Alpha 5 Quotes in Power Rangers (2017)


Alpha 5 Quotes:

  • Zordon: The answer to what is happening to you is here. You five are the Power Rangers.

    Zack Taylor: Did I just hear you say we're Power Rangers?

    Kimberly Hart: Is this some kind of joke? We're talking to a wall.

    Alpha 5: I was kind of expecting a little more.

  • Alpha 5: What happened, Zordon? The Morphing Grid opened. It was your time.

    Zordon: I know... but only one can come back.

    [Billy wakes up]

    Zordon: There can only be ONE Red Ranger, Jason. This is your destiny... This is your team.

    Jason Lee Scott: Thank you, Zordon.

  • Zordon: This is them? They're children!

    Alpha 5: They're teenagers, that's between infants and full maturity.

  • [Jason returns the Power Sword]

    Zordon: You should keep that. You've earned it.

    Jason Lee Scott: I'll come back for it.

    Alpha 5: See ya later, buddy!

  • Alpha 5: Go, go, Power Rangers!

    [the Zords charge]

  • Alpha 5: Five kids, five colors, five differently colored kids!

  • Alpha 5: Ay ay ayyy!

  • Alpha 5: [on seeing Billy's dead body] Master Billy...

    Zordon: Jason, I told you you were not ready...

    Jason Lee Scott: Zordon, just help us, please.

    Zordon: We were both reckless with our teams, Jason.

  • Zordon: Rangers, you must act swiftly, the planet is in grave danger!

    Kimberly Hart: Danger from what?

    Zordon: Six thousand years ago, a Morphological Being, known as Ivan Ooze, ruled the world with a reign of unparalleled terror. He was on the verge of completing construction of his ultimate weapons, The Ectomorphicon Titans, twin machines capable of enslaving the entire universe.

    Rocky DeSantos: What happened to him?

    Zordon: A group of young warriors, like yourselves, lured him into a hyper-lock chamber and buried him deep underground; but now the chamber has been accidentally uncovered, you must return it to the depths, before it is opened and Ivan is released.

    Alpha 5: His Ectomorphicons were buried near the chamber, if Ivan escapes, he's sure to find them.

    Zordon: Use extreme caution Rangers, you are dealing with an evil here that is beyond all imagination.

  • Zordon: Alpha, my sensors tell me the Rangers were too late. Ivan is on his way here.

    Alpha 5: Don't worry. Nobody enters the command center without a Power Coin.

    [sees slime seeping through the Command Center's door]

    Alpha 5: Well, almost nobody.

  • Ivan Ooze: Hi folks, Ivan Ooze here. Are you bored with your job? Are you bored with your life? Then come on down to Ooze City, and let's get STICKY!

    Alpha 5: Ayiyiyiyi!

    Zordon: Ivan's evil plot has taken shape. I just hope they're not too late.

  • [after destroying Ivan Ooze, the Power Rangers are reunited at the command center]

    Aisha Campbell: Alpha!

    Alpha 5: Rangers, you made it! But... I'm afraid you're too late.

    Billy Cranston: Too late?

    [the Power Rangers, on the verge of tears, realize that Zordon is "dead"]

    Kimberly Hart: [sobs] This can't be happening.

    Tommy Oliver: Remember what we learned? To those who possess the Great Power, all things are possible.

  • Zordon: We only have one shot at this.

    Alpha 5: Understood, Zordon.

    Zordon: You draw their attention by engaging a horde while I make a play on Rita on her blindside.

    Alpha 5: Ai-yi-yi! From the coast? That's where the Dragonzord is positioned.

    Zordon: "Ai-yi-yi"? Has Saba been tinkering with your dialog tree again?

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