The Dag Quotes in Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)


The Dag Quotes:

  • Toast: What are you doing?

    The Dag: Praying.

    Toast: To who?

    The Dag: Anyone who's listening.

  • The Dag: [about Max] He's a crazy smeg who eats schlanger!

  • [Max appears and heads off Furiosa, the Wives, and the Vuvalini. They brake to a stop, and Max shows Furiosa a map]

    Max Rockatansky: [points to the Citadel] All right. This is your way home.

    Imperator Furiosa: [incredulous] We go back?

    Max Rockatansky: Mmm.

    Toast: [incredulous] Back?

    Max Rockatansky: Yeah.

    The Dag: I thought you weren't insane anymore.

  • Toast: [counting their remaining bullets] Well, we've only got four for big boy here, so he's all but useless.

    [holds up a tiny derringer]

    Toast: But we can squirt off this little pinkie a raunchy twenty-nine times.

    The Dag: Angharad used to call them anti-seed.

    Cheedo the Fragile: Plant one and watch something die.

  • The Dag: [to her belly] Stay right where you are, little Joe. Kind of lost his novelty out here.

    Keeper of the Seeds: You're having a baby?

    The Dag: Warlord, Jr... It's gonna be so ugly.

    Keeper of the Seeds: It could be a girl!


    The Dag: You kill people with that, do you?

    Keeper of the Seeds: Killed everyone I've ever met out here. Headshots all of, snap! Right on the medulla.

    The Dag: I thought some of you girls were above all that.

    Keeper of the Seeds: [after a pause] Come here. Take a peek.

    The Dag: [gasping] Seeds.

    Keeper of the Seeds: This are from home. Heirlooms. The real thing. I plant one every chance I get.

    The Dag: Where?

    Keeper of the Seeds: So far nothing's took. Earth's too sour.

    The Dag: Ah! So many different kinds.

    Keeper of the Seeds: Trees, flowers, fruit. Back then everyone had they field. Back then there was no need to snap anybody.

  • The Vuvalini: What's there to find at the Citadel?

    Max Rockatansky: Green.

    Toast: And water. There's a ridiculous amount of clear water. And a lot of crops.

    The Dag: It's got everything you need, as long as you're not afraid of heights.

    Keeper of the Seeds: Where does the water come from?

    Toast: [re: Immortan Joe] He pumps it up from deep within the earth. He calls it "Aqua Cola" and claims it all for himself.

    The Dag: And because he owns it, he owns all of us.

    Keeper of the Seeds: I don't like him already.

  • The Dag: Angharad, is that just the wind or is it some furious vexation?

  • The Dag: [to Immortan Joe] Schlanger!

  • The Dag: Say, anyone notice that bright light? Encroaching gunfire?

  • The Dag: [Cheedo takes off running; Capable and the Dag run after her] Cheedo! Cheedo, don't be stupid!

    Capable: STOP!

    Cheedo the Fragile: [about Immortan Joe] He'll forgive us, I know he will!

    Capable: There's no going back!

    Cheedo the Fragile: We were his treasures! We were protected, he gave us the high life! What's wrong with that?

    Capable: Cheedo! We are not things!

    Cheedo the Fragile: [Furiosa shoots the bikers riding towards them] NO!

    The Dag: Cheedo, we are not things!

    Capable: We are not things.

    Cheedo the Fragile: I don't want to hear that again!

    Capable: [referring to Angharad] They were her words!

    Cheedo the Fragile: [angrily] And now she's DEAD!

    The Dag: Wring your hands, tear your hair. But you're not going back. You're not going back to him!

    Cheedo the Fragile: [crying] ANGHARAD!

  • Nux: [sneaks up from behind Furiosa and strangles her with his chains] Filth! You traitored him!

    The Splendid Angharad: [Furiosa holds up a knife to Nux's neck] No unnecessary killing!

    Imperator Furiosa: This War Boy wants me dead!

    The Splendid Angharad: We agreed! He's kamakrazee! He's just a kid at the end of his half-life!

    Nux: No! I live, I die, I live again!

    [Furiosa spits at Nux, who spits back at Furiosa]

    The Splendid Angharad: Hold him!

    Capable: Tie him up!

    Imperator Furiosa: Throw him out!

    The Dag: Chuck him out!

    Max Rockatansky: [to Furiosa] You got more friends.

    Imperator Furiosa: Bullet Farmer. They're coming from the Bullet Farm.

    Nux: It's over. You can't defy him!

    The Dag: Just watch us, mate!

    Nux: He is the one who grabs the sun!

    Toast: Look how slick he's fooled you, War Boy.

    Capable: He's a lying old man.

    Nux: By his hand, we'll be lifted up!

    The Splendid Angharad: That's why we have his logo seared on our back! "Breeding stock"! "Battle fodder"!

    Nux: No, I am awaited!

    Capable: You're an old man's battle fodder, killing everyone and everything!

    Nux: We're not to blame!

    The Splendid Angharad: Then who killed the world?

    [throws Nux off the War Rig]

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