreplay.

    Doc Hawkins: Nevermind foreplay, I'm talking about...

    [Sharply interrupted]

    Burns: Doc, Prince Henry Stout. Remember the rules.

    Doc Hawkins: I feel something special about this.

    Burns: It's gonna be so much more special when you finally kill him. Derek, eat some of those eggs, they'll make you feel better.

    Doc Hawkins: Eat, eat.

    Derek Wolfe Jr: [Shockingly depressive] I'm not hungry.

    John Griffin: Big one?

    Derek Wolfe Jr: I said I'm not hungry.

    John Griffin: [Griffith stands up and changes his plate with Derek's and Derek gets out of the table] Well, terrific. I'll tell you what let's switch around here.

    Burns: I hope this is not gonna be a problem?

    Wolfe Sr.: It won't be.

    Derek Wolfe Jr: [Wolfe Sr. comes to terrified Derek] No.

    Wolfe Sr.: You'll be okay.

    Derek Wolfe Jr: No, I can't do this.

    Wolfe Sr.: Yes, you can. I got a thousand dollars is my son will draw first blood. One, two, three. You've just made yourself three thousand dollars, Derek.

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